Fritz Ericson is a character role-played by justFritz.

Background & The Road to California.

Fritz's Mother, an American executive assistant, met his Father, a German Automotive executive during one of his many Business trips to the USA during the 80s. At the time, Lynn was responsible for taking care of his Agenda and planning his accommodations, as he was an important client for her employer. Over the years they began to get to know each other and fell in love. Lynn moved to Germany to join Volker, and they later moved into their first apartment in a little town called Eltville. They had their first child Alex, in the year 1989, and began to plan for an additional member of the family shortly after. This lead to the design & construction of their family home in a neighboring village called Hausen Vor Der Höhe, in Hessen Germany.

Fritz was born to Lynn & Volker Ericson in a city called Ruedesheim am Rhein, Germany, on 14.09.1992.

Early Life

German Environment
Fritz grew up in Hausen Vor Der Höhe (from here on Hausen), which was a quaint little village on the side of a German mountainside in Hessen. There were only about 800 people in the village, which meant that everyone knew everyone. His street was filled with young children, namely his die-hard friends; Lars & Johannes (pronounced like: ), amongst others. They spent their days in exploration of the surrounding woods & countryside. However harmonious this may sound and often times it was, the truth was that ever since Fritz was 2 years old, his parents had been engaged in a vicious divorce, this would go on until he was 10. His Father, Volker, would fly into Germany and rent a house to see Fritz and his brother Alex every 2 weeks as custodial situations mandated. It was this "2nd life" where Fritz met his other historically relevant friend: Michael (pronounced like this: ). Michael's family lived in Eltville, and his environment was a lot different from the one in Hausen. Michael had 2 brothers, his family was poor, and Eltville was a pretty large town. The majority of Fritz's time "spent with his dad" was actually spent at Michael's house, including sleep-overs. Michael(age 9-12) and Fritz(age 6-9) would often climb down Michael's balcony so that Michael could smoke a ciggerate on a walk. Towards the later stage of their escapades this would escalate into playing with fire and burnable materials (liquid fire starters, etc).

It is important to note here that Fritz did not attend school with Michael in Eltville, but instead went to school in a town called Baerstadt. This is important because it really isolates their interactions to a weekend every 2 weeks as Lynn was no longer friends with Michael's parents throughout the divorce.

Daily Life in Germany
Fritz was one of the popular kids at school, and luckily for him, it was because he was intelligent. Him and his friends (Lars & Johannes) would often ask for additional multiplication 'homework' style sheets in order to compete amongst themselves and see who could do it the fastest. Additionally, their small school only had one type of club, and it was the chess club (school tried to breed nerds, basically). Luckily for the 3 of them, they also had their local fooseball (soccer) club in Hausen which was active in all age groups.
USA, Elementary-Middle School
Once the divorce was finalized (Fritz is 10, Alex is 13), Lynn and the children were pushed out of the house in Hausen. Lynn, who won custody in the divorce and thus took the children back to her home state, Florida, in the USA. At this point, Fritz had a clean slate in regard to social contact and attended a new Elementary school, Mandarin Oaks Elementary in Jacksonville Fl. During his first year at the new school, Fritz fails. Although he spoke English fluently from birth due to his American mother, he was not really capable of reading or writing it properly and fell behind rapidly. This led to him being held back and joining a 'special class' for children who needed extra help. In this class Fritz was often challenged on his mathematical work and teachers would claim he was "cheating" because he would not show his work, as they taught him to do everything in his head in Germany. This led to conflicts between Fritz's mother and teachers as well. During Elementary school, Fritz only ever made one Friend: Fabian, a little black boy, and the first kid to ever speak to Fritz in the USA. It is because of this introduction that Fritz also gets exposed to some parts of the hateful underbelly present in this world. One day, as everyone is going outside to play, Fabian and Fritz attempt to join some other boys in a game of soccer, to which one of the kids (seemingly the leader) said "sure you can play" and pointed at fabian, "but he can't." When Fritz pressed to ask why, Fabian pulled on his shoulder and they began to walk away. This was the first time Fritz ever experienced racism first hand, and it would not be until much later in life that he would understand what had happened that day. After Elementary school, Fritz and Fabian drifted apart, and Fritz began to largely submerse himself in video games. During Middle School Fritz put on a lot of weight and suffered through various periods of depression, having gone from well-liked and known, to having no friends in a few years had taken its toll on him.

It is important to note here that throughout the years, Fritz and his brother still visit Germany and their father 1-2 times a year, especially over summer vacation, thus maintaining some contact with his german friends.

Later Life

USA, Highschool
Fritz's life began to take a turn during Highschool. He met a new group of friends and also established bonds he would maintain for years. Notably with his friend Roman. Roman and Fritz were a very similar dichotomy as Michael and Fritz were. Roman was not from an as affluent family as Fritz, and knew a lot more about less structured or planned parts of life, like parties, drugs, and women. When Fritz met Roman during their freshman year, he was also to weed. Initially, Fritz did not partake, but eventually he would try and then begin to pursue the herb as well. During their Sophomore year, Fritz saw and opportunity, over the last year, Roman and Fritz had been paying Romans father for marijuana, and it turns out that this cannabis was being shipped to them from California. Fritz, in-tune with numbers and ever the opportunist, uses his saved up birthday, Christmas, etc (holiday) money and the connections Roman presents to start himself a little weed business. Now, the motto at the time was, essentially to only sell weed, to enable him and his friends to smoke it, and so thats what they did. Fritz essentially broke even on his turnover by making sales to friends and acquaintances, this enabled his close friend and him to smoke as much as they like.

During Junior year, Fritz begins to fail out of school again, but this time, its by choice. Roman and him begin to routinely leave school after 2 of the 4 daily periods, and thus end up failing about half of their courses. Their time outside of school is spent smoking weed, selling weed, hanging out with friends at the beach / peoples pools. The scale of their operation has grown overtime to where they are now enjoying a lot more than just "free weed" but are also able to get alcohol and other drugs through their contacts. This leads to Fritz going on "Candy Flipping" binges and experimenting with all different types of substances, this includes selling them as well. As Junior year is coming to an end, the school's guidance counselors speak to Fritz and his mother about the situation where they offer him work packages per course he is failing, and stating that if he completes these over the summer, he would be able to start Senior year. Fritz and his mother are thankful for this opportunity, and she pressures him into doing them, however, little does she know, he simply paid someone else to do them for him. As Senior year begins, Fritz becomes even more disenfranchised from school and stops attending all together. His mother calls his father about the situation. During their correspondence over many weeks, Fritz continues to sell drugs and spend time with his friends, at this point he is still only 17 years old. On one fateful night, Fritz is driving home from Roman's house with 1 tiny bag of weed in the back seat, and one vacuum sealed bag containing roughly 3 ounces of weed in the trunk. As luck would have it, one of Fritz's breaklights was somehow out that night, and as he crossed over the intersection of Hood rd and St. Augustine in the Mandarin Area of Jacksonville, a police officer got behind him and lit up his lights. As the police officer approached the car and spoke to Fritz, he told Fritz that he detected the Odor of weed and would be calling for a k9 unit, or that Fritz could just agree to a search. Fritz naively agreed to the search forgetting about the tiny bag of weed on the back seat. The night ended with Fritz in cuffs, about 3k in cash confiscated, and 3 counts of felony possession.

As luck would have it, for first time offenders, the sentence is swift and virtually harmless. Thanks to Fritz's father, he had a solid attorney as well, and ended up getting out after 1 month in jail. Fritz ended up pleading guilty on the condition that adjudication is withheld, he gets his GED asap, and does 50 hours of community service. With Fritz's father taking a bit of a more active role in his life once again, he rents Fritz an apartment, and buys him a used car, this way, Fritz would have no excuse to not do what he is supposed to do. With this new found structure and freedom, Fritz began to pursue his GED and would eventually receive the document within 6 months of leaving Jail. In addition to this, Fritz found a job at a local department store & began looking at university programs after his father pushed him to do so.
University and Adventure
Fritz is 20 at the point where he begins his associates degree at the local state university. Although he still has contact to Roman, his active role in any criminal enterprise is over. At this point in life, Fritz returns to the harmonious nuances he was familiar with back in Hausen. His life is comfortable and secure, he attends school, and although fulfilled and happy - tends to keep to himself, mainly interacting with people online. Eventually he decides to study finance and graduates with a BBA at the age of 26. Gets himself a nice comfortable job at a local bank and pushes pencils for the next 2 years. Throughout that time, his old buddy Roman moved to Cali in order to scale his families operation there, and they begin to chat more frequently now that they have so much distance between them. Eventually, Fritz's wunderlust would kick in, and thanks to his simple lifestyle, he is able to take a sabbatical from work. He sets out on his journey to explore the world, first stop - his old buddy Roman who lives in the San Andreas Area.

Life in Los Santos

(coming soon)

General Characteristics, Behaviors and Quirks:

Fritz is the type of person scanning a room full of "friends" for how to potentially react if one of them were to become a threat, or if a threat were to enter the environment. However, this is largely due to something aligned more with paranoia than battle preparedness. If in a compromised position (unarmed / disadvantaged) Fritz will always respond with compliance in order to live, the only time this may change is if a massive opportunity presents itself, and he believes taking it has a higher chance of survival. Fritz will also attempt to negotiate and reason with the assailants, even so far as to try and join / manipulate them into working with him. He will do anything to stay alive, but as an opportunist must attempt to make any situation have a positive outcome for him (even if that's simply surviving). He tends to avoid upfront confrontations and prefers to set the record straight on his own terms. The play for Fritz is always to live to fight another day, and to only engage when victory is certain, as for Fritz, thats just mathematically the best way to operate. One of his mottos is "fuck a friend and be about your business." Singifying that useful people are seen favoribly in his eyes.

Additional things to know about Fritz:

  • Multilingual - Regionally accented German & English
  • Wild Card - Suited Exterior + Criminal and Mischievious Past
  • Easy going - Not easily angered, however once angered, may hold long-term grudges, and become extremely hostile.
  • Good with numbers - Excels in Mathematical & Quantitative topics
  • Trust worthy - Follows through, sometimes to his own deteriment
  • Respect is essential - If Fritz feels disrespected, count on him "getting you back" in some way
  • Tends not to value relying on others too much
  • Still has a slight fascination with drugs
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