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Harry Brown is a character role-played by Harry.


Harry Brown is a criminal and freelance security guard. He was the Director of Security for Pegasus Concierge and is now currently employed as security at the Rooster's Rest and head of security for the Rooster's Ranch.

3.0 Server

Flight touches down back in Los Santos

Actual time gap unknown (a decent amount of time considering Brown’s current ripe old age), Harry Brown finds himself back in a city he once actively condemned. He rarely speaks about his time away from the city but the most common speculation is that he’s fleeing from a ‘bitch of an ex-wife’ and possible child support payments. The second most common speculation involves the words ‘Mexico’ and ‘Donkey Shows’ -- bringing up either will cause Brown to groan: ‘leave me alone with that shite, I’m opening godamned packs.’

It doesn’t take long for Harry to reconnect with Dimitri Barkov, a Russian registered sex addict who may or may not have retcon’d mechanical genitalia and often disappears for three month stints that has nothing to do with a certain streaming service’s TOS rules. The two begin a partnership by opening a low budget cleaning service and keep a generally low profile for the most part. They do bit jobs like cleaning the Yoga studio in Mirror Park. Barkov almost lands them a gig cleaning up police crime scenes but it ultimately falls through.

The business pays the bills but certainly isn’t booming so when Harry finds himself in the company of Nino Chavez thanks to an introduction by Denzel Williams, he jumps at the offer to work for Chavez` new endeavor ‘Pegasus Concierge’.

Pegasus Concierge

The day to day operations of Pegasus follow an easy pattern of routine meet up/meetings with Nino, shooting the shit with Denzel, and building a company roster with Miles Landon. Harry gets named Director of Security for a period of time but ultimately goes off books to counteract any future legal repercussions that could crop up from him acting like an absolute bellend. Via Denzel, he meets Vasily Sazkaljovich, who later joined the company. Brown takes a liking to the kid and becomes a very questionable paternal figure to V that will be expanded upon in a later section.

Due to Nino’s close ties to Lang Buddha and the Cleanboi crew, Pegasus has a very close working relationship to Buddha’s establishment the ‘Rooster’s Rest’ where Brown would do security most nights. Also because of said close working relationship, Brown and often V would come to find themselves acting as look-outs for the CB blossoming meth operation. Which sounds very cool and badass until the reality hits you that it was just them laying in bushes for hours at a time and V trying to explain to Brown what Fortnite is.

As time marches forward, Pegasus finds itself falling apart at the seams due to low economic demand for their services and inner conflicts between lower ranking employees. Also Miles` oxy addiction. That was certainly a storyline for a day or two.

Rooster’s Ranch

The weed game finally reappears in the city and Brown is foaming at the mouth the second he hears about it. Due to his past resume and enthusiasm for the subject, he gets brought in on Buddha and Erin Cox’s new cannabis project. Once they secure a legal foothold via the Altruist Camp, the area becomes the ‘Rooster’s Ranch’, and Harry begins his security work there.

Early days are a lot like the wild west so Brown and Co find themselves constantly under attack from weed poachers and those who would simply destory their crops for the fuck of it. Things even out over time and it begins to function like any other legal business. With Dewey Hathrone mostly a figurehead and Erin taking a step back from everyday activity, it falls to Brown to basically run the company which isn’t too tough considering the incredibly solid team of employees under him who arguably do his job for him now that he is in full degen mode. The ranch supplies joints to the ‘Rooster’s Reef’, it’s dispensary that first sold out of the Rooster’s Rest itself and then later on through the Farmer’s Market and Dean’s World exclusively.

He met his current significant other Penny Farthing through the company. Their relationship will be expanded upon later.

Down Bad Degen Arc

Theme song playing Sheldon Jones - Don’t Forget Me

Picture this: a man slumped in a narrow alleyway just out of sight from the general public. His skin turned an ugly yellow, his clothing marred by dirt and grime. Dark, puffy bags line under his eyes which are currently rolled into the back of his head. The smell of piss coming off of him is absolutely horrendous and it lets you know he hasn’t seen a bar of soap in more than a few days. Coming closer, you can see him clutching something near the inside of his forearm and you expect to see the sad sight of an injection needle. You assume the man is pumping himself with something like heroin to deal with simply existing and whatever hardship has pulled him to these depths.

What you see is way more jarring and entirely depressing.

Instead of finding hardcore drugs being fed into his arm, you see his hand clutching a tiny figurine of a woman wearing a burger mask. He’s holding it so tightly that he’s starting to cut skin and draw blood. Around him you see other figures -- there’s one of a tiny Asian man with a beard resting against his leg. There’s another of a sort of cat man whose head has broken off and rolled a few inches away. You come to realize this addict is sitting on a bed of foil wrappers. You see the edges of a binder peeking out from his coat and there’s no doubt left in your head this man before you is a filthy collectable hoarding degenerate.

As you turn away, intent on leaving this horror scene forever, you can hear the man incoherently mutter: ‘That’s right, baby, oh yeah. Holo rare misprint and I’m to the moon, baby. You just wait and see, Penny, I’ve got diamond hands’.


Harry Brown has never had an ounce of self control in his life. It’s either all or nothing and more than not it’s usually ‘all’. He has a horrible gambling addiction and has emptied his entire bank account multiple times at the casino via blackjack, poker, and wheel spinning. He sold his brand new Dominator GTX within a week of owning it just so he didn’t have any loan payments and could freely spend all his money at the casino with ‘no worries’.

The casino was only stage one down bad. Shit really hit the fan with the introduction of Burger Shot collectables, causing Harry to break into the business multiple times in order to steal toys. It only got worse when Rooster’s Rest obtained their own set of collectables and Harry was soon banned from even entering the kitchen area because he could no longer be trusted not to steal from the company.

A day later the Nopixel TGC hit the city and Brown yet again drained his account. His funds are constantly in flux ranging from ‘I’m going to buy a car’ to ‘maybe I’ll just use this money for cards’ to ‘I’m going to spend all thirty grand on wheel spins’. Some say you can often see this degen grinding away in the city with his eyes closed just to get some cash for more dumbass spending.

Relationships in 3.0

Penny Farthing -- This poor woman is in a relationship with Harry Brown. It’s assumed she agreed to it because when they first met, Brown seemed like a well put together, somewhat aggressive but entirely confident, businessman who was running a successful company. There was no way for her to know of the gambling addicted toy collecting lunatic that lurked beneath. They are constantly arguing about his use of money and how it affects their future plans and many are unsure why Penny chose to get back with Brown after their short break. Some claim it’s because they have a child on the way. Some say she’s just as much of a degen as Brown and can’t help but be down to clown on some European roleplay.

One thing is for sure -- Cars 3.

EDIT: Yo, they hella broke up. That bridge a fucking crisp the way it burned down.

Vasily Sazkaljovich -- Brown took V under his wing very early upon his return to the city. He admired the kid’s attitude and spunk, and would often say he wanted to see him succeed in life. It would become a phrase Brown would often use to validate the weird shit he would do such as sitting in on his ‘nephew’s’ first lap dance at the local strip club and making direct eye contact not once but twice with the young man. ‘Just want to see you succeed, lad, it’s important for you to know Uncle Harry is always there for you. Just off to the side. Watching. No matter what.’

V hasn’t come into the city lately. It’s not hard to imagine why.

Lang Buddha -- The homie. Lang is Harry’s head honcho and 2s partner for ranked EU toy heists; they are currently in gold two and on promos with a chance to skip straight to plat if they can win their next heist with a positive K/D/A. Though they steal toys together, Buddha refuses to do actual jobs with Harry because he’s British and a background character whose focus is sadge farming and erp instead of being a mega shooter and/or sick hackerman. If Brown actually worked harder and wasn’t so dogshit at paintball skirmishes maybe he’d be elevated to the big leagues but for now he must watch from afar with the card park opening ui on his screen instead.

Sadge in the chat.

Denzel Williams -- Pending.

Leslie Lingberg -- Unfortunately Nidas cancelled Harry and Leslie's friendship via message in Harry's twitch chat due to the fact that Harry was racing in a BMW and not Leslie's Porsche. He's quoted as saying: 'Nidas: bmw is cringe'.


Played By: Harry
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