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Gladys Berry is a character role-played by Mick.


Gladys Berry is a sassy, civil lady of Los Santos. She is the owner of Chihuahua Hotdogs and a longtime employee of Burger Shot. Gladys is also a former member of Prune Gang. While Gladys proclaims as a good member of society, she delves into petty crimes herself from time to time, an old habit from her days of being a former Prune Gang member.

Gladys dances her haters away. For all her problems, a simple solution of hot dog water for the price of $99.99 + tax ensures all ailments can be cured. Using only the most qualified hot dog water in Los Santos, Gladys is often overlooked but her old age and sexy body prove otherwise.

Prune Gang

Gladys is an original member of Prune Gang together with its founders Eugene Zuckerberg and Melbert Rickenbacker. While its status as a gang is questionable, Gladys still hangs out with the members whenever they need their help.

Music Career

Gladys is a singer and rap artist and performs under her stage name of G-Berry. She formerly released songs for Prune Tang Records and featured on Creampie Creations on occasion. Gladys recently created Raw Dog Radio, where she describes it as an underground freestyle label. She is a signed artist of Wu Chang Records after interested parties sorted her in. See her Soundcloud here.



Recent Events

  • Gladys returned to Los Santos after the economic crash. She was immediately hired to Burger Shot and found family within the workplace.
  • After some time Gladys pursued her dream of finally owning Chihuahua Hotdogs and set her business through the Farmers Market and Dean World.
  • Gladys supported her fellow Prune Gang leader Mel Rickenbacker on his terrorism case through a particular protest.
  • Earning big from her business, Gladys was able to buy a house on Row Lowenstein Boulevard and set up a home based business for Chihuahua Hotdogs. She successfully opened the business with former Burger Shot employees after Burger Shot closed shop. Gladys also built her own recording studio in the house for her new underground record label, "Raw Dog Radio", and recorded its first mixtape with her friends.
  • Gladys wrote, produced, and directed a film titled "The Nerd Who Loved Me" on February 6th, 2022.
  • On June 2022, Gladys acquired a storefront for Chihuahua Hotdogs on Pillbox Hill.
  • During their first reunion as Prune Gang on July 21st 2022, Gladys was arrested and held in prison until trial after being associated with Mel who killed a cop in an altercation at Burger Shot (see full backstory here). Gladys was released on bail days later.


  • "Bitch you call me Gladys"
  • "Go ahead, fist me!"
  • "... Kelly!"
  • "Eat My Ass!"

Fun Facts

  • Gladys enjoys rapping and has released several songs.
  • Recently, she bought new threads including Chihuahua Hotdogs merchandise.


Played By: Mick
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