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Giuseppe Amato is a character role-played by TehChipdip.


Giuseppe is an Italian-Canadian man who, despite knowing barely any Italian, still has a bit of his parent's accent. Usually doing whatever it takes to earn some cash, always curious, often nosy, and usually trying to find some information he can use to help him, and those close to him, make that next big money-making scheme. He's fond of getting to know the city, and bringing his friends out to look for new restaurants.


Giuseppe is known as "Gus" to some who have difficulty understanding his accent, or spelling of his name. As a very friendly, and helpful, person when he wants to be, he is always making friends with people around the city.

  • Moses Khan (Close friend) - Giuseppe had met Moses at a Escape Room event, they had partnered up and although they had failed the challenge of the escape room, they had succeeded in becoming close friends with each other.
  • Augusta Carlin (Friend) - After formally meeting Augusta for the first time, they were both very excited to meet another Gus. Thus bonding them quickly over their shared name.