Gunther Higgins is a character role-played by YoungsterCooper.


Gunther is a very hyperactive middle-aged man with a very strong southern accent. Gunther is normally seen wearing his dark grey overalls, his lime green drinking helmet with two beers always locked and loaded, and never wears shoes with shoe laces.

Personality & Behavior

Gunther is a very easy going guy, and is someone that tries to find the positive and look on the bright side when he ends up in the worst-case scenario. Whether it being robbed, or arrested, Gunther will always try to stay positive in the situation. Gunther has an amazing sense of humor and can make almost anyone crack a smile, and has a plethora of knock-knock jokes in his arsenal ready to fire. Gunther will try to spark a conversation with almost anyone that he comes across, and try to make their day a little better. Gunther is a very ambitious person and is always looking to make the world a better place, one step at a time. Gunther is someone that cares for others, and hates to see people suffer, especially if it is due to drugs and alcohol.

While Gunther comes off as a positive and genuine guy, the one thing that you do not want to do is steal something from him. Gunther respects the belongings of others and expects the same treatment in return. If someone steals any of Gunther's belongings, he will stop at nothing to get them back, whilst going to full lengths to teach the thief a lesson on respecting others belongings.

Background Information

Gunther Eugene Higgins, who was born into the small town of Searcy, Arkansas- which is just under an hour away from the well-known capital Little Rock. Gunther spent most of his life here in a run-down trailer park with his mother, Dixie. Dixie was a raging alcoholic, who even drank while pregnant with Gunther. The doctors believed that because she drank, Gunther would come out with multiple birth defects and disabilities, but this was far from the case.

At the age of five, Gunther nearly drowned in the public pool at their trailer park because Dixie was not watching him like she was supposed to be doing. Instead she was in their trailer, nearly blacked out drunk at three o'clock in the afternoon. This incident caused Gunther to never want to go into a body of water ever again, making him unable to swim if need be since he never learned. Gunther, later on, lost his father when he was seven years old due to a drunk driver. Though his father, Beau, was also under the influence; he was not intoxicated with alcohol, he had been injecting heroin less than an hour before the accident. Between Beau's accident and the risk Dixie was, Gunther swore to himself he would never sell nor consume any drugs unless it was for medical purposes. Dixie and Beau were not the brightest even before their addictions, but to surprise, Gunther graduated as valedictorian from Riverview High School. Even whilst being valedictorian, most of the city knew of Gunther and thought that he was not smart in the slightest, given his parent's backstories. Throughout his childhood, he gained the nickname "Zero" because those around him would joke that he had zero IQ when realistically, his IQ was 162.

Gunther understood people thought he was seemingly brainless and used this to his advantage in more ways than one. When Gunther was 24 he joined the "Burning Angels'' Motorcycle Club (MC) that his friend Marty had joined a few years back. Except when Gunther joined, he was also an undercover cop looking for information on drug smuggling. Gunther would proceed throughout the years to gain information for the Police Department he was under, not only information on the Burning Angels but other MCs and gangs as well. The Burning Angels started to catch on when the PD showed up to the exact location they were supposed to be meeting their rival MC, "The Norsemen”. The Burning Angels had a strong notion that a rat was in their MC, but they never suspected for one second it could be Gunther, due to how dumb he seemed around them. Gunther, knowing if they found out it was him and that they would kill him without hesitation, needed to leave Searcy as soon as possible.

He remembered that his old friend, Carson, mentioned something about moving to this big city, far away out on the coast, by the name of Los Santos. A city Carson dreamed of moving to because it was filled with movie stars, expensive cars, and rich neighborhoods. A place Gunther could only dream of living in. Gunther decided that he needed to move, quickly. Considering the money he has saved up during his time at the PD, Los Santos was a possibility. He got the first plane ticket he could grasp and headed straight for this dream city. However, before getting on that plane, Gunther was unaware that Los Santos- while having nice cars and movie stars- was also a city filled with drugs, hate, and crime.

Criminal Record

Date Charges Details Sentence & Fine
Joyriding. Poaching. Possession of

a baby shark.

Reckless Evading. Possession of and

the action of dealing illegal narcotics.

Resisting arrest.

Joyriding. Possession of 4 counts of



  • Gunther has in fact put a bear in a headlock.
  • His record for the fastest time to eat a bologna sandwich is 32 seconds.
  • He has nicknamed both of his fists, one being punch and the other being sock.
  • Gunther's favorite color is yellow because of his love for mustard.
  • He does not enjoy long walks on the beach.
  • Gunther has never learned how to tie his shoes.
  • Gunther is a yellow belt in martial arts. This is only because he went for a month before his membership expired.


  • "That ain't good."
  • "Yeah, I've put a bear in a headlock before."
  • "I gave him the Wombo Combo, #2 extra sauce, no pickles."
  • "My name is Gunther, but you can just call me Gunther."
  • "I have negative money."
  • "Huh?"
  • "You see these knuckles right here? Want a closer look?"
  • "No, my name is not Billy Bob."
  • "No, don't tase me, I have a heart condition."
  • "I didn't do that."
  • "Can you buy me food, I'm broke."
  • "Hm, you look like a Burger King and a Skull Guy. M'kay."
  • "Team Rocket's gonna expose me? Didn't know I had pictures like that on the internet."
  • "Gunther knows how to not blink."
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