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Greg Conklin is a character played by Lt_Custard


Greg Conklin is an elderly man in search of adventure which he seeks through his taxi business; Conklin's Cabs. Greg enjoys telling vividly wild stories to anyone he encounters and often patronizes the character of his eight ex-wives. Greg started his life in Los Santos as a taxi driver. After some time, he put his work on hold to work for Fujiwara Tofu Shop (Fujiwara Delivery Service). Greg happily goes about the city fulfilling his deliveries and tempting fate with dangerous groups. Mr. Conklin loyally serves "Fujiwa-wa" and his boss, Edbert Ropeburn. However, Greg is completely oblivious to his boss' intention to send him on a delivery that will finally put him in the grave.

Gregory's Adventures

The Orange Slices

During Greg's first taxi trip, taking two men to the fence to sell some items, he receives a phone call from an unnamed woman asking for confirmation that Mr. Conklin has a taxi service. The woman requests a ride from Rooster's Rest and is asked to wait until Greg is finished with his current trip.

Greg finds the woman at Rooster's Rest and notes that face is completely bandaged up. The woman appears to be distant but is responsive to Greg's friendly questions. Conklin drives the woman to a resort on Great Ocean Highway. The woman offers to pay with information of a free service the resort offers in the form of free beverages. Greg is hesitant and fears that he is about to be murdered but follows the woman to the resort's poolside bar. The woman points Greg to an unattended bar where a plate of sliced fruit rests. Greg observes the various fruits starting with the pineapple slices. His attention quickly turns to the orange slices next to the other fruits and moves slightly to get a closer look.

Meanwhile the woman brandishes a knife and attempts to murder Greg Conklin. Greg's sudden movement causes the woman to miss. Greg flees to his car with the woman closely behind. The woman is unable to catch up as Greg drives away. Greg returns to the scene and calls 911. The dispatch operator advises Greg leave the area and to provide the woman's phone number. The dispatch operator tells Greg that police will investigate but asks him to leave for his safety.

"Fujiwa-wa" Food Deliveries

After tempting fate at the resort, Greg continues with his work offering free rides around the city to pedestrians looking to get to their destination. Greg goes on about his life and often places his customers in a unique or uncomfortable position when telling stories. While driving around, Mr. Conklin notices a hiring advert on Twatter and rushes to Dean's World. At the theme park, Greg makes several calls to get a hold of Reini Melrakki. Reini invites Greg for an interview at the Cerberus Business Center. After his phone call, Greg compliments a young man's car. That young man is none other than Edbert Ropeburn, the owner of Fujiwara Tofu Shop (Fujiwara Delivery Service). The two meet up once more at the business center where it is revealed to Edbert that Greg is the new interviewee. Greg and Edbert, now joined by Reini, head upstairs and begin the interview process.

Edbert begins by thanking Mr. Conklin for his service in World War I. Greg accepts the gratitude and states that, "Fighting for the Germans was an honor". . . Shocked by the response, Edbert asks for a repeat of his statement to which Conklin retracts by stating that he did not serve in the war nor do the photos prove anything. After some interview questions and some peculiar statements/comments from Greg, Edbert offers Mr. Conklin a position at Fujiwara as a delivery driver. Greg happily accepts the position but must first pass Edbert's test. Once in the car, Edbert directs Mr. Conklin to drive to the top of Mount Chilliad in five minutes. After some difficulty, the two finally make it to the top of the mountain where Greg accepts his position as a delivery driver. For the quickest route down, Greg sends his Futo down Mount Chilliad making an extremely rough landing. The two eventually become stranded but later make their way back into the city by stealing vehicles.

The Vagos

When Greg returns to the city, he receives a phone call from Edbert for a delivery run. Edbert claims to have a delivery with the destination at the Barrio. He tells Greg that the delivery is for a "Rodriguez" and he owes $50.00 for the order. Greg drives quickly to the Barrio and does not find anyone. A member of the Vagos rolls up on a bike and approaches Greg. The Vagos member turns out to he Junior Diaz. Junior is confused but accepts the food on behalf of his cousin who's name is Rodriguez. Diaz samples the food and exclaims the food being too hot. Greg rebuts claiming he drove very quickly, ignoring red lights on his drive. The two exchange small talk when Junior questions Greg of the monocular around his neck. Diaz asks Greg if the device is a camera and if Mr. Conklin is a cop–both of which Greg denies. Greg recalls his orange slice incident to which Junior accuses Conklin of being a psychopath for supposedly punching the woman in her right breast even though it was an act of self-defense. Greg thanks Junior for his time and leaves for his next job.


Greg receives a call from Edbert asking him to fulfill another order. The two meet at Premium Deluxe Motorsport (PDM) where Edbert informs Greg of his second client. The client is Officer Crocodile "Croc" Steve. Unaware of his location, Edbert suggests that Greg checks out Mission Row Police Department in search of Croc. Edbert tells Conklin to reach Croc in any way possible even encouraging Greg to commit felony trespassing to deliver the $350 order. Greg arrives at MRPD and asks for help in search of Croc. To his disappointment, Greg is informed that Croc is no longer on duty.

Ranger Ziggy Buggs walks into the lobby where Greg is chatting with dispatch and another woman. Greg offers the ranger Croc's order for only 28.6% of the cost at $100. The ranger obliges and leaves to grab some money. While he is waiting, Greg continues his chat with the dispatch operator and the woman. During this conversation, Greg makes an inappropriate joke which causes himself to fall over in laughter. When Ranger Ziggy returns and completes the transaction, Greg is directed by the woman to look up at the ceiling to which various items are found including; a knife, an array of spider webs and an uncomfortable amount of semen. Greg quickly leaves the department before the conversation can continue any longer.


  • TBD - Anyone wearing green, Alana-business opportunity



  • "HWA"
  • Called Kray Tor to deliver food, who says to leave it at the door. Conklin disagrees to which Kray Tor responds: "Oh no. Well, good luck having your ass eaten buddy."



  • East Side Ballas
  • A "wire"
  • Earned a novelty lighter (broken gun) from Edbert

The Lost


  • Denied a sale-food taken
  • Denied a selfie
  • Denied a 5 star review

The Betrayal


  • Delivery at the Observatory
  • Attempts to hand over food and is attacked
  • Holds up Antonio and Melody with the "novelty lighter"
  • Steals Melody's car by forcing Antonio to hand over keys
  • Reports crime to the police in the stolen vehicle
  • Drives the stolen car off the pier of Dean's World after inaction from the police
  • Greg swims out to sea attempting to swim back to Germany


  • Greg started his cab service at the age of 10 after doing the math incorrectly and stating that he started his business 70 years ago.
  • His youngest son is age 10
  • Greg has an estranged granddaughter who he stalks on Twatter because she does not talk to him anymore.
  • Greg is colorblind
  • Greg is addicted to cocaine
  • He has had 8 wives (Though claims to have 25)
  • His first cat got bludgeoned by his wife at the time
  • He was a soldier in World War II and Vietnam (but not for the side you think)
  • Has claimed to be 70, 75, 85, and 125 years old
Played By: Lt_Custard
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