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Happy D'Klown is a character roleplayed by RevRoach.


Happy was born and raised in San Fierro. His family had started the cities first circus where his father Herbert (also a clown), trained Happy since he was just two years old before leaving their family and circus when he was 17.

Growing up around the traveling circus life, it seemed as though Happy would only live the life of a clown. He would help his mother Minerva run the show for 6 years before having a fallout at 25. After some poor decisions that lead to depression and substance abuse, Happy decided to leave the circus life and his mother in San Fierro to clean up and have a new start.

Present Day

Happy D'Klown now lives in Los Santos where he is a driver for the Clucking Bell Chicken Factory, and occasional handy man around the city. He has worked his way up in the city and now owns a home in which he shares with his best friend & lover Windsong in the Mirror Park neighborhood in the upper east side of the city.

Played By: RevRoach
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