Garry Berry is a character role-played by JoblessGarrett.

General Description Edit

Garry Berry is an Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #456.

After seeing his best friend die on the job, Garry is determined to be the best Law Enforcement Officer that he can be. While he acts goofy most of the time, Garry has a very level head on his shoulders.

Garry often times tries to encourage positive alternate options in unoptimistic situations, listens to concerns, and steps up as the mediator when needed.

Garry Moments Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Was a "Rookie Officer"/Cadet for 6 months before being promoted to an Officer. Currently holding the longest time as Cadet in LSPD history.
  • Has "accidentally" taken crack at the hospital, while he was on duty.
  • Was as a cop in the old server as well as the new one.
  • He is head of janitorial at the LSPD


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