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Harlow Mathews is a character role-played by pandaaburr.


Harlow Mathews is a doctor at Pillbox Medical Center.

She used to own several hospitals as well as be the Chief of three different EMS Squadrons.

Background Story

Early Age

Harlow Anne Mathews (maiden name Austin) was born in a small suburb right outside of Greensboro, North Carolina on a sunny, beautiful day in March to parents Tyler and Savannah. She spent her early childhood days learning everything just a little faster in the neighborhood. She was intelligent and not shy at all.

When Harlow was 7, Savannah went to work on a Wednesday, and never came back home. The small suburb learned fast of her disappearance and searched for years, until her case went cold. Tyler found solace in a local motorcycle club, and quickly patched in. Harlow was then raised by the men and the ole ladies of the club, and became the favorite since she was the only kid.

After Graduation

The Tragedy

Harlow graduated high school early with the highest honors at 16. At 17, Tyler passed away from a rare form of cancer found only two months prior during a routine checkup. Harlow was left on her own, the club falling apart due to the passing of Tyler. She picked up a very low paying job in Raleigh, North Carolina, and earned enough to move away from the state.

First Motorcycle

From there, she state-hopped, working at various restaurants and strip clubs to make money and to put herself through medical school. At 24, she had the opportunity to move to Hawaii right after she graduated medical school, and she took it in a heartbeat. She had quite a bit in her savings, and the thing that she wanted most was within arms reach. She wanted to prolong the memory of her father and buy her first motorcycle, and try to be in a motorcycle club since that was all she really knew.

Vanilla Unicorn

She picked up a job at the Vanilla Unicorn - where just in the first night alone - made enough to buy the bike. She was a hot new commodity in town, and word about Harlow made its way to a lot of different people.

Her second night of work at the Vanilla Unicorn, she met Athena, who was a patched member for Angels of Death Motorcycle Club - and they quickly became best friends. Harlow was still the hot topic around the city, so anywhere Harlow went, people were trying to get with her. She had earned the likes of not only the entire club that Athena was part of, but also the eyes of the Sheriff and Undersheriff.

Love or Death

Fast forward a couple weeks. Harlow was now a prospect for AoD, and was dating the Undersheriff, Garret. Life was changing quickly, and she didn’t really know how to feel about being “part” of the club. She became increasingly overwhelmed with being on both sides of the spectrum - one side of her had to be the criminal for the club, but the other side of her had to be the ‘good girl’ because of who she was with. She left the club, and later that night Garret had brought her in for information about the club because the Sheriff’s Office was building a RICO case against them. AoD quickly found out about the RICO and started hunting for Harlow, knowing that she had to be the one that leaked all the information to the cops about the ins and outs of the club.

They hunted her for days, and they were getting good at finding out where she was hiding. She then took an alias of Annie, and completely changed her look so they couldn’t find her. They had moved on from looking for her after two weeks, so Harlow went on to become a doctor.

A few months went by and Harlow and Garret were engaged then married, living in a new city.. And that same club had followed. Harlow had joined back up again, this time finally becoming a patched member. She ranked up fast through the club, becoming the National Secretary/Treasurer. She had finally made where she wanted to be but something just didn’t feel tight. She felt the family aspect that she was missing when she was little, but the actual life of being in the club just didn’t seem to be living up to what she actually wanted, and that was to belong. She always felt like the black sheep of the ‘family’, so she brought it up to Garret and asked him to help her out. They came up with a plan with the assist of the U.S. Marshal Service to fake her death to get her out of the club. They went through with the plan, and from then on, Harlow was known as Kaylee Morgan.

Life went great after she left for the final time. They moved to a completely new city, got two dogs, and Harlow had new jobs that she loved. She was the head of the hospital, EMS, a realtor and a wedding planner. After living there for a year, they both decided to pack their bags and move to Los Santos for a complete fresh start.


Medical Friends

Doctor Alexander Blake

He is a doctor at Pillbox Medical Center. A 28 year old man with back issues and a straight forward person. He currently practices general medicine, enjoys muscle cars and is scared of anything with two wheels.

Doctor Laurence Nightingale

Laurence Nightingale is a doctor that always has bad luck in accidents. People constantly worry about his safety.

Doctor Tsury Nanakaze

Tsury was a mechanic at QuickFix. He is now a doctor at Pillbox Medical Center.

Doctor Dougie Howzer

Dougie is the Senior Attending at Pillbox Medical Center.

Doctor Serge Cross

Serge Cross, Esquire is an Assistant District Attorney for the Department of Justice and a Senior Attending for Pillbox Medical Center, Specializing in general surgery.

The Ducksworth
Doctor Emily Ducksworth

Emily Ducksworth is a current doctor at Pillbox Medical Center and a former USMC Police Officer. She is also the wife of Andrew "Ducky" Ducksworth.

Doctor Andrew Ducksworth

Ducky started as a paramedic for the EMS, and is now a Senior Attending Doctor at Pillbox Medical. While he can seem strict and runs a tight ship on duty, he cares a lot for his friends and co-workers. Ducky is also the husband of Emily Ducksworth. Ducky also a husband to Emily Ducksworth.

Doctor Emma Gaine

Emma Gaine is a yoga instructor, physical therapist, and doctor located in Los Santos.

Doctor William Thatch

William Thatch is a psychologist working at Pillbox Medical Center and Parsons Rehabilitation Center.

Doctor Lucy Janis

Lucy is a solo resident doctor at Pillbox Medical Center and she is a calm and collected person.

Doctor Dahlia Fey

Dahlia is a fresh medical school graduate from Vice City. She is often very timid and nervous but confident in her medical skills. She is currently an intern Pillbox Medical Center.

Doctor Charlie Hardy

Charlie previously worked in Purple County's Medical Center as a Volunteer Doctor. He is now an intern.

Doctor Maxwell Goethe

Maxwell is current doctor at Pillbox Medical Center

Doctor Jeremy Rivera

Jeremy is a current intern doctor at Los Santos Pillbox Medical Center.

Maeve O'Malley
Maeve O'Malley is a Trainee for the Emergency Medical Services, call-sign Tango-27. She was a Doctor at Pillbox Medical Center.

Non-Medical Friends

Garret Mathews

He is the husband for Harlow.

Kyle Pred

Kyle Pred is the Sheriff of the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Badge #309.

Jay Jones

Jay currently works as a cashier and chef at Rooster's Rest.

Reggie Mitts

He's a generally warm individual that would rather not cause any manner of discomfort for others, harm isn't exactly a desirable outcome for him in any manner. His personality can alternate at times between a rather timid nature, listening to demands without fuss, and being rather boisterous suddenly, maybe overly so at times.

Penny Farthing

Penny Farthing is currently the CEO of the Nest Holdings, and it's subsidaries: Rooster's Rest, Rooster Cab Co., and Rooster's Inn. In addition to Manager of Sales at the Rooster's Reef.

Phill Williams

Phill is a homeless guy that tries to make ends meet for himself everytime.

Braden Matthews

Braden is a good friend of the Mathews' from another city. He formally owned a loan company.