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Gheto Kaiba is a character role-played by BucketSt


Gheto travelled from Kansas, Japan in search of new business opportunities, one of which includes expanding Kaiba Corp - a large business based around collectible trading cards and the competitive game known as "Duel Monsters". Back in Kansas, Japan, Gheto was known as King of Cards and rank 1 duelist in the country.

Since being in Los Santos, Gheto Kaiba is intent on keeping his title as the King of Cards and being the rank 1 duelist in Los Santos.

Gheto Kaiba noticed the severe lack of Duel Monster cards in Los Santos, but has since discovered the popular NoPixel cards. Gheto has since adapted and intends to do business using these cards and occasionally even uses them in card duels.

While trying to expand his business and establish his influence on cards in Los Santos, Gheto Kaiba discovered the Comic Book Store known as "The Guild Hall".

The Shadow Realm

Since coming to Los Santos, Gheto Kaiba has noticed many strange things in the city, especially around the apartments. At one point, Gheto Kaiba witnessed the Shadow Realm directly cross over into our realm. Rather than fight the Shadow Realm, Gheto Kaiba has since decided to embrace its chaotic power with the intent to share this power to the other citizens of Los Santos. Gheto Kaiba believes that he can unite the citizens of Los Santos and strengthen them, as he has been continually disappointed by how "weak" Los Santos is based on his own experiences.


  • Yugi Roto - Gheto Kaiba meets Yugi Roto for the first time in Los Santos. Naturally, this results in a duel on the Dean World stage.  
  • Yugi Roto - Gheto Kaiba brings Yugi Roto to meet James Arsenal, the creator of NoPixel cards. James Arsenal decides to initiate a duel with NoPixel Cards between Kaiba and Yugi to see who is truly the strongest duelist.  
  • The Anime Club - Gheto Kaiba and Yugi Roto team up to duel four members of the Anime Club.
  • Yugi Roto - After teaming up to duel the Anime Club, Yugi Roto challenges Gheto Kaiba to a rematch duel on the Dean World stage.  
  • L Moo - Gheto Kaiba meets L Moo. The concept of Dueling sparks the curiosity of L Moo and so a Duel ensues.
  • The Cockie Monster - After a summoning ritual goes wrong, the Cockie Monster has been summoned at the expense of the life of L Moo. In the interest of bringing L Moo back, Gheto Kaiba has been challenged to a Duel; the loser's soul on the line to exchange for L Moo's.
  • Francois Legrande - While waiting for an order, Gheto Kaiba and Francois stumble upon a Duel Monsters game at the Digital Den. Looks like it's time to duel!  


  • "Screw the rules, I need money!"
  • "That might've hurt if I wasn't Gheto Kaiba!"
  • "Are you challenging me to a Duel?"
  • "I couldn't possibly lose, because I'm Gheto Kaiba."
  • "I am the number 1 ranked Duelist in Los Santos."
  • "I have assembled the strongest deck! The most difficult deck to beat! Back where I'm from, people would travel the world to see a deck this hard!"
  • "You're shitting in my asshole."


Played By: bucketst
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