Herbert P is a character role-played by BCBeastly.

Description Edit

Herbert is a "22" year old man and father of Happy D'Klown and Windsong. Born in Canada, Herbert quickly rose to fame as a gang leader Vice City. Since his move to Los Santos he has tried to stay out of the gang life. Money is hard to come by and Herbert loves money, so he relies on pawn jobs and selling weed grown in his home by his daughter Windsong.

Although he started out as a snitch, Herbert has quickly learned that it is better to keep his mouth shut than throw others under the bus. He has a good standing with all gangs and has offered to work for several of them in hopes of earning some quick cash.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Herbert speaks with a soft whistling voice
  • He hopes to be a roommate of Siz one day
  • He currently lives among the Vagos in the Barrio.
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