Giovanni Polombo

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Giovanni Polombo is a character role-played by WildJing.

General Information

Giovanni can be considered a medical savant, by the age of 22 he already became a Doctor of Medicine which open the door for him to join one of Italy's most exclusive research labs Bintendo. What sets Giovanni apart is his lack of empathy towards people, when he looks at people all he sees are rats: some great for samples others for experimentation.


Giovanni was born in Bolonia Italy in a modest family. By the early age of 2 Giovanni showed the cognitive skills of a 4 year old and by the age of 3 he was speaking complete sentences with his family. At a very early age Giovanni showed all signs of a savant as he also seemed to lack in social skills.

By age 7 Giovanni was recognized for his talent and genius by the state education board after he was able to isolate and control a bacteria strain from a deceased pigeon that eventually assisted local farmers in fertilizing their crops improving their resistance to the cold. Little did they know that Giovanni was experimenting in a cross-bread between rats and pigeons that failed horribly when a hybrid rat-pigeon ran loose around Bolonia in freezing temperatures without dying. The hybrid rat-pigeon was never found and still roams the streets…

These achievements at an early age allowed Giovanni to receive a full scholarship to study medicine at the University of Bolonia by the age of 16. It was during the college years that Giovanni was able to develop his social skills and for some reason he attracted female companions, but he was always disinterested and felt no connection in the relationship side of things; he only viewed them as “samples”. So Giovanni kept developing his social skills specifically for influencing/convincing the test subject to consent to the research and further his studies.

Now 22 years old and a proud graduate of Medicine, Giovanni was approach by the famous Italian Doctor Mario who offered Giovanni an internship in his Research Lab called Bintendo. After working side-by-side with Dr. Mario, Giovanni was able to grow and truly try out his skills as a researcher to the point that Giovanni was tasked to join the Medicine World Body research team in Los Santos to conduct research on a potential health crisis in the City.

Research Data and Logs

February 6th, 2021: Initial Survey Distribution
After arriving in Los Santos from Italia, Dr. Polombo began introducing himself to the medical community in the city both in Pillbox and Viceroy Medical. One of the first reputable members from the medical community, Dr. Drake, gave Dr. Polombo a warm welcome and advised him on the next steps on how to perform the Medical Survey/Study within the norms of city.

Once they concluded their chat, Dr. Drake informed Dr. Polombo that he should talk with Dr. Choi to explain further the intentions and goal of the research. A meeting is yet to be scheduled.

Survey Results

  • Number of participants: 15
  • Daily Conclusion: Samples showed high level of acceptance over the survey, initial data is interesting but inconclusive at the time.
  • Next Steps: Collect more data as the current data sample is small.
February 7th, 2021: Expanding sample criteria
Now being the second day in the city, Dr. Polombo was able to continue his resaerch by continous distribution of the survey. This day, Dr. Polombo was able to distribute the survey to Government workers (DOC & Police) as well as many members of the city. This days sample rate showed a 25% increase from the previous day.

Dr. Polombo was contacted by Dr. Pixie Plum who wanted to learn more about his research and the possibility of sharing the data to which Dr. Polombo is very open and happy to share with the Los Santos Scientific/Doctor community. Once more data is collected Dr. Polombo will try to make an acquaintance with Dr. Plum to discuss his research further.

Survey Results

  • Number of participants: 20
  • Daily Conclusion: Some samples showed displease towards some of the fecal related questions and others worried about government tracking this data. Survey needed to be adjusted as question 2 should be skippable if the sample has no answer to give.
  • Next Steps: Reach milestone of 50 sample and begin initial analysis.
February 8th - 10th, 2021: City acceptance
Dr. Polombo has been hard at work getting the survey out to the people. The acceptance of the survey and the recognition of the task at hand is becoming evident in the city. Many ideas for the next steps are crawling inside the Dr.'s head but he is still waiting to hear back from the Pillbox medical board.

Weazel News was able to get an interview with Dr. Polombo who provided all the details of why he is in Los Santos and what, hopefully, would be the next steps. Amongst those steps, Dr. Pololmbo is trying to seek a grant in order to further continue and expand his studies beyond surveys, maybe jump into sample gathering or patient experimentation. Non the less, Dr. Polombo will still have to wait to be granted permision by the Medical board to proceed; in the meantime, with 80 survey samples, we are close to publishing our initial findings.

Survey Results

  • Number of participants: 45
  • Daily Conclusion: After meeting with the Police force, there is a bit of concern that law enforcement and DOC personnel are not getting enough sunlight and proper food in their bodies. The same can be said for the cities Taxi drivers.
  • Next Steps: Reach milestone of 100 survey takers in order to then publish the initial results and present them to the Pillbox Medical Board.
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