Frank Williams is a character roleplayed by Stoner_Minded.

Description Edit

Frank "The Missile" Williams, also affectionately called Fwank, is a Senior Officer of the Los Santos Police Department, currently assigned to badge number 401. He has been a Law Enforcement Officer in the City of Los Santos for close to two years. He is well known for being a stern officer, while at the same time being very cooperative with criminals who are willing to cooperate with him.

Background Information Edit

Not much is known about Frank's past, however after joining the LSPD, he has held many ranks, including the Chief of Police at one time. After the latest PD restructure, he currently sits at the rank of Senior Officer.

Trivia Edit

  • Frank has been called "The Mad Lad Missile" because he loves to ram criminals
  • Usually does all of Soze's paperwork
  • Is believed to be wearing a wig due to having a shaved head at one point in his life
  • Often perceived to be angry due to his articulation
  • Takes little to no time off from his job
  • Owns the only Vapid Contender in the city
  • Believed to have a crush on Mari Jones

Gallery Edit

Frank Williams

Frank at Bobby and Vladimir's wedding


Frank in full SWAT gear


Frank as the "funboi" at Bobby and Vladimir's reception


Frank's one off Vapid Contender

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