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Gandalf Butters aka Stanky Leg is a character role-played by HydraPlz.


Gandalf is a self proclaimed gangster who is known by the name of Stanky Leg.

He was given the name "Hyena Block" by Mike Block after he noticed that Gandalf laughs like a hyena, he earned himself the Block last name and a spot in Mike's gang the Alta Street Ruff Rydaz.

He once got his ear cut of by Tommy Tate, Adam Ababwa and Moses Khan. However, he kept them out of prison by "keeping his street cred" and saying it was all his own idea to get initiated into their gang.

Lately, Stanky Leg has proved himself to be quite the gangster. One time he hid in the bushes during an oxy run and popped two out of three of the people jumping them.

Played By: hydraplz
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