Harry Brown is a character role-played by Harry


Harry Brown is a criminal and freelance security guard. He was the Director of Security for Pegasus Concierge.

Harry's Return & History

He was a former security guard under Freddy Price for SecuroServ. Harry has history with the Leanbois, worked closely with them and became associate for short period of time.

Upon returning to Los Santos, he reunited with former associates Emily Maw & Denzel Williams, who previously worked with him at the weed farm. He also worked with Dimitri Barkov.

Chop Shop

Upon returning, Jordan Walker of Harmony approached Harry about holding down the chop shop and tax people, he started working on chop shop with Dimitri Barkov & Emily Maw.

OTT Chop Shop

Harry met with Chang Gang, to workout a deal to avoid problems. Vinny wanted OTT to not be taxed for chop shop and in return Vinny would buy OTT materials, and Chang Gang would give Harry and Dimitri protection for the chop shop.

This escalated when Harry and Dimitri, felt OTT was taking all the chop lists, and they were not making any money or materials from the Chop Shop.

Harry and Dimitri decided to take into their own hands, after approaching a few groups with the issue. They banned OTT from the chop shop and shoot him on sight.

Vinny and Chang Gang were informed by OTT. Harry and Dimitri were sent to prison later that day, Vinny and Chang Gang were waiting outside, they kidnapped Harry and Dimitri and blow them up with C4.

Harry and Dimitri have no recollection of the event, and have not returned to the Chop Shop since.

3.0 Server

Pegasus Concierge

Harry began working with Pegasus Concierge along with former associate Denzel who suggested Harry to Nino and Miles. Harry was director of security for a time but is currently off the books.


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