Granny Marigold McAndrews

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Granny Marigold McAndrews, commonly known as Granny, is a character role-played by LetterJaye.

Granny Marigold is not to be confused with Hazel Nutte (a.k.a. Gam Gam).


Granny Marigold is a nurse and receptionist at Pillbox Medical Center, where she can often be found greeting incoming patients and helping doctors. She also owns Granny's Oven in the Farmers Market and Dean World.

She can be seen with a panda purse she got from an as seen on TV ad where her cat, Hazelnut, can often be found


Granny was born and lived most of her life in the country, an isolated farming town in the midwest. At some point, she was arranged to be married to her now late husband Wilbur McAndrews, who was 20 years her senior. Together they had six sons, as they grow up, they began to leave the farm one-by-one, seeking new lives and adventure. They never talk to granny nowadays.

Wilbur and Marigold didn't have the happiest of marriges, despite what Marigold tells herself and others

Wilbur McAndrews died in a freak lawn mower accident. Subsequent to this, their sons decided to buy granny an apartment in Los Santos as not to be lonely on the farm with Hazelnut.

Wilbur McAndrews

Wilbur McAndrews, granny's departed husband, despite dying before she moved to the city, seems to have followed her into Los Santos. At first, his effects were quite minor. He messed with granny's phone so that it would never connect when che called someone. In time his influence on the world around granny seems to grow. He seems to have a penchant for vehicles. Once, he took control of a bus and made it seem like it was swept up by a tornado, despite no major winds being felt by anyone. One of his favourite things to do is teleporting cars. He likes to teleport cars into Pillbox, including the ER and xray room. Wilbur now seems to not only affect granny but a substantial area around her and no exorcist from any religion has managed to banish his restless spirit.


Wilbur is an excue used by LetterJaye to explain some of the buggyness of NoPixel and FiveM that happens to granny and the people around her and now is an inside joke to the people who know her, including insinuations that it was granny who caused his untimely departure.


  • Despite calling many in the city her grandchildren, she is estimated to have 11 biological grandchildren.
  • Granny's purse has sevral different compartments and is bigger on the inside.
  • She likes to leave a bowl of hard candy on the Pillbox front desk, much to Jannetty's ire.
  • She wears orhopedic shoes whisch she layers.
  • Granny was an associate of the Alta Street Ruff Rydaz after not snitching on Mike Block, which in reality, she simply forgot what was going on.
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