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Freddy Fastfingers is a character role-played by Huntag.


Freddy Fastfingers is a criminal of Los Santos, known for his confidence in hacking banks and thermite. He generally displays a friendly persona and is willing to help just about anybody within reason. He's known to have a chaotic side, finding enjoyment in committing arson, shooting cops, and other destructive activities. He has a strong longing for a sense of family and cares greatly for those he considers family.


Freddy is also a reporter for the Deadass Action News Kult. His interview with Humans of Los Santos can be found here. Though it is unknown if he still reports for this news station. Additionally, he is also security for the UwU Café.

Bondi Boys MC

Freddy originally joined the BBMC as a hang-around of Riley Carter. After months of proving himself through hacking banks, cleaning money, and showing loyalty to the club, Freddy was jacketed as a prospect on the same day as Collin McKinley and Wolfe McCreedy. During his time in the club, Freddy became very close with the jacketed members of the club and his own hang-arounds. Eventually, he and his girlfriend, Mari Mckay, even purchased a home in Vespucci. Freddy ultimately left the club shortly after the divide that caused the stepping down of Riley Carter and Malakai Anderson from the club. Freddy claimed he felt the club posed a danger to those he deemed his family (i.e. Mari) and that he was rarely able to be around members of the club due to the hours he is able to be awake not aligning with that of the others. Due to other reasons including these, Freddy ultimately walked away from the club, telling Irwin Dundee and Barry Benson that he was still willing to help out the club, just not be a part of it.


After he walked out of the BBMC, a few months later; he joined the HOA as he was an old friend of Andi's, and his hacking abilities had become well known throughout the city. He quickly rose up the ranks to a full HOA member as he earned the trust of all HOA. When he isn't doing jobs, he is usually hanging out with the HOA. He cooks meth for Siz's methamphetamine operation (when needed) or continuing to develop his own meth strain though he has not done it in a long time, per Siz's concerns of him having too much on his plate. Though with meth being changed, he is no longer needed to cook and has plenty of more free time to do whatever he pleases.

Criminal Activity

Freddy is a terrific hacker and considered one of the best in the city. Prior to his time in the HOA, he was one of the main hackers for BBMC, though he moved on to the HOA where he became the sole hacker for the group. Freddy has gone through many trial and error phases, trying to bypass bank security systems multiple times and not always getting through it. Prior to the Fleeca Security System changes, he was one of the few people to put a lot of time and effort into breaking through them. He managed to successfully break through the new system on 10/1/21, though he was still unsure if it was a set system or if there was randomness involved in it. Additionally, he managed to do the Upper Vault about three times post-BBMC departure. He's done twice with Flippy's Crew and one with a full HOA line-up. He's also done the usual Paleto heists as they were largely untouched.

One of his biggest goals was to unlock the secrets of the Yacht. The Yacht was considered one of the more difficult heists as it required to do 20 consecutive hacks, inputting steam values, and going through the Yacht finding envelopes and ordering them correctly. He managed to unlock the yacht with the HoA on 11/9/21, making them one of the few groups in the city to successfully do it. However, he also discovered after doing a Yacht heist with Flippy is that the heist now gives VAR (Virtual Augmented Reality) Helmets, which are required to access a VAR Space inside the halls of Rockford Hills Plaza. His first attempt at the VAR Heist was with Flippy's Crew and Siz, as they entered a VAR Space that replicated a data farm with a central tower in the middle. The goal was to hack all those computers in the middle, while the rest of the crew shoot down guards armed to the teeth and to access each server for possible hacks. Their first attempt ended in a failure, but provided a lot of insight to the crew.

After numerous attempts in the VAR Space, Freddy successfully hacked and bypassed VAR Server Security Systems on December 30th, 2021 alongside fellow HOA/HOB members Julio Thomas, Andi Jones, and Luis Fernandez. This makes them the second group in the city to successfully complete the VAR Heist. Upon completion of the VAR Heist, he acquired a Masterkey Dongle. He initially did not know what to do with it, but after theorizing with Andi Jones, he came to a conclusion that the Masterkey he received probably has a use in the VAR Space itself. On December 31st, 2021 he attempted a 2-man VAR Heist with Gumbus McGoo, they successfully completed the hack again. Upon receiving another dongle, he used it on one of the servers and received the second half of the codes to the Casino and a set of blueprints to the Casino. After this, he relayed the information to Chang Gang as he wanted to repay them for giving him and the HOA the information on the VAR Heist.



Type Total Success Failed Success Rate
Gruppe Sechs Armoured Truck 2 1 1 50%
24/7 4 4 0 100%
Fleeca 10 8 2 80%
Paleto 4 4 0 100%
Vangelico Jewelry Store 1 1 0 100%
Upper Vault 1 1 0 100%
VAR 16 2 14 12.5%
Yacht 3 2 1 66%
Total 41 22 19 50%

Heist Details

No. Type Date Team Outcome
1 Fleeca May 1, 2021 Success

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

2 Fleeca May 13, 2021 Success

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

3 Fleeca May 25, 2021 Success

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

4 24/7 June 4, 2021 Success

Everyone left with the loot before the police arrived.

5 24/7 June 4, 2021 Success

Everyone left with the loot before the police arrived.

6 Fleeca June 4, 2021 Failure

Dundee and Collin managed to escape with 115 bags.

Freddy and Zane got captured with the other half of the bags and blue dongle.

Resulted in a net loss.

7 24/7 June 17, 2021 Success

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

8 Vangelico Jewelry Store June 18, 2021 Success

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

9 Fleeca June 18, 2021 Success

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

10 Paleto July 1, 2021 Success

Barry managed to escape with the loot.

Freddy, Chain, and Malakai were captured during the escape.

Barry and Freddy robbed the bank and split the loot with little to no plan, calling in Chain and Malakai to switch cars mid-chase. After about half an hour of switching cars and getting repeatedly tased, everyone but Barry ended up in prison. Barry was able to locate Freddy's half of the loot in a dumpster after the chase.

11 Gruppe Sechs Armoured Truck July 1, 2021 Failure

Everyone was captured during the escape.

12 Paleto July 2, 2021 Success

Everyone managed to escape with the loot after the police pulled off to attend to a vault heist.

13 Gruppe Sechs Armoured Truck July 5, 2021 Success

No police arrived at the scene, allowing all four to leave without pursuit.

14 24/7 July 5, 2021 Success

Kaz Mednalez and Linda Maridan were on standby for help getting away but were not needed after no police arrived at the scene, allowing Barry and Freddy to leave without pursuit.

15 Fleeca July 6, 2021 Success

Barry and Freddy managed to escape with the loot.

Chain was caught in the escape.

16 Fleeca July 6, 2021 Success

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

17 Fleeca July 8, 2021 Failure

Barry and Freddy were captured during the escape and the loot was lost.

Collin and Wolfe managed to escape.

18 Fleeca July 8, 2021 Success

Everyone managed to escape with the loot after the police pulled off to attend to another call.

19 Paleto July 9, 2021 Success

Freddy hacked. A dump truck block plan in the Tunnels was used for getaway. Lizzy escaped with the Loot.

Dundee, Chain, and Freddy got caught after shooting down 2 cops.

20 Fleeca October 1, 2021 SuccessFreddy discovered how to bypass the new bank security system with 4 thermite charges.

Freddy escaped with the loot.

Lilith, Daryl, and Siz escaped.

21 Paleto October 1, 2021
  • Siz Fulker
  • Julio Thomas
  • Daryl Dickinson
SuccessFreddy hacked. A bait helicopter plan was used.

Freddy stashed the loot but returned to help out Julio and tried to shoot at Air 1. He was shot down and caught. Daryl was also caught.

21 Upper Vault November 6, 2021 SuccessFreddy hacked twice and used thermite to unlock the first door.

Siz successfully stashed the loot. Freddy and Mike were able to recover.

All of them escaped.

22 Yacht November 9, 2021
  • Siz Fulker
  • Julio Thomas
  • Dante Thomas
  • Marvin "Hades" Chunder
  • Stanley Wilkinson
SuccessFreddy successfully disabled Yacht security laptops and steam sliders.

Freddy escaped with the loot

Julio and Stanley were caught

23 Virtual Augmented Reality (VAR) Heist December 30th, 2021
  • Julio Thomas
  • Luis Fernandez
  • Andi Jones
SuccessFreddy successfully hacked VAR Servers and acquired a Master Key Dongle and multiple guns.

None were caught.

2nd group in the city to successfully finish the VAR Heist.

24 Virtual Augmented Reality (VAR) Heist December 31st, 2021
  • Gumbus McGoo
SuccessFreddy successfully hacked VAR Servers.

Successfully acquired the master key dongle and acquired the second half of the Casino Codes.