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General Information

The shop is located north of Mirror Park Boulevard in East Vinewood. The Vinewood Racetrack and the Vinewood Casino are also nearby. The shop features several buildings including a repair shop, multiple garage bays and a clubhouse area. The entire compound of buildings is surrounded by a high brick wall and a large American flag drapes across the clubhouse.


It is the former venue of a once popular mechanic shop called QuickFix which closed by the 3.0 phone update. It was then uninhabited for a few months until the Sinister Souls MC paid the Lost for ownership and consulted with the HoA to establish themselves in this place. They stayed here for a few months until the HoA kicked them out due to the implementation of the current day gang app (which required the HoA to directly claim this area by graffitiing the interior).

The HoA now own and lay claim to it, using this locale as a meeting place.