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Harold "SMG Welly" Ferguson was a character role-played by koil.


Harold Ferguson, better known as "SMG Welly" grew up in Sandy Shores in a 2-story trailer home where he spent a lot of time snorting frozen petrol and heroin with his meth-head parents.


SMG Welly was a wannabe rapper, pursuing his ridiculous, nonsensical dream in Los Santos. He claimed that his chin was ground off due to the amount of oral sex he had with women, although everyone knows his parents are siblings and are 99.9% sure that's the real reason.


SMG Welly died on March 30th, 2020 after a crack-fueled standoff and shootout with police inside the Los Santos Police Department. He was pronounced dead at Pillbox Medical Center. His body was then stolen from the morgue by Melbert Rickenbacker, and he was buried in a lake.


  • "No coast, motherfucker!"
  • "Riverside shit, yo."
  • "Cuh."
  • "Wassup sexy ass, bitch ass, mafucka?!"
  • "Bitch ass, bitch ass."

Fun Facts

  • Some people believe SMG Welly was murdered but came back to life.
  • Confirmed himself that his parents are siblings.
  • Actively pursued snitching on a Ricky but threatened to kill snitches.
  • Tupac was his homie.
  • Wore a $20 shirt but claimed it to be worth $10,000.



Played By: Koil
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