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Glenn Mohr is a character role-played by GregthePman.

Glenn grew up in the Woods by his father, and his mother died of childbirth, of his younger brother Brad.

His father was a "woodsman" and anarchist, whose entire family lived off the grid in a cabin in the woods. No one in the family was allowed to go into town other than his Father until Glenn turned 11. He has had very little contact with city dwellers and is only familiar with other anarchist and woodsman families that lived nearby. He is highly experienced with firearms, bow and arrows, and knife combat. He spent his entire life having to hunt and scavenge for food in the woods with his father and younger brother, and is highly proficient in hunting any game and moves like a ghost when he enters the woods.

When Glenn turned 18, and his father couldn't keep him from going into towns, his father drove Glenn and Brad to Los Santos for a hunting trip and to show them what city life is like. During this trip, he requested they all go hunting near Paleto and hunt the local game. Glenn left his Father and his brother Brad at a ravine and left on his own to hunt in a neighboring valley. 2 hours past and Glenn heard screams from the Valley over, and sprinted over to see the commotion. He was horrified by the sight of a panther mauling his brother and seeing the bloodied corpse of his father near his brother with his neck ripped open. He saw Brad had stabbed the beast in the side with his hunting knife and the panther ran away. Brad died in Glenn's arms in the next few minutes and Glenn broke down mentally after seeing his only family dead. In a fit of pure rage, he grabbed his rifle and knife and followed the blood trail of the panther back to its Den, and proceeded to slaughter the beast uncontrollably.

Glenn proceeded to lose his mind slowly from loneliness and refused to return home without his father and brother and started to squat in the Abandoned Motel in Paleto. He ended up meeting Lucky Cox, a member of the Condemned MC, and saw the biker club as a possible new family for him to fill the loneliness he felt. He proceeded to get involved slowly as a hang-around for the Condemned doing many tasks for many members, and eventually being mentored by Kimberly Daniels and Frederick Dutton in the ways of the Motorcycle life and Criminal life. Glenn had been hanging around Condemned for a month as Condemned and HOA had a scuffle regarding Derek Bogart's history with Andi Jones and "Siz". During this scuffle, which turned into a full-on gunfight in Paleto, where Glenn and Condemned were outgunned and outmanned, he still managed to take down a member of the HOA, but got gunned down. He was acknowledged by many of the members after that day as being "ride or die" for the club and was included in more and more activities in the club. During this time he became a trusted hang-around for Fritz Ericson and Mattias Nilson. Resulting in him being invited to Mayhem during the collapse of Condemned.

Glenn was invited as a hang-around for Mayhem and after another month of working for the club, he "blooded in" to the Mayhem club as an official Prospect. He has since taken on the role of a foot soldier, and personally watches Fritz Ericson back whenever he is in the city. He is regularly seen patrolling Paleto and the Farmers Market.

Glenn and Mayhem participated in the Lost MC war for Stab City. Glenn and Mayhem were tasked with clearing the hills of MT Josiah, and stationed on the north side of the mountain near Fort Zancudo. Mayhem were the first ground forces to engage cops, that were slowly starting their ascent of the mountain. Fritz shot an RPG and disabled the first group of cop's vehicles, and ordered the entire group to head to the mountain top to take control of the entire Mountain. A Sniper team led by the Captains of the PD, had just arrived up there and Mayhem immediately engaged them. The group killed 1 of the 4 cops on the mountaintop as they just got off their police bikes, and the PD started to take cover. Glenn and Saleem were paired together on Glenn's Cliffhanger and they pushed the mountain top, and Glenn personally killed 2 of the 4 cops on the mountain top with a Draco. There was 1 lone cop that was hiding behind a police SUV just down the mountainside that was calling out the group, and Fritz ordered "Fuck it" and fired and RPG at the SUV, blowing it down the mountain and Glenn personally shot the fleeing cop in the back 3 times with an MK14, which he stole off one of the cops.

The Mayhem group only had 6 survivors at this point after the push for the mountain top. So the 6 started clearing the mountainside leading towards Stab city, and started to engage the A10 Warthogs that were circling overhead, with the Groza's/MK14 Rifles they had. Glenn ended up landing around 30 rounds of the MK14 into the belly of the A10 and the Mayhem group ended up disabling the engines of the A10 and it fell from the sky. The Mayhem group didn't receive any other police contact and were ordered to clear "Meth Mountain" by the Lost MC command, as the group was acting as "Calvary". The Mayhem group and Glenn proceeded to regroup and started heading towards Route 68 to get a flank on "Meth Mountain", just as they arrived at the base of the hill, a BRDM/APC engaged the group of bikers and proceeded to chase the group down. During this chase Glenn was personally chased on his bike while he was solo, and was originally able to get away. During this get away he noticed a CVPI attempting to Flee the area, and chased it down on his bike and sprayed 2 Draco mags into the back of the vehicle disabling it. Glenn circled back around on the vehicle and gunned down the helpless Cop as they were hiding in a bush. Shortly after while Glenn regrouped with the survivors, to engage a group of cops on "Meth Mountain", he and Mattius were ambushed by the APC and were blown to a crisp ending the event for Mayhem.

Fritz, Mattius, Saleem, and Glenn were all taken as prisoners, and charged for Treason. They were put on a HUT charge for Treason, however after 4 years in prison, the DOC contacted them and let them know, they were "Free to go" and said nothing else.