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Garfield Henderson is a character role-played by dasMEHDI.

Background Information[]

Garfield Henderson has been diagnosed with Degenerative Brain Disease, and is a connoisseur of human flesh.

Finding his victims through the Yellow Pages, Garfield would set up scenarios to meet his victims. He slices pieces of skin off the thighs of those he meets, and makes sure to eat it within their vision. He's also known to store the flesh in his pocket to snack on later.

He was initially caught in a undercover sting operation with Detective Raven masquerading as Kizzy Neveah. [1]

He was placed in Bolingbroke with a 51-50 hold for Psych Evaluation. Despite psych evaluations on three separate occasions, the doctors agreed he would be safer in prison, and opted to not move him to Parsons.

Current Events[]

Garfield was finally released from max security prison after 5 months, authorized by Judge Coop Holliday following a State Announcement.

"Garfield Henderson is now free from prison on the charges of eating people."

Over the following days, two patients were admitted to Pillbox with signature thigh flesh wounds. The first patient, Calogero Vercetti, reported that he had been in Garfield's presence prior to their injuries.

On the same day that the second victim was treated at Pillbox, the officers were informed of another attack via multiple 911 calls by Claire Seducer. After arriving at Claire and Garfield's location, the police examined her thigh wound and saw the blood on his knife. Claire failed to disclose any statement of her willingly giving Garfield permission to slice her thigh, and he was placed under arrest.

He has again been deemed unsafe to the public, and is currently under a second 51-50 hold. The officers agreed that he was stable enough at this time to await mental re-evaluation at Parsons.

Criminal Record[]

Mentally Unstable
  • 51-50 x2
  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon x3
  • Attempted 2nd Degree Murder on a Peace Officer x1
  • Battery on a Peace Officer x1
  • Criminal Threats x2
  • Reckless Evading x1
  • Resisting Arrest x1
  • Unlawful imprisonment x1


  • Murphy Braun
    • Garfield's Tweet: Murphy Braun was such a mouthful. Would absolutely recommend if you’re on the go. May return in the future. 4/5 stars.”
  • Sunny Dee
    • Garfield's Tweet: Sunny Dee was a tasty little morsel. 4.5/5 stars. Hope to see those legs one more time.”
  • Pinto Patel
    • Garfield's Tweet: Pinto Patel was a bit dry but his oils moistened him up. May want to give him another try down the line. 3/5 stars.”
  • Faulst Estimoany
    • Garfield's Tweet: Faulst Estimoany, sometimes a tasty package just delivers itself to you. 4/5 stars.”

Played By: dasMEHDI