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Hawk Security Services is a brand new security business that opened up after Lenny Hawk and Kenny Hawk came into town on February 5th. All members have a gun license and strive for the safety of citizens in Los Santos. They provide services from bodyguarding to full escorts through dangerous areas in the city.

Hawk Security Services starting price starts at $50 an hour which can increase depending on the job and how much manpower is required for the specific job. Anyone in Los Santos can hire Hawk Security for their needs without having any background checks.

The Los Santos Police Department and Hawk Security Services often cross-paths with each other after many counts of Hawk Security personnel performing citizen's arrest which always end up requiring police assistance to arrest the suspect.

Personnel who have been picked by Lenny Hawk are individuals who show the most up-right respect for their country and the safety for the citizens of Los Santos. No background checks are required except you need to have good relations with the Hawk brothers and a gun license that can be acquired by paying a bit of money at the City Hall.