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Gobbie Lin is a character role-played by x9_Starlight.



A tortured soul from an abusive household the man formerly known as Robert Linburg is a husk of a human so mentally wounded he will forever live in a schizophrenic state of delusions and false realities.

Growing up with his drug addicted Mother and Step-father domestic abuse and forced consumption of illicit substances were common place for Gobbie. At age 8 his Mother overdosed due to the increasingly large quantities of heroin his Step-father was supplying her in order to keep her sedated and under his control. Now without a partner to control, his Step-father turned to Gobbie to take his frustrations out on. Locking Gobbie in his room leaving him with nothing but a few fantasy novels and books his Step-father would slip in meals twice a day during which time he’d administer which ever substance he felt like forcing upon the child next. When conscious and on the comedown from the drugs Gobbie would bang on the door and scream for help, his Step-father would yell back at him calling him a little Gobshite and threatening to stop providing his meals. After a while of this repeatedly occurring his Step-father began to take a liking to the name Gobshite and would refer to him as Gobbie, even going so far as to legally change his name to Gobshite Linburg.

The confinement and forced administration of drugs continued for a number of years until his Step-father got into money troubles and was unable to bankroll his drug habit, after turning to a loan shark in order to continue with his atrocities and addictions he quickly ran up debt that he was unable to dig himself out of. This resulted in a number of masked men coming to their house in an attempt to get back the owed money, after a struggle Gobbies Step-father was shot and killed. Searching the house for anything of worth to take with them they unlocked the room Gobbie had been locked in and ran in terror upon seeing the state he was in and smell the room had contained. Gobbie made no attempt to escape expecting his meal and doses to be delivered as usual, upon getting too hungry to bare he left his room and ventured out into the house he hadn’t seen in years. He stumbled upon the body of his Step-father who had been clutching at a butchers knife at the time of the scuffle, decided to take it for protection and lacking any doses of the substances his instincts told him to leave his dwelling in search of more food and quests.

After years of confinement and the horrid mistreatment from his family, Gobbie had lived vicariously through the audio books and novels, now perceiving himself to be a Goblin. Convinced his life purpose is to complete quests bestowed upon him by strangers Gobbie exited his dwelling for the final time and has been roaming Los Santos ever since.