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Coming to consciousness, I wipe the sleep from my eyes and stand up as I take a look around. I find myself in a small, unfamiliar living room and realize that I was asleep on the couch. I look down at my clothes and realize that I don't recognize them, either. With panic welling up in my chest, I look around the rest of the apartment hoping that something will trigger a memory of where I am or how I got here, but nothing clicks. Then, my adrenaline-fueled thoughts come to a full and complete stop as my mind focuses on a single word: I. Who the hell am I?

I walk to the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror, looking critically at my reflection. Long dark hair, green eyes, and full lips stare back at me as I rack my brain for any shred of personal awareness: my birth date, a childhood pet, or even my first name. I crumble to the floor in a cold sweat as I begin to realize just how screwed I truly am. I remember how to walk and talk, and that 2 + 2 = 4, but have no clue as to where I'm from or what I do for a living. And forget about leaving this apartment anytime soon... how can I carry on a conversation without knowing anything about myself? Personal details are the first things people ask for when meeting someone new... but how do I remember crap like that, yet forget my own damn name?!? And yet, I'll have to go out into the world if I have any hope of figuring out who I am and how/why this happened.

As I pick myself up off the floor and cast a final glance at my reflection to make sure I'm presentable, my eyes are drawn to the outlines of a phone and a wallet in my pockets. With trembling fingers and bile rising in my throat, I pull the items out and pray for even the tiniest of clues to get me started and give me the strength I need to exit the building and join the outside world. I open the wallet and extract the Driver's License of Grace Daniels... who looks exactly like the woman I saw in the mirror. Yes, I have a name! But is it really mine? I say it aloud a few times to try it out; it doesn't seem familiar, but it also doesn't feel unfamiliar. I shrug my shoulders and check out the listed date of birth... February 29, 1996. So, that makes me 25? Seems plausible. It looks like I currently live in a place called San Andreas and that I know how to drive.

Wondering what else I can learn, I put the license away and look at the phone. Thank goodness there's no passcode! No contacts or texts, but the Twatter and Yellow Pages apps might be helpful out there. Let's see if there's anything in the bank... Ouch! I'll definitely need to find some temporary work while I figure things out. I put the phone and wallet back in my pockets, check for keys to the apartment, and head for the front door. I pause at the door and square my shoulders. "No more stalling," I tell myself as I exit the apartment and close the door behind me.

Los Santos Events

  1. Purchased a beach cruiser bicycle and learned to do the following jobs in the city: Deliveries, Fishing, Sanitation, and Impound (Towing). Met Alex Datum, Ariel Paige Turner, Charlie Button, Ethan Burke, Erik Klean, and Gabriel Chase.
  2. Went to Hayes Auto Body Repairs to purchase a lockpick and met Jimmy Palumbo, Chip Wheeler, Simon Riley, and Maverick Adler. Jimmy and the others were so kind that Grace decides she wants to get a job at Hayes someday, even though she knows nothing about cars. She always goes to Hayes for her lockpick needs and to sell materials, as well as just to hang out.
  3. Learned about how the food and tea at Rooster's Rest can help you earn more money at certain jobs, and met the following employees while purchasing food: Augusta Carlin (Gus), Edward Thatch (Captain Moosebeard), Whitley Booth.
  4. Met Sage Winters and got hired as a ticket seller for her interactive murder mystery experience company Riddle Me Dead. Grace was doing Impound jobs with Erik Klean when he saw the advertisement that Riddle Me Dead was holding actor auditions, and asked if she would mind taking a break from towing so he could try out. Sage asked if Grace was auditioning as well and, when Grace said she wasn't interested in acting, Sage mentioned she was looking for ticket sellers as well. Grace interviewed for the position and was hired on the spot, as was Erik.
  5. Introduced to and became friends with the following Riddle Me Dead employees: Elias Wolfmayer, Buddy Kaz, Dalton Grange - Prince of the Strange, and Magdelena O'Leary (Lena). Also became friends with Riddle Me Dead patron Zarina Vega.
  6. Became a fishing enthusiast once the foreman moved from the marina to Paleto near the Farmers' Market, and made a bunch of new friends: Luke Webb, Donald Blake, Barley Hicks, and Eden Madchen.
  7. Grace met Xenon Stoneman, a mechanic at Hayes, who "interviewed" her for a date. They went on a few dates before he left town (for good?) without saying goodbye.
  8. While fishing with Dalton, they met Garry Roche and Shiela Rodgers. Dalton was smitten with Shiela and they seemed to hit it off. Later at the Dean World Farmers' Market, Garry told Dalton and Grace that his friend Scotty was possessed by a demon and asked if they knew anyone who could perform an exorcism. No priests or paranormal investigators were in town at that time, so Dalton offered to use his Latin skills and give it a try. Shiela & Elias joined the group, and they toke Scotty to the crypt at the cemetery. Scotty was eventually freed, only to have the demon jump to Dalton, then Shiela, and back to Dalton. The demon eventually seemed to leave Dalton and he was taken to Pillbox Hospital. Grace and Elias left the cemetery to follow Dalton to the hospital to give him a ride back to the apartments, but he ran off.
  9. Sage hired accountant James Haze (Jim) and security Axwell Eriksen to Riddle Me Dead, and Grace was promoted to Hiring Manager. She became close friends with both Jim and Axwell through fishing and spending time together at the RMD booth.
  10. Met Forrest Cordle while fishing and they hit it off, spending the entire tsunami hanging out together. He asks Grace out on a date and she says yes. They had an amazing date, then he also left the city (for good?) without saying goodbye.
  11. Grace became friends with Shane Powers (ShaneO) and Cindy Tipton, who hired her as a social media intern at Hayes.
  12. Axwell introduced Grace to his friends Creo Simmons, Alex Booker, Phueng Madee (Bee), Gavin Anderson, and Leo Wolf. They soon became Grace's friends as well.
  13. Luke introduced Grace to Budtholemew Williams (Buddy), a fellow taxi driver for Abdul's Taxi Service. He is sweet and charming, and they became fast friends.
  14. Alec Silva, a friend of Sage's from another city, moved to Los Santos to be the new writer for Riddle Me Dead. While their first meeting was perfectly average, he turned the charm up to 11 and asked Grace out for coffee. She said yes and became Alec's girlfriend soon after, which led to some issues within the company. Alec had a huge disagreement with Dalton over how the Dean World booth should be run, and Dalton ended up leaving the company.
  15. Grace and Alec have several disagreements in their relationship and, while leaning on her friends for support, she and Axwell become quite close. His support, along with that of Dalton and Lena, gave her the courage to break up with Alec. He had already stopped taking the train into the city and never reached out to her via email so, after waiting for 2 weeks for Alec to return or communicate with her, Grace broke up with him via both email and text.
  16. James Haze and his fellow paralegals won their mock trial and became Junior attorneys in the city of Los Santos. He invited Grace to be his paralegal for a cell rep, and they discussed her becoming his paralegal once he became a Senior attorney.
  17. Working hard, Grace managed to save $480K and purchased a house in Mirror Park with the help of a loan. She proudly showed it off to her friends and promised to have a housewarming party once the place is decorated.
  18. After spending a month being single and making sure her feelings for Axwell were real (after the disaster of entering into a relationship with Alec too quickly), Grace and Axwell officially became a couple after he took her on a fancy dinner date to Clean Manor.
  19. Leo Wolf hired Grace to become the CEO of L&K Roadside Services, his business with his foster brother Kuro Tiger. Axwell was employed as the COO, and Luke was hired as a manager.
  20. Luke offered to recommend Grace for a job at Mojito Inn while they were hanging out and looking for something legal to do together besides fishing, and she was immediately hired by Jake Stevens after her interview. Because of her clean record and experience working at the Farmers' Market and Dean World booths, he said she was the easiest person he'd ever hired and trained.
  21. James Haze became a Senior attorney and offered again to take Grace under his wing as a paralegal. She agreed and, while most of her training has taken place outside of the city through practice cases, Grace learned a lot and even wrote some of the questions to be asked during a Weapons & Drug Trafficking case for Jim. He hired her as a paralegal under his Financial Services company, and paid her for her work on the case.
  22. Hayes Auto disbanded the Social Media department, so Grace asked Maxy Mersion to change her job title to mechanic. He agreed and made the update on the spot.
  23. James Haze, the CFO of the UwU Café, started an agricultural company called Greener Pastures to supply the restaurants of the city with high quality produce. He hired Grace as a Senior Manager.
  24. Work at Hayes slows down so, after spending an entire out-of-city hour without a single customer or getting paid, Grace decided to look for a restaurant job. Luke suggested she apply to Rooster's Rest, so she created a resume and submitted it. She never heard back so, while she was at Rooster's one night, she asked CEO Penny Farthing if they were still hiring. She mentioned submitting a resume, and Penny (who Grace has known since they both worked booths at the Farmers' Market and Dean World last summer) said "Interview! Now!" and ushered Grace to the back office. She was hired as a trainee by Penny and Xavier Sin (Xay) and started training right away.

Personal Connections

Los Santos Family Friends & Acquaintances
  • Axwell Eriksen
  • Budtholemew Williams
  • Charlie Payne
  • Creo Simmons
  • Kitsuhara Mishido
  • Kuro Tiger
  • Leo Wolf
  • Luke Webb
  • Tom Maverick
  • Alex Booker
  • Austin Evans
  • Babis Joestaridis
  • Barclay Castro
  • Buddy Kaz
  • Charlotte Greene
  • Cooper Hart
  • Dalton Grange
  • Desmond Potts
  • Elias Wolfmayer
  • Gavin Anderson
  • James Haze
  • Keelee Kita-Ferrari
  • Phueng Madee
  • Reggie Mitts
  • Sage Winters
  • Salvatore Corsaro
  • Tommy Tanker
  • Wilson Hart

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