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Harold Loohuis is a character role-played by KingKontent.


Harold Loohuis wears an all-pink colored shirt with black trousers and black dress shoes. To see clearly, Harold Loohuis wears glasses. He needs them because he is cross-eyed. His haircolor is gray due to his age. Harold Loohuis can be recognized by his very deep tobacco-voice. Lately Harold started wearing trenchcoats, along with other members of the peaky-blinders inspired group created and led by Thomas 'Ronnie' McKinley.


Harold Loohuis grew up in the Netherlands. He moved to Los Santos in June 2021 after being imprisoned for 15 years in the Netherlands. In prison Harold learned how to be tough. That's why people always think Harold is hostile, but if you really know Harold, you'll know his bark is worse than his bite. Harold has faith in people and always believe what they say until the opposite is proven.


Harold occasionally works regular jobs for a quick buck. He mostly can be seen doing deliveries for supermarketchain 24/7-stores.


  • "Weeje"
  • "If something is free, you are the product"

Fun Facts

  • Harold Loohuis went to the same high school as Cornelius Leonard.
  • Harold is cross-eyed.


Very famous clip where Harold appears in HERE