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Hayes Auto Body Repairs is a repair shop located at Prosperity Street and Boulevard Del Perro, Del Perro in Los Santos.


The repair shop was previously owned by Igor Skovacic. Ownership has since been passed on to Shane Powers.

Major Events

After a months time since the shop opening, hobos have began using the shop’s oil change pit as a bathroom - with often disgusting results left behind for the staff to clean up after. Activity has been increasing, with hobos coming around during operating hours and making huge poopy messes. Staff has since hired custodial staff to handle the issues.

Recently caught and arrested was Bill Glerm, he was tackled and detained by Pez Speedwagon and Chad Brodie. Deemed a biohazard, he was carried across the street and an EMT hazmat unit took him away.

Another hobo recently emerged and blasted the pit with shit and piss: a heavy set shirtless man covered in what could only be sweat, grease, and poo. The crew tried to capture him, but he slipped away through a tight space and vanished.

The increase in hobo activity has led to frequent bay cleaning and quicker police responses.

The Shop has also recently dabbled in supernatural automotive endeavors: after repairing Nancy Drew’s car, her disembodied spirit returned to pick it up, and the Hayes staff conjured a seance to communicate that her car had been fixed. The spirit replied by opening and closing the doors and hood rapidly.

The intersection at Hayes may or may not be an inter dimensional wormhole that sucks in locals; further investigation is underway.