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Hat Carl is a character role-played by Kyle.

General Description[]

Hat Carl is a Cadet for the Senora Desert Sheriff's Office, Badge #TBA.

He is a security guard employed by Titan Maximus Security. Carl can usually be spotted yelling orders and obscenities at the unruly residents of the Alta Street Apartments, the merchants at Dean World, and around the Vault/various banks in Los Santos.


Hat is an army veteran who fought in Vietnam and suffers PTSD from the war. He had a best friend, Little Timmy, who fought beside him in the war. When Hat and Little Timmy were held up in the trenches surrounded on all sides, they felt that all hope was lost. Knowing that a napalm strike was in bound, they grabbed a huge beer cooler and emptied it, they thought it was not a bad way to go out. They popped them open to enjoy one last drink with each other. Little Timmy then said to Hat, “only one of us is going up in flames.”  Little Timmy proceeded to push Hat in the beer cooler, and shut the lid tightly. Hat yelled, “Little Timmy, there is enough room for both of us in here.” Little Timmy then said, “Hat Carl you’re too fat, too damn fat Hat, can’t fit, I’m gonna save you.” Little Timmy then sat on top of the lid so Hat couldn’t get out. The napalm strike finally hit and Hat arose from the cooler. Everything was just smoldering ash. Little Timmy was just laying there, barely alive and burnt to a crisp. He said to Hat, “I can’t see or hear anything, I just hope you’re okay Hat. Hat not wanting his best friend to suffer, but knowing that he still must conserve ammo, he puts his hands around Little Timmy’s neck and strangled him to death to put him out of his misery.

Hat was married for a long time but is now divorced after he found out his wife, Dion, cheated on him with thirty seven different men at the same time.

Hat has had four children, a son and three daughters. His son is deceased, and one of his daughters is also deceased. Hat has stated that his daughter died doing heroine on a roller coaster.

Momentous Dates within the Government[]

Unified Police Department[]

Rank Insignia Note Date
Cadet CadetSDSO Hired to the SDSO; Badge #TBA April 22nd, 2022


  • "Stop running!"
  • "I WAS IN NAM!"
  • "Notepad's commin' out!"
  • "Let me tell you somethin'!"
  • "Who asked ?"
  • "My d*ck don't work"
  • "Don't care, didn't ask."

Played By: Kyle

Main Characters: Kyle Pred

Additional Characters: John Balla† • Dylan Sawyer