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Hannah Davis is a character role-played by NarlsBarkley


Hannah Davis is a diva who loves fashion from the Washington State and moved to Los Santos with her identical twin sister Kendra Davis. They were both born on January 3rd, 1995 and were orphans at the age of 9 months. They bounced around from orphanages and foster care a lot because they didn’t want to be separated and finally settled in a home, and they were able to stay together. However, the family that owned the home was very abusive and neglectful, so both sisters tried to be out of the house as much as possible to avoid their foster parents. This made it easy for her sister Kendra to learn how to hustle on the streets to make money and to help take care of themselves.

Hannah is flirtatious which sometimes annoys her sister because she sometimes wants to spend more time looking for hot guys than help her sister make money so they don't continually go broke. Also Kendra is somewhat envious of her because she is charismatic and she thinks people would rather be around her sister than her.

Fun Facts

  • Her sister Kendra can be a bad influence on her sometimes but still loves her.
  • She likes to dress in sexy clothing and spends a lot of time getting dressed.
  • Likes to be around guys who are attracted to her when her sister isn't around.
  • Makes money helping her sister do various questionable activities which she thinks is dangerous but ultimately helps her anyways.
  • She gets nervous seeing and being pulled over by the police. She also often attempts to flirt with officers to avoid punishment.

Criminal Record

  • N/A

Drivers License: In Good Standing