Harvey Normandy is a character role-played by memesaresalty.

Harvey's purpose is to provide for those in needs, whether it be money, guns or drugs.

He started off as a psychotic Aussie who lived off the rush of jobs and also hated seeing those who aren't able to defend themselves being victimized by those that can.

He later became quite a known connect in the criminal underworld, supplying guns and drugs to those in needs eventually giving up the job side of crime and becoming a "legal" citizen on the books, getting hired as a PDM Assistant Manager which led to a promotion to full PDM Management and also taking on PDM Repo-Management helping lessen the load for the other PDM Managers while also working as Harmony Mechanic using both of these positions to hide his underground guns and illegal item sales.

Harvey Normandy can sometimes be seen doing Volunteer EMS Ridealongs, as well as getting up to some dirty wet-work for certain members of the the community, mostly pillbox medical


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