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Harmony Repairs Garage or Harmony to most, is a well-known repair shop in Northern Blaine County


Harmony Repairs Garage is a repair shop owned by Jordan Walker and Emily Maw. It is one of the foremost repair shops along with QuickFix and also has something to hide. The business has strong ties to some of the most powerful people in city and uses its connections to transport illegal wares across the city.


The shop is located in the town of Harmony in Northern Blaine County along Route 68. Along the dirt road behind the repair shop is Bolingbroke Penitentiary.


Jordan Walker

Current co-owner of Harmony, a famed mechanic and racer who is heavily involved in the drug trade and well aware of the gun trade that comes through his shop. Yet he portrays himself as a confident businessman willing to help out the drivers of the city. You can often find him standing in front of the shop.

He shares a fair business perceptive for people who attempt to sell him materials/other business deals. He offers people are fair deal on what they sell him.

Emily Maw

The other co-owner of Harmony, well-known for not appearing in the city for great lengths of time. She is heavily involved in the gun trade and is more of the behind-the-scenes operator of the business.






Although Harmony is primarily a repair shop, it has extensive connections to criminal activity. With guns flowing through at behest of Jay Jarvis and encouraged by Jordan Walker and Emily Maw, along with an extensive drug trade run by Jordan Walker, it is a hotbed of activity, yet it all remains undetected and behind the scenes.

Major Events

On May 12th 2020, Harmony was attacked by Drew Harrison and Viper Rodriguez because they claimed that Jordan put a hit one of the OG Ballas, Tyrone Biggums. According to Jordan, during a karaoke night at Tequi-la-la, three people including Tyrone left the club after saying that they would be back in a few minutes, three masked up people come into the club and robbed everyone of their things. Feeling bad for the people who were robbed, Jordan sent Flippy and Curtis to pocket wipe the Ballas for a week for $200,000 until they finally relented.

On May 15th 2020, the Ballas came back to talk to Jordan about what happened, saying that they didn't want anyone with him (despite other people coming to back the Ballas up in case things went bad.) Things were eventually settled things.

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