Gemma "Emerald" Knight is a character role-played by OccamsSabre.

Background Information

Gemma Knight, originally born Jessica Flores, was the daughter of Jason and Andrea Flores. In 1999 the family went to dinner at a local breakfast restaurant. Jessica, then seven years told, crawled into the backseat after dinner, playing and arguing with her older sister Stephanie. After a short time another car parked adjacent to them, and Gemma's father exited the car. Pulling a suitcase from the trunk of the car and taking an envelope from the driver of the second vehicle, Gemma was sent to live with Jonathan and Elizabeth Knight. Gemma Knight never saw her biological parents again after that evening.

The Knight Family

Jonathan and Elizabeth Knight had lost their young daughter, Gemma Knight, several years earlier to cancer. Jessica Flores, now Gemma Knight, was their replacement for her. Over the course of nine years Gemma Knight learned to play her part in her new "family." As she grew into her teenage years she became more rebellious and began to hate her lot in life. Unsure whether Jonathan and Elizabeth hated her personally, or had grown to hate what they had done, Gemma ran away from her quiet suburban, homeschooled life with Michael Thompson, a man she'd met online.

Con Jobs

Gemma Knight lived with Michael for two years. Lying about her age she frequented clubs and bars with Michael. He taught her con jobs, badger games, and moving illicit goods. Working the clubs Gemma met her best friend, and her second sister, Stephanie "Diamond" Stone. After the first year Michael began dipping into his own supply, and when he was high he got violent. Gemma doesn't remember much outside of the sound of breaking glass, a flash of red, and the smell of iron penetrating the dusty apartment. Without even packing a bag, Gemma left a voicemail for Stephanie Stone and boarded a bus for Liberty City.

Liberty City

Sleeping at bus stops and under bridges, Gemma Knight was approached by a woman who called herself "Mary." Mary offered her hand to Gemma, and Gemma accepted it. Mary preached to Gemma, and to other youth, the benefits of externalizing pain. She taught Gemma that mankind is inherently evil, and encouraged Gemma to adopt a mask. Gemma took her new name, Hel, and followed Mary's direction. Hel killed seven men, each scene more gruesome than the last. The first was a simple murder, a man in the bathroom of a bar. The last was a man who's torso was flayed open, several of his organs missing, with a single green hair accidentally left behind. That single green hair, a warrant, and a driving while intoxicated charge landed Gemma Knight an indictment on the count of seven murders.

Trial and Therapy

Gemma Knight came clean about everything she did, showing no pity or remorse. She told them what she did with the blood. The livers. The kidneys. The lungs. A psychologist was assigned to her case at her indictment; Thomas Dwayne. As she spoke with Thomas her masks began to fall away. By a miracle she was deemed unfit to stand trial, and was held in a psychological facility. Gemma does not remember her official diagnosis; something about impaired empathy a social dysfunction brought on by trauma.

Her trial was postponed until it was lost in the system, and ultimately Thomas Dwayne signed Gemma Knight into his care for long term treatment.


Thomas Dwayne

Gemma Knight was signed into the long term care of Thomas Dwayne. After she was found mentally unfit to stand trial, Gemma began to trust Thomas and developed a bond with him. Although not formally adopted, Thomas calls Gemma daughter, and Gemma calls him father and looks to him as the only true father figure she's ever had.

Isabella Carrington

Isabella Carrington, Thomas Dwayne's daughter, is Gemma's adoptive sister. Gemma loves Izzy and keeps no secrets from her. Gemma, Izzy, and Thomas frequently spend family bonding time, whether it be off on one of Thomas' many adventures, fishing, or hunting.


Gemma "Emerald" Knight is a character role-played by OccamsSabre.

Background Information

Gemma "Emerald" Knight moved to Los Santos in December, 2019, leaving behind a failed legacy of business, burnt bridges, and the only person she'd ever considered family, Stephanie "Diamond" Stone. Gemma has openly told others that she left the east coast because she owed copious amounts of money to individuals it was dangerous to be in debt to.

Gemma speaks very little of her past prior to arriving to Los Santos. She has alluded that she was a prostitute for a number of years prior to arriving, and has also mentioned working at strip clubs along the east coast. She's also hinted, on more than on occasion, that she killed her former love in a heat of passion. 

Gemma has moved to Los Santos intending to, for the first time in her life, carve her own path in the world using the masks she's crafted throughout her life, pretending to be the person she wants to be until she truly is. 

Current Events

Gemma enjoys flirting with men and making fast money. She met Officer Jordan Steele in the south side of the city and gave him her number. The two had dinner at Zee Nanakaze's restaurant. After the date, they went underneath a bridge and she orally serviced him. She later told Jordan's "father" Tony Andrews about the date. Jordan's wife Kayden Dell'Anno overheard the conversation and was furious.

Gemma later learned about Jordan Steele's potential AIDS diagnoses. Fortunately, testing at Pillbox Medical Center came back negative. 

Gemma is a mid to low level criminal, spending time and doing jobs with those who are gang affiliated despite not being gang affiliated herself. She enjoys hostage handling as well a negotiations, as she enjoys flirting with the police officers as a self-identified badge bunny. However, Gemma is also a semi-competent getaway driver and considers herself proficient in most positions of jobs due to her experience. She does not shoot cops, and prefers getaway plans that involve a bit of flair.  

Gemma joined Kylie Winters in a Coven, after saving her life in Kylie's first near death experience. She considered the Coven her family, willing to kill or die for them. However, Gemma began to question Kylie's leadership after a dispute with Arachne Blackwell. Telling Kylie that family didn't operate on debts, and that she refused to be last place in her own family, Gemma departed from the Coven, only later finding out that Kylie had been placed in intensive care. Gemma is, however, left with the blood lust gifted her by Kylie.  

Gemma rejoined Kylie in the Coven after plans were solidified to kill Arachne Blackwell. The Coven, however, began to spiral again. Gemma blamed this on Kylie's overreaching as her house of cards and spinning plates came crashing down. Kylie ultimately turned herself into police custody to extinguish the flames, leaving Gemma as the face of their family.  

Gemma is a dancer at the Vanilla Unicorn, and works as a part time valet/parking attendant at Garage Q.  


  1. Simple Karl - The kind taxi driver who gave Gemma her nerve.
  2. Dougie Tate - The talent agent with a taste for violence.
  3. Nicholas Reyes - The author who told Gemma she only had to ask.
  4. Carl Dickson - A victim of chance; a taxi driver who couldn't say no when asked if he was more.
  5. Helga - The relationship counselor she shared with Kylie Winters; important only because they shared the kill.
  6. Dexter Krane - The man who pretended to be a serial killer who admitted he would kill others to save himself.

Fun Facts

  • Her favorite color is Green.
  • She considers herself an expert at flirting.
  • She occasionally works as an escort.

Played By: OccamsSabre
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