H.I.V. (Home Invading Virgins)[edit | edit source]

The Home Invading Virgins, initially the Home Invasion Vigilantes, is a terrorist organization run by and founded by Erin Cox. Its only goal was to cause chaos in Mirror Park and make attacks on the HOA. The attacks made by the HIV are never physical, they only attack through property damage or by robbing the houses of Mirror Park homeowners.

Currently the group is inactive ever since the HOA cracked down on the group's behavior; in addition to Siz Fulker (founder of the HOA and Erin's surrogate brother) and Erin Cox having a conversation that convinced her to cease her efforts against the HOA.

In fact, Erin has made several attempts since then to join the HOA (to no avail as her formation of the HIV [a group who's sole purpose was to terrorize the HOA] does not bode well with Siz Fulker.)

HIV Attacks[edit | edit source]

HIV blow up cars in front of the Chief of HOA's house

HIV light the Chief of HOA's lawn on fire and attempt to blow up cars

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