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Gazz Maloo is a character role-played by luka_aus.

General Description

Gazz Maloo is the Road Captain of the Lost MC.

Physical Description

MC Patches

  • Australia Flag (front) - Indicates his country of origin, as a show of patriotism.
  • In Memory of "Reggie" (bottom) - Tribute to Lost MC founder Reginald "Reggie" Campbell who passed away in July 2019.
  • Classic Eagle (back patch) - Club logo is a colored version of the more commonly used black & white one.

Background Information

Gazz came to the city with his brother Holden Maloo, after boarding the wrong plane in a drug-induced stupor. He found himself trapped in Los Santos, with no way home.

While trapped in America, he ran the Yellow Jack Inn, in addition to working as the police department's mechanic, to help make money. He lost both jobs after failing a drug test. He retained his knowledge of the police department's cars after losing his mechanic job, and used it when chopping cars to work around police response.

The Lost MC

When Gazz met Reginald "Reggie" Campbell, the then-Road Captain of the Lost MC, he started to see him as a mentor. Eventually, Gazz expressed interest in joining the MC, and became a prospect with the Lost. He was fully patched in August 2019, and was appointed as the new Road Captain for the MC after Reggie's passing. The kutte that the latter wore was passed down to Gazz.


Lucille "Lucy" Hellman

Gazz is married to Lucy since October, 2019.

Holden Maloo

Gazz is the older of two Maloo children, with his brother Holden who is the Secretary of the Lost. Both Maloo brothers are childhood friends with Luka Kozlov and Vladimir Raven, having grown up together as kids.

Vladimir Raven

Raven and Gazz have been friends since childhood. They both ended up in Los Santos for different reasons, but maintained their friendship. Raven joined the LSPD, working his way up to Chief of Police and helping Gazz get his job as the PD mechanic.

Though Gazz was fired from PD and continued down a criminal path; Raven still considers him a friend, and will always try to guide him back to the lawful path.


  • Gazz is originally from West Australia.
  • He can sometimes be seen wearing his 'Maloo Sock', which is a cloth headgear that he dubbed as a 'sock for your head, not your feet'.
  • His primary personal vehicle is a Zombie Bobber motorcycle.


  • "What do you meeeaaannn?"
  • "I'm so confused."



Played By: luka_aus
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