Gomer Colton is a character role played by Timmac

Background Information[edit | edit source]

Currently a Mechanic at the Tuner Shop, Gomer originally started his life in Los Santos as a shitlord character but had slowly began calming down and becoming a mechanic and tow truck driver under the Tuner shop working for Eddie Marshall. He was also known for being a getaway driver under the wing of Yung Dab, whom he had grown very close to. Nowadays he has a more entrepreneurial spirit, making money from trading with the criminals of Los Santos.

Gomer also has a younger brother called Buck.

Current Events[edit | edit source]

Gomer has his hands in almost everything across Los Santos from Bovice Wilkinson to Black Betty, Inc. It is said that once you get in contact with Gomer, you either take advantage of the meeting or find out later that you should have. Gomer has immense resources that he uses to fund mostly criminal activities across the city.

Premium Deluxe Motorsport (PDM)[edit | edit source]

Gomer is a car salesman for PDM and works repossession for PDM cars.

Tuner Shop Job[edit | edit source]

Gomer is currently one of many Mechanics and Tuners at the Tuner Shop.

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]

Gomer’s record is currently being evaluated, will be added at a later date.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • ''C'mon now!''
  • "Ohhh Yeah Brother!"
  • "It's Gomey Baby!"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Gomer owns 3 muscles cars:
  1. '66 Fastback
  2. Declase Sabre Turbo
  3. His newest addition is his Schyster Deviant that tops out over 280 MPH
  • Gomer is a major player within The Gnomes and the Dark Web.
  • Gomer's is "100% pureblood pedigree of the Colton Family."
  • Gomer's family is incestual.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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