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Fraser Kensington is a character role-played by Fraserrk.


Fraser Kensington is a Prospect for Mayhem, he's also Security at Mojito Inn, and an Ex-Mechanic for the Tuner Shop and a Security Agent at Hydra Sec., as well as a Sales Person for Rooster's Ranch. He doesn't have a big name in the city, but his friends know him well enough to know he's a good person to keep as a friend.

Fraser was normally seen wearing a Floral Half Mask with a matching shirt, alongside a white or black tee. He'll also wear a pair of Black Glasses and black gloves.

Fraser has since changed his style of clothing - and can now be commonly seen wearing a full black track suit with a black forwards cap and his Mayhem Kutte. He also has Skull Facepaint covering the lower half of his face, also covering his neck.


Fraser Kensington is a young aspiring adult born in 1995, in the good city of London. His Appearance can depict him as a person with high intelligence and aspiration to do things that most people could only dream off. His jawline is sharp, his hair neatly packed and combed backwards to create a businessman style - eyes becoming a dreamy blue, to allow you to drift off to sleep and achieve your best dreams. He was a man brought up off the scraps of his parents, whether it be through little amounts of food to get him through the door - or the ravages of left overs and spare change spilt on the floor. He had to grovel and fight his way through childhood and into adulthood, trusting no-one at his feet.

By having such a childhood, he became very self-efficient - he understood his skills and his weaknesses like the back of his hand and intended to keep them a secret and improve on the counters for his weaknesses as much as possible. He was dragged into the typical life of crime, pickpocketing members of the higher society to get items like golden pocket watches, and copious amounts of money notes. He was slick, fast and almost stealth like - he could get in and out of situations without even being spotted, and sabotage events before they've even happened.

He looked for a new place to stay and found Los Santos.

Critical Events

Fraser was prospected into Mayhem after being a Hang Around for some time therefore giving a life commitment to the club.


Notable quotes from Fraser:

  • "Ayyyyyooooooo"