George Halloway (Azeban Mushkin) is a character role-played by Wehtuns.

General Description Edit

George Halloway is a resident in training to become a doctor at Pillbox Medical Center. The name "George Halloway" is an alias to hide his true identity; Azeban Mushkin.

Background InformationEdit

Azeban Mushkin is the patriarch of the Mushkin family; having a past of violent crime, murder, and Black Market organ dealings. Azeban began his criminal empire on the back of his failing pharmacy business. The downfall of his business lead Azeban down a dark path of kidnappings, murders, and selling organs on the Black Market, as a way to support his children.

As the Mushkin children were growing up, Azeban made no effort of keeping his violent actions out of sight. He openly exposed them to the kidnappings and murders, which eventually became the 'family business', and ultimately desensitized the Mushkin children to violent crime.

Current Operations Edit

Azeban has met with Mary Mushkin on two different occasions, one being an initial meeting of chance, the other being a more in-depth conversation about the family business and it's operations in San Andreas. Azeban offered his skills as a Doctor and a Surgeon to Mary and her criminal accomplices in the future once he is cleared of residency and no longer under a microscope at Pillbox Medical Center. Azeban tasked Mary with finding someone she trusts that can find a way to smuggle medical supplies, organs, and other illegal items on and off the island of San Andreas discretely and find a nice, safe, sterile working environment in which he could operate once he was free to do so.

Azeban displayed an intent to be a background actor, a skilled set of hands and not much more to Mary. Leaving the more hands-on criminal aspects of discovery, operations, and running a criminal enterprise to his Daughters.

Azeban has expressed a great deal of concern with keeping his alias as Dr. George Halloway protected. Azeban emphasized to Mary that if his identity and operations were revealed to the wrong people, he may lose his license to practice medicine in San Andreas.

Azeban has not yet met with Wednesday, Jolene, or Kanye. He only displayed an interest to meeting with Wednesday when asked by Mary, and he seemed to be more interested in Wednesday's well being than Kanye or Jolene's.

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