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Gillea Taylor is a character role-played by Golden_Laurel.

General Description

Gillea Taylor is a member of the HOA and an employee of Fast Loans and the Mirror Park Tavern.

Physical Description

She has brown hair tied into a knot and cut bangs. She wears a variety of clothing, but she can be seen in the HOA kutte quite often. She is severely nearsighted which forces her to wear glasses, even with the aid of glasses she could barely see past 10 feet, which could be the leading cause of her impaired driving ability.


Gillea is a full member of the HoA. After being in the HoB for months and working as a Tavern employee, she was promoted to HOA on November 4th, 2021.


Too nice to be left alone due to her unique perk of attracting trouble. She is very bubbly and is often found in a fit of giggles. Always greets new people she comes across while offering her aid to anyone that asks. Her unique ability to stay calm in emergency situations allowed her to live through many critical circumstances without a scratch.


  • "Listen,"
  • "Ahhh,"
  • "Hello!" - When greeting people on the radio


  • She once successfully knocked out Jerry Perkins while fishing, though she was caught and sent to jail for assault and battery and resisting arrest.

Played By: Golden_Laurel
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