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Goldie St. James is a character played by emily_xb.

General Description[]

Goldie St. James is a manager at Snr. Buns. After a string of robberies, however, she has pursued other avenues of revenue. When she's not volunteering at the front desk of the hospital, you can find her usually dancing to the music in her head. She suffers from vivid hallucinations of hockey games, but does not seem bothered and thus does not seek psychiatric help for it.

Interesting fun fact: Around March of 2024, Goldie received mysterious scavenger hunts where she was required to find the correct location from the riddle and take a selfie. Towards the end of a week-long scavenger hunt, her life was threatened. These threats have yet to come to light, but it did inspire Goldie to adopt an alter-ego look which will remain unnamed here for the safety of Goldie.