Hannah Hiltop is a character role-played by adeptthebest.


Hannah is the daughter of the owner of the Hiltop Hotels and prides herself on being an heiress to the Hiltop name. She moved to LS and became a stripper at the VU originally to spite her father, but ended up falling in love with the people she met there and the city.

She is an airhead and self-described socialite who believes her privilege carries over into the streets of LS, however she quickly realized her privilege and her dad's money doesn't protect her from gun violence in the city.





  • Hannah's favorite meal is a meat-less burger from Burger Shot.
  • She frequently shows her love for her close friends by punching them with varying degrees of force.
  • She drives a pink minivan her dad gave her as punishment for crashing one of her family's prized McLaren supercar.
  • She also killed her father when she crashed the McLaren.
  • Her step-mother inherited all her fathers money, that's why she is broke and went to Los Santos.


Played By: adeptthebest
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