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Harvey Holden was a character role-played by neskRP.

General Description[]

Harvey Holden was a Corporal for the Senora Desert Sheriff's Office, Badge #977.

His last words were "Dispatch Show 977 13-Alpha" before he was thrown from a helicopter.

He was previously a Corrections Officer for the Department of Corrections, Badge #704, and before that was a Trainee for the Emergency Medical Services, call-sign Tango-54.

Momentous Dates within the Government[]

Unified Police Department[]

Rank Insignia Note Date
Cadet LSPD-Cadet Hired to the LSPD; Badge #557 July 12th, 2022
Solo Cadet LSPD-Solo Cadet Solo Certified; Badge #646 July 23rd, 2022
Officer LSPD-Officer Promoted to Officer; Badge #470 September 16th, 2022
SCAM Cert Founded the Small Crimes and Misdemeanors Unit October 2022
Transferred to the VPD November 25th, 2022
Solo Cadet SDSO-Solo Cadet Transferred to the SDSO; Demoted to Solo-Cadet; Badge #679 December 5th, 2022
Deputy SDSO-Deputy Promoted to Deputy; Badge #977 December 23rd, 2022
IA Cert Invited into IA as a Probationary Investigator February 17th, 2023
FTO Cert FTO Certified March 4th, 2023
Officer LSPD-Officer 2023 PD Restructure; Badge #U-977 March 6th, 2023
Deputy SDSO-Deputy Hired to the SDSO; Badge #977 March 24th, 2023
FTO Cert Green FTO Certified June 22nd, 2023
MCU Cert White Appointed as a Probationary Detective in the MCU June 24th, 2023
Corporal SDSO-Corporal Promoted to Corporal August 17th, 2023
Killed in the line of duty October 24th, 2023

Department of Corrections[]

Rank Insignia Note Date
Corrections Cadet CadetDOC Hired to the DOC; Badge #810 June 16th, 2021
Corrections Solo Cadet SoloCadetDOC Solo Certified; Badge #704 June 23rd, 2022
Corrections Officer OfficerDOC Promoted to Corrections Officer July 2nd, 2021
DOCFTO Cert FTO Certified
DOCFTI Cert Appointed Co-Lead of Personnel & Training
Transferred to the LSPD July 12th, 2021

Emergency Medical Services[]

Rank Insignia Note Date
Trainee Trainee Hired to the EMS; Call-Sign T-54 April 22nd, 2022
Solo Certified May 22nd, 2022
Transferred to the DOC June 16th, 2022


Played By: neskRP
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