Freddie Vercetti is a character role-played by racingfreddie.

General Description

Freddie Vercetti first landed at LSIA in 2017 on a business trip from Vice City, minutes after landing he called himself a taxi and headed to the closest convenience store. After picking up what he needed he exited the store then running into a pair of gentleman who claimed to be part of the "Chang Gang". They then proceeded to rob Freddie of his belongings and we're about to head off before they stopped and mag dumped Freddie in front of the store. Freddie was rushed to the hospital in intensive care where he stayed until he was able to recover and return to Vice City. Freddie later returned to Los Santos periodically but strictly on vacations before committing to leave Vice City and rebuild his life under the new government of 2021.

Freddie was birthed in Liberty City but moved to Vice City with the Vercetti family, unlike his cousin who was involved with the Forelli Family Freddie started his life on the legal side. Working odd jobs as a teen for Avery Construction Freddie was able to find interest in business, management, and architecture threw various connections. After years of proving his talent in the industry Freddie was given his first management project. After many issues with bombings on the site, Avery Construction decided it was best to send Freddie to their partner company. On one of Freddie's last days he witnessed his criminal cousin (Tommy Vercetti) meeting with Avery Carrington. Disgusted in the idea of being involved with crime Freddie decided to take a trip to Los Santos to possibly start his own business venture, but after his near death experience with the "Chang Gang" he returned to Vice City to reestablish his life.

After his return from Los Santos Freddie started his own business vercetti group™ where he built his name specializing in construction developments across the city. After many years of hard work and building his company Freddie earned respect in his community by bringing thriving businesses their dream to material. Freddie had expanded his business so much that he began to attract unwanted attention from the tax agencies. Freddie has amassed ownership and management of all types of businesses from the construction company to advertising to dealerships and security companies Freddie has obtained wealth beyond belief. One of the final punches to his career was taking chairman position of the FIA, him being one of the city most prominent racing enthusiast his position was not out of the ordinary. But as most of the rich end Freddie fell victim to greed, bribed by his family connections with the Forelli Family Freddie abused his international trading routes used for racing transportation to transport endless forms of contraband. Little to his knowledge the Tax Agencies of the investigating his records when they stumbled across a late night meeting Freddie was having with his connections. Caught red handed with contraband, associated criminals, and massive amount of cash Freddie was immediately detained. A full audit and investigation went into his record which uncovered years of miss-managed book, in exchange for information a deal was written where Freddie has no choice but to sit in jail forever in Vice City or give up family associates, which brings the story to his return flight to the new government of Los Santos.

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