Garrett Jobless is roleplayed by JoblessGarrett.

Background Edit

Not actually jobless. He met Chang and became a Founding Member of the Chang Gang and came up with the name. He is a mechanic at the tuner shop as well as a PDM employee.

Has an exoskeleton body armor originally owned by Uchiha Jones found in the dumpster behind the Pink Cage motel.

Even though he is a criminal, he has only ever been charged for one crime that he committed.

Relationships Edit

Charles Johnson

He claimed to be in a relationship with him but ever since the latter left the city, he has been going to Mr Chang for love.

Leah Edit

In the previous city Garrett had a girlfriend Leah, but after she left the city Garret became a virgin for life.

Mr. Chang

Claimed to have a long term relationship with him, he even married Chang and Freya Manning in a three-way wedding.

Mrs. Chang

Chang Mother, he has claimed to have relations with her all the time.


Claimed to have a relationship with him.


Claimed to have a relationship with him.


Claimed to have a relationship with him.

The Real Warlord Edit

Garrett has accomplished many feats over the years such as saving Big D as a fake cop, saving Jesus at the church when Jesus was a goner, and saving Chang after the cops killed him after he was wanted for the death of Jaspers killing a police dog in the process.

Trivia Edit

  • Legend has it Garrett is still drilling at the bank to this day.
  • Garrett is one of the first Youtubers to popularize GTARP.

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  1. this is shaniqua's BBQ
  2. Ooh let me tell you b!tch
  3. Garrett and Chang Dance
  4. Yea one swoop
  5. ThatTiming

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