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Hanna Baker was a character role-played by OneProtectiveFox.


Hanna Baker was a Solo Cadet for the Department of Corrections; using Callsign 712.

Background Story

Early Age

Hanna was born on June 19th, 1999, to Elaine and Harold Baker. She was the one and only daughter they had together, so Hanna thought...Hanna never knew she had a sister, and to this day still doesn't. Hanna was the most beautiful baby they had ever seen, having light blonde hair and blue eyes. Growing up she had an amazing life; she was well taken care of and got everything she needed up until about 6 years old.

At the age of 6 things took a turn for the worst, Hanna was neglected, she was abandoned, not cared for. She was confused, on how a perfect family could fall apart like it did. Hanna started to realize there was something wrong with her parents' relationship. Tension began to form, and she was determined to figure out what the reason was. She wouldn’t know what was happening until she was 8 years old, her parents filed for divorce as she had to watch tragically as her parents went through the divorce. Hanna was so confused; she wasn’t sure what was happening between them. Everything seemed fine to her, and then one day it wasn’t.

Teen Age

Eleven years old

Hanna's eleventh birthday came around and she was very excited to see her mom and dad together in the same house. Hanna soon realized her mother wouldn’t show, and she was super sad because that was what she wanted for her birthday wish. She wasn’t sure why she didn’t show until Elaine finally admitted to Hanna that she had cheated on her father with their good family friend Dan which led to the divorce. Hanna was heartbroken, she thought how her mother could do that to her father. She soon began to realize that there was reason why they treated her differently when she was younger. At a young age we aren't sure why people fight; we just assume that's it's something that we did.

Thirteen years old

Hanna turned thirteen, her mom invited her over to meet Dan, the guy her mother had an affair with. She went over to her mother's house for dinner and noticed her mom had bruises on her neck and arms. Hanna pulled her mom into another room and began to question her on what she had seen. Her mom explained that she had fallen down the stairs, and hurt herself, but the whole time she was whispering like she didn’t want anyone else to hear. Hanna then realized her mom was scared, and she asked her mom what Dan did. Hanna’s mom began to cry and finally admitted what had happened. That moment Hanna knew something needed to be done, she begged her mom to leave him, but her mom was scared to leave because of fear of him. Hanna called 911 herself and the cops arrived. 

Hanna didn’t care for what she had seen and wanted something done, she talked to her mom about getting charges pressed and Dan, and her mom agreed something needed to be done. Her mom decided that the incident needed to go to court, because she needed her freedom back, knowing that Dan was still out there and could come back any time. Court day came and Dan got away with what he had done to her mother. Hanna was so disgusted with the whole court case she decided she wanted to get justice for others. Her ideal career of being a part of the government started, and she vowed from that day forward she would vow to protect and serve if she ever got her dream job of being a police officer.

At the age of fourteen while in middle school she went through hell, she was bullied, and she developed severe anxiety. Every day was a struggle for her. With the weight of her mom's court case loss a year prior to starting a new school. She was so scared that someone in her new school would find out and bully her for what had happened. Of course, she was right, Hanna got fed up with Sarah Henderson, Sarah was known as the popular girl, everyone followed her every move, everyone wanted to be like her. Sarah always looked down on others; it made her feel powerful. One day Hanna got fed up with Sarah making fun of her for her parents being divorced and ended up getting expelled for beating Sarah up. That's when her father Harold couldn't take it anymore, he needed to do something.

Fifteen years old

Age fifteen, Hanna decided that since she knew her mother was still messing around with Dan that it needed to end or else or mom wouldn't be here. Hanna was always the protective one, always fought for things she cared for and people she loved. So, she did just that, she went over to her mother's house, where she knew that she wouldn't be home, but Dan would. So, Hanna arrived at the home, opened the door and walked into the room where Dan was sleeping in a recliner, Hanna wanted it to be over. So, she went and found her old parents gun cabinet and pulled out a Remington 870, which was the same weapon Hanna was forced to use earlier in age, to shoot her family dog. Hanna then walked back into the room where Dan was sleeping, and pointed the shotgun at him, took a deep breath and pulled the trigger.

Age sixteen Hanna's father got her counselling for everything that had happened in her past being she just got released from a Juvenile Detention Center. She attended therapy 2 times a week. Each session was an hour long, which in the end helped her tremendously, and she was such a better person from it all. In high school, age sixteen, she became very popular, she was the IT girl, and everyone wanted to be like her. Everyone wanted to be around her because they felt safe and knew she would take care of them if something were to happen. She learned from Sarah in middle school that you don’t have to bully others to feel good about yourself. Instead, helping others was what she wanted to do.

Seventeen years old

At the age of seventeen her father, Harold abandoned her. He didn’t tell her why or where he was going, and that’s when another time in her life changed. She had to learn to live and fight on her own. Luckily, he did leave her the house, so she wasn’t homeless. She did end up having to get a job, in order to keep the food, and bills up. It made her grow up faster, and mature quicker.

After high school, Hanna ended up going to college, she studied criminology, computer science, and finance. Hanna went through her four years in college where she then majored in Criminal Justice with a Masters degree. It was time she moved on with her life, and she was ready. She wanted to move somewhere safe, somewhere to start a new life and to a place she could call home. Now today at 22, She was ready, she packed up her house that her father had left her, and Hanna moved to Los Santos to fulfill her dream of maybe one day becoming a police officer.


With all of this, Hanna knows that dreams are meant to be broken, that's why they're called dreams.  If for some reason her job to be a police officer falls through, which she knows can happen. She always has a back-up plan, she's very active, and she knows what she needs to do to survive. Hanna is motivated by getting up in the morning, doing her morning routine, and just taking a deep breath and knowing that today, she maybe sees, can help them, and just knows that she did her job. She will find another job, doing something where she can survive and buy the things she has always wanted to buy. The only thing stopping her is her worst fear of abandonment, from anyone, her mother left, her father left.

So she just doesn't want to be abandoned, and if that does happen, Hanna will have to learn a way through it just like she did when she was younger. Also, Hanna would never abandon anyone else. Hanna just wants to inspire others and show others that no matter how hard your life has been, you just have to keep going. Like they say, if you fall off the horse, get back up and try again. Life does get easier, and Hanna has learned that. I mean after all, she did go to therapy for it, and knows how to cope with it. Hanna also does want to settle down in the city and find someone she could maybe get to know. Moving to a new city is always scary, and it's a big change but change again, Hanna is used to. She's a very motivated woman, and if she can help she will. The only thing she can't stand is bullies, because a bully is just unhappy with themselves. She just wants to start fresh, start small and work her way up to be somebody, in the city.


Hanna died peacefully to a gunshot wound to the heart on March 9th, 2022 @ 9:20am LS time. Kyle Pred is the one who fired the round, that ended Hanna's life. Before she passed Hanna was suffering from brain damage, she was in a wheelchair, she could not talk, or walk. The reason she was in the hospital was because she was attacked by Chico, member of Seaside for having contact with Jasper Saxon, a highly known Serial Killer who tortured his sister. He held her hostage, took her to an abandoned gas station, handcuffed her, beat her head into a wall 4 times, stabbed her and set the whole room on fire. Hanna never was able to tell anyone of what happened, as she couldn't remember. She is survived by her sister Brooklyn Baker, whom Hanna had no idea existed. May she rest in peace, after all she survived 4 brain surgeries.


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Played By: OneProtectiveFox
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