Gregory Stonefinger is a character role-played by ohheyitsfunk

Background[edit | edit source]

Gregory is the editor in chief for Weazel News.

For a short period of time Gregory was the acting CEO of Weazel News as Mickey Rivers suffered brain damage.

Recent Events[edit | edit source]

Unsolved Murder[edit | edit source]

Gregory was investigating the unsolved murder of lawyer Chris McGrawl. Thanks to various leads, he discovered that the murder was tied to Sonya Summers. He met Jordan Steele at the Steele Family Parking Lot. He knew Jordan was a former cop and that he worked on the McGrawl case prior to leaving the LSPD. He asked Jordan for any information related to the murder. Jordan advised him to investigate the bikers and Milton Pointdexter of Payne Real Estate. Jordan did not indicate Sonya Summers in the murder. Jordan was more interested in what Stonefinger knew about the terrorist group known as Talon. Jordan also asked about a man called "The Stranger" he then advised Stonefinger to delete any publications linking Sonya Summers to the murder of McGrawl and focus on the Talon story instead.

Illuminati[edit | edit source]

Stonefinger is currently involved with the Illuminati with Choi, Thomas Dwayne, and Flop Dugong. He is unsure about whether he should continue working with them, but he wants to help enact justice within the city, and feels like the Illuminati might be his way to.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Stonefinger without his helmet.

  • Stonefinger's investigative journalism often puts his life in danger.
  • He is almost never seen without a helmet on in his regular outfits.
  • He has trouble remembering to turn his radio back on after being on a phone call.
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