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H&O Exports also known as the "HOE", is a underground repair shop/car dealership owned by Otto Delmar. It is run by Hutch Hutcherson and Jaylen Carter.

Only 17 people have access to the shared garage, the fast benny's repair and full repair inside the Warehouse.

A few months later Otto decided to buy the underground garage and move operations there.

Hutch is currently on vacation in Russia and has given Jaylen Carter full control of operations.

It was the host of the first day of WuChella.


The shop can do a quick repair and a full Benny's repair in exchange for GNE sticks. This is only allowed to be used for racing.

It can also convert a Vin scratched car to a personal vehicle with a fake VIN for a cost of GNE and Materials.

On the 16th of September 2021, The Puppet Master called Hutch and informed him that the state had enforced a 750 gne holding cap, making Hutch responsible for distributing GNE sticks for the whole city.


Crushing Day

Let me try to write a timeline of events that led to H&O Imports crushing about 7.8 Million dollars worth of VIN Scratch vehicles on 03/11/2021 Espinoz catches Sofia during an M+ plus boost because Sofia tweets at Espinoz while she's hiding in a bush of his car. They get a subpoena of Sofia's text messages for 3 days, which in those 3 days of text messages, they get the subpoena extended to 12 days. Where they learn a lot of information about boosting and other criminal dealings, along with Curtis's text messages. Angel who has no idea about the text messages finds an S+ street race, chases a Sultan RS for the entire race, chases him after the race is completed to the point that his orange engine light turns on from stalls, needs help from the other racers, he doesn't listen to AP's instructions of going left on Lower Power St and continues straight which causes Underwood to crash at 150+ mph into AP. Underwood shoots AP down. Angel comes to MRPD to process AP, she asks him about his Demon and how much he spent on it. Angel looks at AP's employment and sees H&O Imports, asks what he does for them, and says that he gets materials for them. She asks where they're located and he doesn't know where they're located. Angel looks up H&O Imports in the business tab of the MDW, and looks at its employee's list, and sees a whole bunch of CG members which she asks AP if this is in a CG company. Angel sends AP to jail. Angel later calls AP to ask if he knows how to get Harnesses for one Interceptor and one for her Explorer, he says he can, and they agree on a price of $15,000. Angel goes down to the Tuner Shop to meet AP, pays for the harnesses. Before leaving, Angel makes a joke to AP, Blacksteel, Rat, and other racers after they start joking about SRU and that the police have only caught two people so far that day, Angel jokes about SRU following someone in a VIN Scratch to a garage to see where they park the car. Angel leaves. AP texts Hutch and says that cops were asking about his business when he was in processing and asked if it's a CG company, then he texts Hutch again telling him that the cops are following someone to the H&O Imports warehouse (which they aren't). Hutch ends up firing Sofia from H&O Imports. Fast forward a bit Baas and Sofia have a meeting in the oil fields about what happened with someone named AP telling some powerful people she works with, and that got her fired and not trusting her. This whole time SCU doesn't know who "leaked" things, while Angel doesn't know about the investigation into Sofia and her text messages.

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Rental Services


Temporary closure

On April 8, 2022, Otto Delmar woke up and removed everyone's keys to H&O without prior warning, including co-owner Hutch Hutcherson and Jaylen Carter, who ran H&O's daily operations.