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Hannah Ball is a character role-played by LunaOni

General Description

A mysterious woman, little is known of her or why she came to Los Santos. She's generally excitable and talkative, especially to herself. Those who have interacted directly with Hannah describe her as a disturbing woman who seems to derive a deranged thrill from violence.

The Menagerie

Although it's not known how she came in contact with them, Hannah has appeared regularly amongst the members of this secretive group of violent individuals, especially their leader Sana Nyx.


Hannah assisted in Nygma's kidnapping and spent much of the time gleefully discussing the myriad ways she could "punish" him, ultimately stabbing him in the gut at the conclusion of Nygma's "play".

Hannah and Sana kidnapped Jason as a ploy to get to Senior Deputy Jenny Hall and tortured him with Justin Bieber, Nickelback, and Avril Lavigne in Mandarin. After securing Hall, Sana gave Hannah the go-ahead. Hannah asked Ledson if he'd like to see a magic trick and, not waiting for a response, joyfully drove her knife blade into Ledson's gut.

Played By: LunaOni
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