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Fred Fredrick, also known as Necrolord, is a character role-played by Surefour.


Fred Fredrick is a member of the Dungeons & Dragons group The Guild. He plays Necrolord the Necromancer. His true alignment is chaotic evil, though in order to keep his record clean, he is very cautious when breaking the law. He fears that not having a clean record could hinder him from realizing his murderous plans in the future.

Fred is a psychopath who dreams of massacring the inhabitants of Los Santos and becoming an arms trafficker. He is obsessed with rituals and blood. His involvement in The Guild as a nerd is merely a cover-up for his true aspirations. While he only reveals his plans to their full extent around people he trusts, he cannot help but make strange remarks about blood sacrifices and ritualistic murder even around strangers.

When committing crimes, he uses a fake voice and changes out of his Necrolord clothes. In the event that he gets arrested, he plans to give only his real name, Fred Fredrick, and not mention his other identity as Necrolord. Conversely, when interacting with the police as Necrolord, he never tells them his real name. This way, the police won't be able to draw a connection between him as Necrolord and the crimes he commits.

As Necrolord, he speaks with a sing-song voice and lots of voice cracks. He strives to make his voice sound warm and welcoming to not scare people off. He is eloquent and has an extensive vocabulary.

He usually wears the mask of a plague doctor. Underneath it, he is bald. He keeps his entire body smooth, presumably to reduce the chances of leaving evidence behind at crime scenes, or because he doesn't want to taint the purity of his victims. Unlike the other Guild members with masks, he enjoys taking off his mask and showing off his smooth head to nearby observers, calling it his "visage." Witnesses of this are often terrified by his unusual face.

He does not feel attraction towards anyone or anything and claims to have never even had an orgasm before.

Fred often talks about his sick mother who he treats with herbal medicine and wants to buy a house for, though it is unclear if she truly exists or whether she is still alive.


  • The Guild - Spends most of his time with his fellow guild members
  • Lang Buddha - Looking for better ways to make money, Necrolord, knowing Lang was an experienced criminal, approached Lang asking to teach him how to be a criminal. Lang accepted, and began taking Necrolord out to do various crimes, such as house robberies and weed runs. Through this, Necrolord has gained knowledge and experience in the criminal lifestyle.
  • Harry Brown - Along with Lang, Harry spends time teaching Necrolord how to be a criminal.
  • Denzel Williams - Enjoys hearing Necrolord's schemes and is willing to assist Necrolord if he needs assistance.


Necrolord, although trying to appear as clean as possible to the public, expresses interest in one day executing a series of plans to satisfy his desire for terror. He often shares his plans with fellow guild members and friends, a frequent one being Denzel Williams, who enjoys hearing Necrolord's schemes and encourages them.

Taking out the cell towers

Necrolord thinks that the citizens of Los Santos rely on their phones 24/7, so he believes that a good way to cause panic among the general population would be to destroy/disable the local cell towers to render the phones unusable for a brief period of time. He believes this would encourage chaos due to citizens not being able to communicate with each other or call the police or EMS, so it would be a good opportunity for him to execute further schemes.

Necrolord's party

Necrolord wants to plan a large scale party, with various foods, drinks, and activities, and invite a large number of people to attend. Beforehand, he plans to poison all the food, and reveal it to partygoers once a considerable number of them have eaten some. Once the party is in a panic, he then wants the party's security, which he wants to be himself and members of The Guild, to gun down all the guests.


  • "Who wants to see my visage?"

Played By: Surefour
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