The HOA (Homeowners Association) is a front organization based in Mirror Park and Vinewood Hills contracted by Payne Real Estate.

The HOA Headquarters are based in Vinewood at 25 North Sheldon Avenue [1], with it mainly being used as a storage and armory building.

General DescriptionEdit

As the name implies, the group is a Homeowners Association for the Mirror Park [2] and Vinewood Hills [3] communities, officially backed by Payne Real Estate. The HOA does not accept the label of "gang", as they prefer to be referenced as "only a terrorist organization", behind the scenes. 

The HOA was founded by Mirror Park resident homeowner, Siz Fulker, in an attempt to lower the crime rate and raise the property values in his neighborhood. HOA Members patrol the Mirror Park and Vinewood Hills community to keep crime out of these neighborhoods. Anyone caught doing such acts are immediately removed from the area, and are taken to speak with the Mayor of Mirror Park (or are dealt with by their arresting HOA Officers), to ensure that such acts will never happen again. 

HOA Rules Edit

  1. Must keep dogs on a leash, and have doggie bags on your person. 
  2. Must keep up your lawn. 
  3. No burglary. 
  4. No on-duty police officers. 
  5. No "fake news" (unless it paints the HOA positively.) 
  6. No selling of drugs (unless done/sanctioned by an HOA employee.) 
  7. No speeding through Mirror Park or Vinewood. 
  8. No white-knighting.  
  9. Vehicles must be deemed roadworthy.  
All residents and persons using any Mirror Park and/or Vinewood services must pay a fee of $10 for HOA services and presence.
In addition, the HOA maintains a "Ban List" of those deemed unwanted in the community. 

Legal Employment Partners Edit

  • Payne Real Estate employs the HOA as movers to clear foreclosed houses of the prior tenant's possessions before the home is resold.  
  • Premium Deluxe Motorsport employs the HOA in a similar manner for repossessing vehicles. 
  • Vangelico's Fine Jewelry formally employed the HOA to provide security on the premises before the purple key card update. 

HOA Member Activities Edit

  • Arson 
  • Bribery 
  • Drug trafficking/distribution 
  • Extortion/Racketeering 
  • Kidnapping 
  • Murder 
  • Propaganda 
  • Terrorism 
  • Theft 
  • Torture 
  • Vandalism 
  • Robbery 

Victims Edit

  1. Micheal Harris - Caught burgling houses. [4] Taken to meet the Mayor of Mirror Park where he was tortured and had a "V" carved into his back, before being downed with a knife.
  2. Aythen Warthog - Spoke ill about the HOA on Twitter. [5]
  3. Kael Soze - Repeated attempts at entering Mirror Park, even though he is quadruple banned. [6]
  4. Dom Nader - Ran from the HOA for no reason [7]. Had his car impounded [8]. Tried to sue the HOA - was promptly questioned, tortured, and placed on tracks to be run over by a train. [9]
  5. Maverick Shaw - Tased HOA Lieutenant Matt "Kray-Tor" Joe, and was shot down by Siz. [10]
  6. Ron Roberts - Refused to pay the HOA Tax, and mocked the HOA on Twitter. He was executed by Denzel Williams and Matt "Kray-Tor" Joe with sawed-off shotguns. [11]
  7. Zee Mathers [x2] - Refused to pay the HOA Tax [12] - was tortured and dealt with by the Mayor of Mirror Park. [13] Then on a later date, she once again badmouthed the HOA in front of an on-duty officer; she was captured, waterboarded, and had her wrist cut by Ryan Kindle. [14]
  8. Johnny Roquette and Nick Molini - Caught breaking into a house [15] - forced to fight to the death (after Johnny was shot by Denzel.) [16]
  9. Luigi Bezos - A third party who shot down Siz [17], kidnapped Denzel [18] by waiting for him to be discharged from the hospital, and got cops involved [19] after a drive-by retaliation. Was executed on the courthouse steps by Siz, Denzel, and T-Bag as Kray-Tor distracted multiple cops. [20]
  10. Solomon Seerson - Killed, skinned, and ate a dog. Was thrown off the dam [21] and repeatedly beaten and stabbed [22] by Denzel Williams.
  11. Herbert - Refused to pay the HOA fee, badmouthed the HOA, and was found snooping around as Arthur Hammond was tending to Jerry, after Kindle had stabbed him. Herbert was questioned, tortured, and executed by Denzel and Kindle as per Arthur's request. [23] He was then decapitated by Kindle. [24]
  12. Lauren Forcer - Was kidnapped unexpectedly by the HOA (initiated by Kindle) [25], which resulted in a high-speed police chase until evading them in the city. The police then found them again and began another, much shorter chase, leading to the cops gunning down almost every HOA member except for Denzel Williams. [26] Denzel arrived on scene and saved the downed crew by bringing them to Grandma's, after the rest of the police were downed by several vehicle explosions.
  13. The Russian Mafia - The HOA and the Russian Mafia had a gunfight at the docks, the Russian Mafia's territory, because of a dispute over a tax forced upon HOA Cadet Frederick Bodini by the Russian Mafia. [27]
  14. Buck Colton - Refused to pay the $10 fee, and then danced in his underwear on top of his car, for which he was charged an additional $20 ticket. After shooting at Ryan Kindle, he drove off and ended up being taken by the Father of the Fire (he got blown up by the propane tank located near Siz's house.) [28]
  15. Kelly Smith - Was an accessory to the grand theft auto of Denzel William's vehicle with Buck Colton. Upon confrontation, he was tased and then accidentally ran over. He bled out in the back of Siz's car as he was being transported away from the area.
  16. Sonya Summers [x2] - Was caught burgling several houses in Vinewood, had her stolen goods and cash confiscated and was released the first time (after being accidentally shot by Kray-Tor.) The second time, she was captured attempting to skirt the HOA's purview by burgling the houses bordering Vinewood on Rockford Drive. This time she attempted to set up an ambush, and shot at Denzel in the back from a bush. However, before she could down him, Siz cuffed her. While being escorted away to the responding police officer she called Denzel a "snitch", causing him to down her with a shotgun. The responding officer arrested both Denzel and Sonya, where Denzel then later downed Sonya again in a fistfight initiated by her in jail.
  17. Outto Tune Tyrone - Caught burgling a house in Vinewood [29], was interrogated, screwed with, and had his pockets cleaned. [30] Was then executed by Daryl Dixon as the first sacrifice to the new lake in Vinewood. [31]
  18. Robert Watson - Attempted to kidnap Ryan Kindle but was captured [32], during capture Robert mind-controlled Manny McDaniels. [33] Robert then had a part of his spine removed by Dr. Agnes for transplantation into Ryan Kindle [34], as well as a toe removed for transplantation to Siz Fulker. [35]
  19. Dee Mented (perma’d) and Ivan Tickles - Went after the HOA because they were given false information from Zee Mathers. Dee was executed by Frederick Bodini with Dee's hatchet [36], while Ivan was executed by Griselda "Zelda" Harth using a knife. Afterward, their bodies were dumped in front of Zee's Diner for them to be found as a message to Zee. [37]
  20. David Gumtree - Was caught robbing a house in Vinewood Hills [38] and was stabbed to death by Kray-Tor after playing "knifey-spoony" as another sacrifice to the new lake in Vinewood. [39]
  21. Kappa Chino - Him and his brother were investigated under suspicion of selling coffee to house burglars, his brother was downed by their ride-along [40], Tony Corleone. Then, to leave no witnesses, Denzel downed Kappa. [41] Their bodies and van were sacrificed to the Lady of the Lake in Vinewood.
  22. Giovanni Consigilio - Was caught robbing houses in Vinewood [42] and was tased, shot, chased, and eventually went down at the old Tuner Shop. [43] He was robbed, and had his car and himself impounded into Lake Vinewood. [44]
  23. Unknown Man - Was caught near a robbery ping in Vinewood, and shot at the HOA. [45] Is apparently a vigilante-like entity that robs people who rob Vinewood houses. He was questioned, robbed, stabbed, and left at Lake Vinewood. [46] Afterward, the HOA 311'd his dead body.

Arrests Edit

  1. Nikolai Pogoski - Caught robbing the convenience store in Mirror Park [47] with a stolen undercover police Schafter belonging to Detective Emily Reinhart. He was promptly detained and brought to the MRPD, but was let free by Lauren Forcer. After immediately re-stealing the undercover police vehicle returned to MRPD [48], he was once again chased down and detained by the HOA, and was finally legally arrested by the police.
  2. Davey Doherty - Caught on film robbing the convenience store in Mirror Park [49], and was tased, detained, and brought to the MRPD after escaping from the store he was trapped in. [50] Davey was let go by Officers Lauren Forcer and Clarence Williams; however, upon reviewing the footage provided to them by the HOA they issued an official warrant for his arrest.
  3. Julio Thomas - Caught burgling houses in Vinewood. He was apprehended and stripped of his stolen goods and cash. Because of his relationship with Siz and the other members of the HOA (he was supplying them with tasers and pistols), he was released some distance away from Vinewood with a stern warning to not burgle houses in Vinewood again.
  4. Sarah Ableton [x2] - Caught burgling houses in Vinewood by Siz Fulker. She was apprehended and transported away from the house she was burgling, but before she could be dealt with by Siz, a police officer showed up and took her into custody. The second time she was quickly apprehended by an HOA patrol and was transported outside of Vinewood for processing, where she was stripped of her stolen items and cash and released. 
  5. Dalph Jones - Entrapped into robbing houses in Vinewood in front of the HOA [51] twice [52], and was eventually brought to the Vinewood lake to be questioned and robbed. [53]

Victims Deaths Edit

  • Dee Mented - Killed by Fred after Dee and Ivan Tickles were given false information from Zee Mathers which claims that the HOA robbed her, when they didn’t. Fred killed her by hacking her body with her own hatchet which she named “Tusk“, which is Fred’s nickname. Siz and Zelda were at the scene as Siz called Zelda to stab Ivan. Dee and Ivan were found by Zee in front of her Diner, Dee passed away instantly.
  • Michael Dias - Killed by Denzel after a kidnapping gone wrong. Denzel, Mete, Fred and Julio tried to kidnap Mervin Mulcher and got involved in a chase, the vehicle crashed near Benny‘s and police were not far behind them. Dias and Denzel were in an 1v1 shootout and they both got knocked down, Denzel was downed first but then Dias started to become loopy reaching for an IFAK but sadly before that he went down. Dias was at first stable and communicating but then on the way to the hospital he started to deteriorate. He had surgery but it was unsuccessful causing him to pass away from multiple GSW’s. Vagos helped the HOA escape from custody while being transported from Pillbox to MRPD. Denzel, Fred and Julio were caught after only an hour and a half on the run and Mete turned himself in after a few days (even though Siz told him not too.)

Former Members Edit

Anto Murphy (Irish) - Removed for betrayal; first by being tortured and left for dead then a second time had his pinky sliced off.

  • Discovered by Curtis or Flippy that Anto was robbing local citizens in order to acquire access codes to the Vagos, Leanbois and GSF Trap Houses. HOA had an order to protect the trap houses on the Southside and Anto refused to give information on who he was hired by; and therefore broke any trust he had gained with the HOA, Leanbois, GSF, and Vagos. For the second attempt at kidnapping him the goal was to make him remember, so the same group of people (replacing Curtis with Denzel) had the same conversation again only this time cutting off his pinky. The Chang Gang found out and questioned Siz then Denzel about it, squashing the beef as Anto didn’t use a good enough cover story which mean’t that Chang Gang had to confess that Anto was only going for Vagos traphouse and nobody else’s.

Happy D'Klown - Removed after a shootout with Siz, Denzel, and Ricky (Leanbois situation.)

  • Was only in the HOA for a few days and has since became an enemy of the HOA with him attempting to rat them out to the police. However, the HOA got wind of this and submitted evidence of him pointing a Class 2 weapon at Siz to the police.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being titled the "Mayor of Mirror Park", Vivi actually does not own a home in Mirror Park. She instead lives on Amarillo Vista.
  • The Mayoral position is merely an authoritative nickname for Vivi and holds no actual power; Siz came up with it on the spot when telling his first captured criminal Michael Harris who he was going to meet.
  • The HOA claims the LSPD, BCSO, and SASP have no jurisdiction in Mirror Park.
  • Allen Widemann sponsored the HOA by purchasing a Declasse Granger [54] for the association.
  • Recognition of the HOA as a private security force for Payne Real Estate property in Mirror Park/Vinewood was initially only acknowledged by the upper echelons of the police force, with most lower-ranking officers outright stating that such actions are vigilantism and were therefore illegal.
  • Assistant Chief of Police Olivia Copper (in addition to a judge) held interest in turning the HOA into a vlegitimate law enforcement branch that was authorized to make arrests. However, Siz was disinterested in learning the specifics required to legally make arrests, and believes the police are "stepping on his toes" in Mirror Park. Despite this belief, Siz followed her instructions on how to legally detain suspects, and had turned in several criminals to the police. However, he has abandoned the idea entirely due to both: division within the PD on whether or not to legally recognize the HOA (causing most officers to release captured criminals brought to them [despite the HOA also providing video evidence of them committing their crime(s)]), and being warned by Copper about recent attempts by the DoJ to regulate the operations of the HOA by implementing strict restrictions on how they could apprehend criminals.
  • The HOA does not negotiate with terrorists.
  • The HOA worships the Lady of the Lake in Mirror Park and regularly sacrifice illegally parked vehicles to her in an act called "imponding".
  • The HOA was sued by a cadet of the LSPD (Lauren Forcer) over an incident that occurred due to her refusal to pay the $10 HOA fee. This case resulted in Siz Fulker and Matt Joe being mandated to pay $2500 each to Lauren Forcer, in addition to a $250 fee for damage to her car (however they both ignored this mandate and never paid Lauren any amount of money.)
  • BCSO Lieutenant Bobby Smith has taken a particularly strong stance against the HOA, and has declared them to be an armed, hostile, and dangerous group. He has urged police High Command to change their stance on them.
  • "Just another day in the HOA" is a common quote uttered by members after doing things that would very much not be just another day for any normal civilian. 
  • The HOA Repo team repossessed Zee Mather's Grotti Brioso [55] after calling her to the LifeInvader Office [56] as a distraction.
  • On October 25th, 2019, the HOA Headquarters (in addition to Siz's personal residence) was raided by the PD. Siz was taken into custody, and all the illicit weapons and items confiscated. Siz alone was prosecuted for the possession charges that resulted from the raid ($26,000 in fines and 355 months in jail), despite the weapons and items belonging to a multitude of people under the shared property under Payne Realty.
  • Those determined to be performing particularly poorly within the ranks of the HOA (as determined by the Chief of the HOA) are mandated to wear a dunce cap at all times while on duty until they can convince the Chief (or another specified superior officer) that they no longer deserve the shame of wearing the cap.
  • HOA isn’t a gang, it’s a "front organization". However, the DOJ has declared that the HOA falls under the category of a "gang". The DOJ reasonings behind this include: lack of a business license for the organization, and the copious amount of criminal activity by its members (consisting of various prominent gang members) irregardless if said member(s) are on duty.

Divisions of the Homeowners Association Edit

Name Type Description
HOA Highest Division The Homeowners' Association is the base branch of the association, run by founder Siz Fulker. This division oversees the subdivisions, rule creation, and recruiting of the HOA. As the base branch of the association, the HOA also engages in the same duties as the DOA, CID, and other subdivisions that may follow.
DOA (Hiatus) Subdivision It's not officially known what DOA stands for, but it was considered the detective branch of the HOA, until the CID was officially announced. Its duties are assumed to include the same work as the CID branch. Al Saab, the only prospective member of the DOA, stated that it stands for "Dead On Arrival."
HOV (Hiatus/Defunct) Unofficial Subdivision The HOV was to be a temporary subdivision of the HOA, suggested by Jason Purth, to counter the HIV (Home Invading Virgins). It was intended to be a covert operation to infiltrate the HIV and take it down from the inside, however, it was never followed up on.
TAMP (Active) Service Subdivision The Towing Association of Mirror Park is the tow division of the HOA. Its official duties are unknown, but it's assumed it will tow cars and impound/impond them whenever needed. The TAMP is run by Tyler "T-Bag" Bagwell.
CID (Active) Investigative Subdivision The Criminal Investigative Division is the detective branch of the HOA. With Denzel Williams as the Chief Inspector of CID, its duties include undercover work, finding and tracking perpetrators, and torturing criminals.
HO NAVY TBA/TBD A naval subdivision suggested by Sr Lt. Matt Joe. It has no official information released on it, but is said to be a naval patrol of the lake in the middle of Mirror Park. The HOA has only conducted rudimentary tests of the concept using a boat [57] and a jetski. [58]


TBA/TBD An Airforce subdivision suggested by Denzel Williams, which is suspected to be lead mainly by Mike Wadum. Mike is a certified pilot, and is mentioned every time the HOAAF is brought up.
HOA SWAT (Active) Special Forces A subdivision formed for the purposes of house raids, or hostage rescue situations requiring special weapons and tactics. It was briefly organized for the rescue of their number one fan Bobby Boolderman (who was taken hostage by Buck Colton, Kelly Smith, and Gladys Berry), however, the HOA's excessive amount of time spent finding an outfit for this division resulted in Bobby being burned alive by his hostage-takers.
HOA CT (Active) Terrorism Unit This subdivision was formed by Ryan Kindle when he was promoted from Cadet to Chief Terrorist. To maintain the HOA's public image, this subdivision is publicly known as the Counter-Terrorism Unit; while behind the scenes, it's the total opposite.
JOA (Hiatus) Jewelry Store Security A subdivision of the HOA whose primary duty is to protect the Vangelico Fine Jewelry [59] store. In order to fit the part of employment at a luxury jewelry store, members of the JOA wear a uniform consisting of a suit, top hat, and bow tie. The nature of their job involves security against heavily armed robbers, so they wear a ballistic vest over their suit.

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HOA intro

HOA intro

HOA 311! - Mini Movie-ish thing? -NoPixel- (Reno 911! Parody)

HOA 311! - Mini Movie-ish thing? -NoPixel- (Reno 911! Parody)

The best HOA member I've ever seen

The best HOA member I've ever seen

HOA Paid Advertisement

HOA Paid Advertisement

HOA Commerical TOO

HOA Commerical TOO

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