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The HoA/HOA (Hogs of Anarchy, formerly Homeowners Association) is a syndicate and one-percenter motorcycle club of like-minded criminals and civilians currently operating out of Mirror Park and parts of East Vinewood.

General Description

As the acronym implies, the group was initially a Homeowners Association for the Mirror Park community that was officially backed by Payne Real Estate (who also briefly expanded their jurisdiction to the Vinewood Hills). Historically, the HOA did not accept the label of "gang" and instead preferred to be referenced as "only a terrorist organization" and later a "book club". This was in part due to them wanting to avoid criminal charges that only were associated with "gangs". Despite the police long since identifying them as a gang (in both 2.0 and 3.0) they still attempt to maintain the façade in the hope it will act as some sort of legal defense.

Since the group was renamed to the HoA on 3/18/20 they identify as a parody biker gang and have gone through many sub-arcs. A prominent part of the group persona (as the name implies) was the stereotypical interest in choppers or as they often call them, "hawgs". This change also resulted in a new uniform, custom tailored biker vests that they quickly dubbed "kuttes" (which they continue to wear to this day, with various aesthetic updates).

Although, after the 3.0 update the group began quickly shifting into their modern day status as a MC only in name. By late June 2021 (following a failed attempt at rebranding into a mafia earlier that month) their ranking structure, behavior, and overall goals had morphed into that indicative of a gang of likeminded criminals with no real overarching description (similar to the group's identity in January 2020, a transitional period after the former Homeowners Association, but before the Hogs of Anarchy). A prominent example of this change was the group's widespread movement away from motorcycles (with most members no longer even owning one, let alone riding them on a daily basis).

The HoA use the Liquid Library and the better part of Mirror Park as a whole for their meetings and as their hangout spots.

HOA Rules

During the Home Owners Association's first few months of operation, the following rules were drafted and imposed in their area. Although, by the time the HOA was contracted by Payne Realty and expanded to Vinewood they had began to relax on the enforcement of all rules besides numbers: three, five, six, and ten. They eventually stopped enforcing the rules altogether once they became the Hogs of Anarchy, but they still heavily enforce rule six due to the presence of outsider drug pushers in Mirror Park. With the HoA pushing various drugs in Mirror Park they made it a mandatory rule for all groups and gangs to call ahead prior to doing a boost, as the shooting scares away the locals making it impossible to sell drugs.

  1. Must keep dogs on a leash, and have doggy bags on your person.
  2. Must keep up your lawn.
  3. No burglary.
  4. No on-duty police officers.
  5. No "fake news" (unless it paints the HOA positively).
  6. No selling of drugs (unless done/sanctioned by an HOA member).
  7. No speeding through Mirror Park or Vinewood.
  8. No white-knighting/simping.
  9. Vehicles must be deemed roadworthy.
  10. No theft of any form of vehicle in Mirror Park or Vinewood (unless done/sanctioned by an HOA member).
All residents and persons using any Mirror Park and/or Vinewood services must pay a fee of $10 for HOA services and presence. In addition, the HOA maintains a "Ban List" of those deemed unwanted in the community.

HOA Member Activities

  • Alcohol Distribution and Manufacturing
  • Arson
  • Beekeeping
  • Bribery
  • Cannibalism
  • Convenience Store Operation
  • Crate Distribution and Manufacturing
  • Drug Trafficking/Distribution/Manufacturing
  • Extortion/Racketeering
  • Fueling Service
  • Oil Transport/Manufacturing/Fracking
  • Gun Trafficking/Distribution/Manufacturing
  • Hog Squeezing
  • Human Sacrifice
  • Hunting/Fishing
  • Interviews
  • Kidnapping
  • Magical Full Body Transformation
  • Milk Delivery
  • Miraculous Healing
  • Murder
  • Off-road Racing
  • Propaganda/Political Campaigning
  • Recycling
  • Robbery/Heisting
  • Sanitation
  • Terrorism
  • Theft
  • Torture
  • Towing
  • Vandalism


The HoA currently control all of Mirror Park. This is a territory comparison to other Groups, Gangs, & Motor Clubs.

Gang Territories of Los Santos (2022):

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Divisions of the HOA

Current Divisions

Name Status Type Description
High Command Active Highest Division High Command is, as its name implies, the highest sub-division of the HoA. It's run by founder Siz Fulker and high command members: Andi Jones, Julio Thomas, and Daryl Dickinson (GRL). This division oversees the other subdivisions, rule creation, recruiting, demotions, and supervising members of the HoA/HOB. On 6/14/22 Andi Jones decided to introduce the following method for HoA members to ascend to High Command. Members of the HoA who show initiative are able to challenge current High Command members (excluding Siz) for their position; this involves the challenger stating their case for why the challenged HC member should be replaced and why their replacement should be the challenger, followed by a competition of some sort to prove the challenger's worth (so far this has been interpreted as a literal fight). If the challenger loses this competition it results in their demotion.

Although within seconds of Andi introducing the above process in a group meeting, an overwhelming majority of the HoA present openly expressed their lack of desire to become HC, let alone with a risk of demotion). Only Stanley expressed any real interest at the time as he was already at the lowest HoA rank.

HOB Active Prospect Division The HOB or HOA B-Team is the name of the HoA's prospects. Before becoming the recruitment division, it started out as the name for the individuals who worked for an HoA aligned business, but weren't actually apart of the group. The term "HOB" was first applied to the employees of the Mirror Park Gas Station in late 2020 (owned and operated by Andi Jones at the time). They garnered the name "HOB" after the HoA saw that they had become their own unique group with notable characters (where they began to draw parallels to the HoA). Several weeks after the 3.0 update caused the closure of the MP gas station, the group moved and began work at the Mirror Park Tavern (replacing the roles the HoA themselves were supposed to fill). After a few more months (and several new HoA members being recruited directly from this group of employees) it evolved into its current status as an official sub-division and the starting place for all prospective members of the HoA.
Hogs of Anarchy Active Motorcycle Club The Hogs of Anarchy is the parody MC created on 3/18/20 from the ashes of the Homeowners Association after it was formally ended by Siz Fulker earlier that year. It was briefly replaced by The Family on 6/15/21, although for aesthetic reasons Kuttes remained an official uniform. By July 2021 the group had reverted to their classic moniker of a biker gang after several weeks of apathy as to what The Family would exactly be and no progress being made on implementing it.
HOAcademy Active Training and Development Subdivision An education regiment started by Julio Thomas as a means to train, refresh, and teach members of HoA and HOB about criminal tactics and procedure. Siz Fulker (teaching general criminal knowledge/HoA procedure) and Kermy Fulker (teaching law/proper arrest procedure) are instructors most classes will interact with, though the group also often outsources talent to come and help teach more esoteric concepts. While initially starting out as an occasional activity done on an ad-hoc basis, it eventually evolved into pre-scheduled classes held by various instructors on specific topics. Furthermore, Andi even implemented a report card system to see which HoA/HOB members are doing well in these classes. Unfortunately for the group, the overall effectiveness of the training has been lackluster at best (especially when retraining HoA members). This is mostly due to the fact that students often fail to remember and/or outright ignore the classes' teachings in their day-to-day activities.
Liquid Library Active

(Under Construction)

Bar, Grill, and Distillery The successor to the Mirror Park Tavern. The Liquid Library is still under construction, however since 4/19/2022 there has been significant progress made with the building. By 4/26/22 the criminal side of the LL, the Curators, had started operating.
Mirror Park Gas Station Active Convenience Store and Gas Station After controlling Mirror Park for over a year, the HoA, via Andi's persuasive efforts and business proposal, legally acquired the Mirror Park Gas Station near the start of December, 2020. They legally owned and operated the store until 3.0 and prior to legally owning it had protected it from robbers. While doing the latter they confronted the criminals who they caught trying to rob it, sometimes even forcibly halting robberies in progress if the criminals refused to stop. Through Andi, the HoA developed the location into their newest business where they operated a food truck, car wash service, and worked the front desk in place of Ravi (the NPC who normally sold customers goods). However, the 3.0 phone update caused the HoA to lose ownership of the gas station, causing operations there to cease until Andi reacquired it on 4/19/22. Despite no longer operating it at the time, Daryl and Cheddar made an active effort of harrassing, chasing, and robbing would-be robbers throughout early 2021.

Nowadays, the HoA once again protect the store, in addition to some members also actively working there and supporting the business materially (mostly the HOB, who originally started out at the same gas station). The latter support is now especially necessary as the oil-refining system (also implemented on 4/19/22) requires a significant amount of materials to produce high-quality gas to fill the, now limited, gas storage. It operates as a full-service gas station where customers are provided service such as gas fill-ups, car cleaning, tire air-pumping, and much more. Additionally, the HoA/HOB sell goods out of the store ranging from car wax to lockpicks. Due to both: the presence of a future competing food business (the LL) and the removal of Food Trucks with the 3.0 phone update, food is no longer sold at the gas station (apart from the NPC store vendor's).

HOA Battle Pass Active Monetization Scheme Initially started in late 2020 by Siz as a silly way to recruit friends into the HoA as temporary members, on 5/12/22 it was converted by Freddy Fastfingers into an actual battle pass system (similar to ones seen in certain videogames). The price to buy into the month's battle pass is $50k for those outside the HoA, after which they receive a physical battle pass item and are eligible to complete the month's tasks (with each "rank up" netting them a certain reward).
HOA Court Active Judicial Branch The HOA Court is the HOA's own judicial branch where members of the HOA can be prosecuted for crimes, misdemeanors, or misconduct committed in the group. They hold court sessions on top of the Mirror Park Dam where there is a presiding Chief Justice accompanied by a Bailiff. Those prosecuted can request for a lawyer or choose to defend themselves, similar to an actual court. Originally all roles were voluntary, however, after Huckleberry Guthrie began volunteering to be the judge for several cases in a row, he became the de facto person members turned to for adjudication. This led him to proclaim himself Chief Justice of the HOA. Punishments are usually decided on a case-by-case basis via group consensus or by asking the prosecution; thus-far nearly all internal punishments have been public shaming of some form. On 11/28/20 the DoJ officialized the sub-division to handle small-claims cases for the state for 24 hours, with Judge Stanton supervising and assisting in their processing of these cases. When processing cases for the state they utilized an electrical substation at the Galileo Observatory as an improvised "electric chair", throwing prosecuted defendants onto the exposed transformers to be shocked however many times the court decided. Rarely, even the police department requests for actual trials be held in HOA Court. Since 2021, while this sub-division has not yet been formally disbanded or outright abandoned it has been rarely used, owing to the fact that its purpose is quite niche and its primary head (Huck) rarely wakes up.

Past Divisions

Name Status Type Description
Haulers of Anything Inactive Transportation and Storage Business A general purpose goods hauling business that was originally proposed in early 2021 (shortly after the 3.0 update) that planned to be created as a new front to clean bands of cash through. The business pitch was to operate as a catch-all transportation operation that would move whatever the customer desired. At the time it was never followed up on as no business proposals were ever submitted to the mayor due to Siz finding a simpler way to clean his bands of cash through Dean World.

Although on 1/21/2022, Siz finally got the original business proposal approved by the DOJ. He did so to have a front to sell cargo containers, with plans to cooperate with John Miller and Dodo Logistics. He also established the small docks beside Dodo Logistics as the official office of the Haulers of Anything, although it was never used (with most business being done over the phone or in person with authorized sellers).

The business lost its only products on 4/19/22 when crates and cargo containers were removed from the state, essentially halting the business. Though there are plans to rebrand and repurpose, its next iteration is currently unknown.

Mirror Park Tavern Defunct Bar and Distillery The Mirror Park Tavern was purchased by Siz as a hangout spot for the HoA and as a fully-functioning bar. For the majority of the time it was in business it wasn't actually managed or ran by the majority of the HoA. Jesus was the only HoA member besides Siz, Kray Tor, and Kian who actively worked there (the latter being a Tavern employee Siz brought into the HoA after several weeks of stellar performance for the Tavern). Fiona Stuart was the first HoA member to officially quit from the Tavern, thereby losing access to the backroom storage space (opting instead to get a job at their competitor, Rooster's Rest). They sold alcoholic drinks out of the tavern, focusing especially on marketing absinthe they've dubbed Top Shelf for $250 a bottle. To manufacture this, they secretly brewed moonshine in the back room of the Tavern. They had originally intended to create a business partnership with the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club to sell their absinthe to the club in return for something, but this was never followed up on. Instead, Siz opted to simply market their drinks themselves and even expanded their product line to include the moonshine normally refined into Top Shelf (marketed as Full Moon or Holy Water). Additionally, they gained the ability to create poisoned food and drinks on 3/24/21 and then the ability to poison any item on 5/17/21. One of those poisoned drinks was a cocktail titled, Red Death, which they then began to briefly sell (as a non-poisonous drink) publicly as a cover after the police managed to see a poisoned variant (unbeknownst to the police) of the cocktail on a member of the HoA. On 4/16/21 they added shoeys to their menu, sourced from the footwear of various citizens in San Andreas. Furthermore, on the opening of both of the following locations the Tavern began selling various food and drinks at the stalls in Dean World and the Andi Jones Farmers Market. Aside from their normal menu at the Tavern, they served a variety of finger foods ranging from: mozzarella sticks, to chicken wings, poutine, and plenty more. They also began selling mead of various fruit flavors in the Tavern and around the city. They also sold storage crates that varied in size, with this business later being taken up by the Haulers of Anything. The Tavern shutdown when it was demolished by Siz Fulker with a bundle of C4 on 1/11/22 (see "Unified Police Department" in Connections and Enemies for more info).
Homeowner's Association Defunct Residential Enforcement Division The original iteration of this group and the source of the now iconic HOA acronym, it was established by Siz Fulker in an attempt to lower crime rates in his neighborhood by creating his own vigilante group. While initially operating only in Mirror Park and without any sanction, it quickly gained the approval of Payne Real Estate and later expanded to also protect properties in Vinewood. In their day to day operations, the HOA mostly worked to stop burglars, as that was by far the most common form of unchecked crime running rampant at the time. Though, after drastic changes in the criminal scene and house robberies being stymied in late 2019, the group abandoned patrols and any official ties with Payne Real Estate. Instead it quickly became a criminal organization as most members already committed crime together outside of the HOA beforehand. After several months of this, it was formally dissolved in early 2020 when the modern-day Hogs of Anarchy was created.

Nowadays this chapter of the group's history is largely relegated to distant memories among a small minority of members as the group's current form under the Hogs of Anarchy precludes any chance of returning to anything remotely like this (combined with vast changes to the state since then making such a group no longer viable).

The Family Inactive Mafia The Family was the mafia group briefly instituted on 6/15/21 as the replacement for the Hogs of Anarchy in an effort to rally the group behind something, due to a perceived lack of purpose at the time. The group planned to claim Paleto as their new territory, but still keep Mirror Park for the HOB. The division's goals were only partially implemented before the war to claim Paleto as their territory (from the Condemned MC) stalled out. After a few days of conflict the group stopped attempting to portray themselves as a mafia and eventually gave up entirely on any of the goals they set out to accomplish pertaining to their attempted move to Paleto.

Nowadays this division is a bygone memory of a rough patch in the HoA's early 3.0 history, with significant improvements since then no longer requiring such an arbitrary and vast rebranding to motivate the group (in addition to no other real reason to lay claim to Paleto).

HOA Fine Jar Inactive Bank and Lottery Division In September 2021, Siz opened up the HOA Fine Jar as a way to tax fellow HOA/HOB members if they slipped up or accidentally said a word they're not supposed to say. The money pooled in is eventually raffled off at the end of the month to HoA/HOB members. Jar themes were supposed to rotate monthly, but this was never followed up on due no new theme being identified. The winner of the first, and thus far only, pot was Daryl on 10/1/21 who won $108,000. With the overall goal of the first jar having been achieved, it was promptly suspended pending the identification of a new problematic phrase/behavior.
HOAPP Inactive Patrolling Subdivision The HOAPP or Park Patrol was a patrol subdivision created and ran by Huckleberry Guthrie and Fiona Stewart. It was sort of a rehash of the first season of the HOA where members patrolled Mirror Park and kept it safe from would-be criminals and hooligans trying to disrupt the peace (something the subdivision founders never did as Season One was before they joined). Huck and Fiona drove around in golf carts patrolling the area and charged people a $10 toll fee. The subdivision was abandoned after about a week when the rest of the HoA expressed no interest in rehashing their first season and the two original members lost interest. It was briefly revived by 4/12/21 when patrols resumed with the founding members Huck and Fiona, although it was again abandoned by 5/8/21 after patrols once again began to wain (in addition to Fiona later leaving the HoA).
Helpers of Animals Inactive Poaching Subdivison The Helpers of Animals was an "animal services" division started by Huck and Cheddar in early 3.0. The duo claimed to "walk" animals ranging from cats and dogs, to farm animals. However, the animal walking services was merely a front to their illegal hunting operation. "Walking" was their secretive term for hunting and skinning animals that were protected by law. They hunted these protected animals for their lucrative skins and carcasses that they sold for money and bands of cash. With Cheddar being absent, hunting drastically changing, and Huck becoming uninterested in hunting the subdivision was abandoned after a few weeks.
HOA Cartel Inactive Narcotics Production and Weapons Trade The HOA Cartel began during their pre-biker arc in early 2020, where Julio grew weed in Daryl's Vinewood Hills mansion and then sold those batches to the Vagos or GSF (or run it through the Taco Shop at the time). It was put on a hiatus, but then later resurrected by Siz as an extension of his cocaine operation. The HoA hired people who were willing to work and told them to break down bricks of cocaine into individual bags of cut cocaine or bags of crack. This product was stored in the HoA's collective warehouse (called The Big House) by Los Santos International Airport. When Sahara International created a partnership with Siz Fulker, the HoA then began moving assault rifles and various automatic weaponry across the state. At one point they planned to create a sort of "menu" system where they bundled drugs and weapons together with catchy code names for advertising, although this was never implemented. The sub-division became inactive once the 3.0 phone update reset the HoA's supply of narcotics, wealth, and properties. Their subsequent forays into meth production and weapons distribution were far more small scale and decentralized compared to their 2.0 operations, leading to a lack of need for a dedicated cartel operation.
Skittle Street Gas Station Defunct Convenience Store Originally called the Grove Street Gas Station. It was illegally occupied and operated by the Arab Mafia and by extension the East Side Ballas. However, on December 8th, 2020 Andi Jones legally acquired the business after she sent a business proposal to the Department of Justice. Initially, the group had no desire of owning another gas station but this business move meant hurting ESB/Arab Mafia so the group asked Andi to pursue it. It was seized back by the state on 12/18/20.
HOACID Inactive Investigative Subdivision The Criminal Investigative Division was the detective branch of the HOA. With Denzel Williams as the Chief Inspector of CID, its duties included undercover work, finding and tracking perpetrators, and torturing criminals. As of Denzel's departure from the group, the CID no longer existed. However, Daryl Dixon "resurrected" the CID and renamed it HOACID (a combination of HOA and CID) on 12/3/20, proclaiming himself as the Chief of HOACID. With the "resurrection" of this division, the HoA and the LSPD (with the support of the DOJ) signed a contract that allowed the LSPD to give the HoA PD-Issued flashlights. Per the contract the HoA were not allowed to use the flashlights in crimes, being told that they would be raided if they decided to do so. The division was once again abandoned after a week of inactivity, in addition to the group no longer bothering to get flashlights from the PD.
HOA Taxi Services Defunct Taxi Service Although not completely recognized by the HoA, Manny McDaniels was the founder and only driver for this division. Manny advertised his services on the yellow pages and then proceeded to drive them to their chosen location. This service was meant to see new people and advertise the HOA Tavern. Additionally, Manny had turned this taxi service into an information-gathering network, where he talks to the people he drives for and gathers information on what's up with the city. Furthermore, Manny and the inner circle of the HoA had decided to use this service to advertise cocaine throughout the city, but due to Manny being on the run for terrorism the taxi service remained inactive and their plans were never executed for the remainder of 2.0. The subdivision remained inactive going into 3.0 (despite Manny no longer being on the run) due to the 3.0 phone update shifting the priorities of the HoA away from this type of service (In addition to Manny's taxi being repossessed, along with everyone else's vehicles.) On 10/18/21 this became fully defunct when Manny left the HoA on bad terms, ending any possibility for him to return to running this service under the HoA.
HOA Complaint Jar Inactive Human Resources The HOA Complaint Jar was the human resources branch of the HoA where they filed complaints towards other members of HOA. There was a more traditional human resources branch spearheaded by Luther Caine, but due to his absence he was replaced by the HOA Complaint Jar. HoA members wrote anonymous complaints and put them in the jar; they read it every three weeks and made guesses on whoever wrote it as part of a drinking game. However, after a significant lapse in the reading of said complaints (in addition to very little new complaints) the division has been put on hold since December 2020.
EU HOA Inactive European Timezone Subdivision A moniker for the HOA members who were primarily active during the daytime of the EU/AU timezones. It was led by Head of PR Luther Caine in mid 2019 (before he was fired by Siz via text) and they were known for their particularly extensive and organized activities done in the name of the HOA; they're most prominently known for their activities towards establishing the People's Republic of Mirror Park. At one point, this subdivision was where the majority of HOA members lied as for several months it was the only subdivision still engaged in recruitment in the HOA. After the PD began pressuring Matthew Payne about their overt terroristic activities Siz branded them a rouge subdivision; although due to the difference in sleep schedules between this subdivision's leader Luther and Siz, he was unable to take direct action towards stopping their activities. Since 2020, after a string of new recruitments (outside this subdivison) and schedule changes nearly all HOA members are now active outside the EU time zone leading its abandonment.
HOA NAVY Inactive Naval Piracy Subdivision A naval subdivision originally suggested by Sr Lt. Matt Joe. Conceptually it began as an idea to be a naval patrol of the lake in the middle of Mirror Park, with the HOA conducting rudimentary tests of the concept using a boat and a jetski. Since Siz's purchase of a tugboat, it shifted into becoming a high-seas piracy division whose criminal activities revolved around the use of said tugboat. After exhausting all potential high-stakes criminal activities involving a watercraft (ranging from an ocean-based bank-truck, mass kidnapping, and various police evasions) this subdivision was abandoned. Siz had plans on reviving the HOA Navy by turning it into a fishing line, where members of the HOA went out into the open waters to fish. However the 3.0 phone update left the entire HOA (especially Siz) in dire economic straits and rented prospective fishermen their own boat for free, thus forcing a shift in priorities away from this plan.
DOA N/A Unofficial Subdivision It's not officially known what DOA stood for, but it was considered to be the detective branch of the HOA,until the CID was officially announced. Its duties are assumed to have been the same as the CID branch. Al Saab, the only prospective member of the DOA (despite not actually being in the HOA), stated that it stood for "Dead On Arrival."
HOV N/A Unofficial Subdivision The HOV was to be a temporary subdivision of the HOA, suggested by Jason Purth, to counter the HIV (Home Invading Virgins) in mid 2019. It was intended to be a covert operation to infiltrate the HIV and take it down from the inside, however, it was never followed up on.
TAMP Defunct Service Subdivision The Towing Association of Mirror Park was the original tow division of the HOA. Its official duties were unknown, but it was assumed that they would tow cars and impound/impond them whenever needed. The TAMP's only member was Tyler "T-Bag" Bagwell before his departure, and has since been superseded by the Haulers of Automobiles subdivision.
HOAAF N/A Air Force An aerial warfare subdivision suggested by Denzel Williams, which was intended to be led mainly by Mike Wadum (as at the time of its conception he was they only person in the HOA who could fly). Mike was a certified pilot, and was mentioned every time the HOAAF was brought up; however, Mike has since been dismissed from the HOA. While Siz did later learn how to pilot aircraft, the idea of a separate division for pilots was never followed up on.
HOA SWAT Inactive Special Forces A subdivision formed for the purposes of house raids or hostage rescue situations requiring special weapons and tactics. It was briefly organized for the rescue of their number one fan Bobby Boolderman in late 2019 (who was taken hostage by Buck Colton, Kelly Smith, and Gladys Berry), however, the HOA's excessive amount of time spent finding an outfit for this division resulted in Bobby being burned alive by his hostage-takers.
HOA CT Defunct Terrorism Unit This subdivision was formed by Ryan Kindle when he was promoted from Cadet to Chief Terrorist. To maintain the HOA's public image, this subdivision was publicly known as the Counter-Terrorism Unit; while behind the scenes, it was the total opposite. It's signature form of execution was beheading, as incorporated from Ryan Kindle. Since 2020 it remained inactive as the HOA no longer engaged in terrorism, in addition to the fact that Ryan Kindle (the subdivision's head) was only in the state a handful of times since then. The division became defunct on the release of the 3.0 phone update as Ryan Kindle suffered amnesia and no longer considered himself a member of the HoA.
JOA Defunct Jewelry Store Security A subdivision of the HOA whose primary duty was to protect the Vangelico Fine Jewelry store. In order to fit the part of employment at a luxury jewelry store, members of the Jewelry Owners Association (JOA) wore a uniform consisting of a suit, top hat, and bow tie. The nature of their job involved security against heavily armed robbers, so they also wore a ballistic vest over their suit. The division has become defunct in its purpose ever since Vangelico Fine Jewelry installed a keycard lock onto their door. (Whereas before the doors were unlocked during business hours.)
Crimson Boomers Defunct Terrorism Branch A primary alias for the entirety of the Homeowners Association while they were committing acts of terrorism, the alias was a creation by Kray-Tor Skullfondler on December 13th, 2019 after a prolonged lack of criminal activity in HOA controlled territory. They were distinct from the HOA CT headed by Ryan Kindle due to their unique uniforms and stated manifesto of getting all law enforcement officials to leave the city (a goal they knew was unattainable, it was merely used as an excuse to continue their terroristic acts). Their signature form of execution was blunt-force impact trauma from high altitude as they dropped their victims out of helicopters to the streets below. The division was declared defunct by it's founder Kray-Tor after Siz entered into a long coma and a court case on the Boomers was dropped in late December of 2019.
FTOA Defunct Food Truck Business The Food Truck Owners Association was a business subdivision of the HOA whose primary duty was to sell foodstuffs to customers. It was originally created with the primary purpose of competing with Zee Nanakaze's food truck by undercutting her; however, after she left her husband and befriended Siz, the objective shifted to obtaining as much glass as possible (with the only currency they accepted being glass). A specialty food truck was purchased for this task; with their uniform consisting of a taco mask when on duty. This subdivision was subsequently abandoned due to a lack of interest in running a food truck and later made fully defunct once the 3.0 phone update removed the ability to buy and/or make food at a food truck.
Haulers of Automobiles Defunct Towing Business A towing business created in retaliation to Garage Q/Steele Security "stealing the HOA's season one" in mid 2020 by protecting businesses across the island in a manner similar to how the HOA operated in Season One. The sub-division's objective was to take over the tow truck business and steal Jordan Steele's season one by engaging in extensive towing as he once did, in addition to switching to the tow radio as their primary radio frequency. The uniform for this subdivision was the original patrol outfit worn during the HOA's early days operating in Mirror Park. However, about two weeks after it was created the subdivision was largely abandoned after: there being no actual competition with Garage Q (as they woke up after most of the HOA went to sleep), the majority of members switching back to their normal 512 radio, and the HOA as a whole losing interest in towing in general. On 4/15/21 the HOAAA was proposed as a replacement subdivision, although it was never implemented.
Honest Occupation Agency Defunct Job Application Processing A subdivision that was established on November 3rd, 2020 based out of the Job Center. Members of the HoA conducted interviews to vet possible workers and to ensure that San Andreas had a competent and steady workforce. This subdivision was abandoned after a few days when Siz took an extensive break from the state. (The other members of the HoA relied on Siz's extensive wealth to pay the vetted workers.) It later became completely defunct after the closure of the Job Center as apart of the 3.0 phone update.
HOAAA N/A Towing Business A towing business that was planned to be created as a new front to clean bands of cash through. Siz originally planned to create this new sub-division on 4/15/21 rather than revive the Haulers of Automobiles due to preferring this name (a combination of HOA and the acronym for the American Automobile Association). It was never followed up on as no business proposals were ever submitted to the mayor at the time due to Siz finding a simpler way to clean his bands of cash through Dean World.