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Frank Junior Smith is a character role-played by craigysmith.


Frank Junior Smith is a Soldado for the Vagos.

The List

Frankie gives a list of people he would take a bullet for, which includes:


After JB admits to being a snitch for the PD, Frankie is instructed by Benji and KJ to kill him. They take a boat out to the middle of the ocean, where Frankie shoots JB before dumping his body.

After Bobby came to the Barrio asking for an entrance to the gang saying he already betrayed every other SS one, Frank shot him.

Back Story


Frank is the bastard son of a senior I.R.A member. Born in Glasgow in 1989, his father was forced to flee Ireland due to his high rank within the IRA and fear of prosecution/execution. Upon arriving in Glasgow his father met and fell in love with Gillian Smith, a young Protestant woman. Due to Ireland’s turmoil spilling into the streets of Glasgow, it was impossible for his parents' relationship to be revealed, hence why they never married. Francis Senior was brutally murdered by the Billy Boys gang in October of 1989 when they had found out that he was an Irish Catholic staying in a predominantly Protestant area of Glasgow. Heart-broken and devastated at being left alone with a young baby, Gillian took her own life. This left Francis Junior with his grandparents. Later they had to put him into an adoption Centre as they couldn’t cope with a young baby.

Life Story

Frank was raised and educated by the nuns and his priest Father McNally of St Vincent’s Catholic Church/orphanage in Glasgow. During this time no family would adopt Frank. This led him being a bit of a troublemaker. He was acting out at lessons, getting into fights with other children, and running away from the home.  However, after the Good Friday agreement his Uncle Connor and Aunt Grace made a decision to move over to Scotland to track their young nephew down.  

After reaching out to Frank’s grandparents, they found out he was in St Vincent’s and made the decision to adopt him. Moving back to Glasgow’s east end a predominant Catholic area they moved into an apartment. Frank would then go to a public school where his time was not the best. He was bullied because he was not as sociable as the other children and a bit of a loner.

Due to him being bullied, his uncle put him into boxing so he could learn how to defend himself. He also would excel in his classes and pass his tests proving to be quite an intelligent youngster. This impressed his teachers so much that they decided to work with him a bit more to try and steer him into the right path. His home life was rather stable until his aunt passed away with cancer when he was 11.  This led his uncle to become a heavy drinker.

With Frank’s home life deteriorating due to his uncle’s alcoholism, he concentrated on his boxing and school. He would always follow his uncle’s rules within the home not to cause any issues. He became the young amateur champion for his age when he was 13. He held this title for 18 months and this newly found popularity was giving Frank a bit more respect from people on the streets. People in his school would start to welcome Frank as they were aware that he could handle himself. He started to hang around with people outside of school and was very boisterous getting into trouble, showing off in front of the so-called friends. This behaviour eventually had a negative effect on his school life so he dropped out by the time he was 16.

Unhappy with this, his uncle became violent towards Frank. One day, after he came home from an exhibition match, Frank had finally had enough of his uncle and hit him back. After this he decided it wasn’t safe for him to stay with his uncle so Frank left. Sleeping on the streets Frank had to resort to petty crimes like robbing cars and stores. Sometimes he would even mug people. He used this money for necessities and to continue his amateur boxing career.

One-night Frank was caught violently mugging a man and charged with serious assault and robbery and sentenced to 2 years in a young offender’s institute. A bit scared of being in prison, Frank kept to himself and was able to pass his exams by concentrating on primary courses like maths, English and history. His grandparents had read about Frank’s incarceration and came to visit him. Eventually they would offer Frank the chance to come and stay with them. Upon release Frank moved in with his grandparents and worked on their farm.  For once he had a stable home with family and had a stable routine. Over the next couple of years Frank would keep working at the farm and saving his money in order to eventually move into his own house. By the time he was 22 he had saved enough money to put a down payment on an apartment in Glasgow’s East End.

One day his uncle had reached out to him with a business opportunity; to go 50/50 on a bar that his uncle was refurbishing. With the knowledge that his uncle had been to rehab and sorted out his alcoholism, Frank decided that owning a bar would be a great idea for him to start having a business portfolio. However, what he did not know is that his uncle was using this as a front to sell drugs/guns and launder money for the new IRA. After a year Frank found a stash of guns in the basement of the bar. When he confronted his uncle, he found out what he was doing and the amount of money he was making doing it. At first Frank was a bit hesitant to continue to go through with it.

At the age of 25 Frank’s uncle died of prostate cancer. However, within his uncles will he was left the full ownership of the bar. A meeting took place with Frank and some of the high ranking IRA members. They asked Frank to continue selling drugs and guns, which he did. Forging his own crew, they started to run the drug trade in the east end of Glasgow as well as selling guns to other gangs in England and across Scotland. One night his friend Daniel was caught by the police with 3 kilos of cocaine.  Rather than keep his mouth shut, Daniel snitched on Frank which led to a raid of the bar where only 1 kilo of cocaine was found. Frank got a 6-year prison sentence. Whilst in prison Frank would become associated with the other criminals, becoming the leader of a crew and moving drugs throughout the prison.  Also during his sentence, around the 4-year mark, Frank had an intimate relationship with a female prison guard and she fell pregnant. She was fired from her job as her superiors had found out that it was a relationship with an inmate that caused her to become pregnant. At year 5 Frank was allowed to go to a low security prison where he would be able to get work release and integrate back into society.

When he was released, he moved in with his now girlfriend the prison guard named Carla and they were able to start raising their daughter, Grace. Frank, now 33 he continued to live with Carla and Grace as a stay at home dad. He was approached by members of the IRA to continue moving drugs/guns but he declined and wanted to live a happy normal life. Unhappy with this the IRA kidnapped and killed Carla and took Grace to America.   They have stated that they will not kill Grace but hold her until he makes the decision to work for them again.  Frank does not want to work for them he just wants his daughter back. Frank has no knowledge of where they have taken his daughter until he received a phone call telling him that he has to get to America to start searching for her. Unable to obtain a visa because of his criminal past Frank reaches out to an old prison contact to make a fake passport so he can get on the plane.


Frank knew he would not find his daughter immediately after he landed in America, he will have to search different cities in order to find her. He needs to make some money in order to fund this mission. Whether that’s through working in a legit job or doing crime on the side that will help him put some money away he will do what he needs to do. He knows that his daughter is safe, so he is willing to take his time and connect with people in order to fulfill his need. If this means he has to join or lead a crew in order to fulfill this, he will. Franks end goal is to find the people that took his daughter and kill them. If he is successful and doesn’t get caught, he will buy a house and start to form a positive relationship with her and raise her right.

Finding the Vagos

Frank landed in Los Santos looking for his daughter and a fresh start.   He met JB and Mina who introduced him to the Vagos.  One day, Frank had information that might be useful and waited for 2 hours to talk to KJ since JB wasn’t around.   Frank asked KJ tips to prove himself to the right people.  An hour or two later, he was meeting with KJ and Speedy in the barrio.   This began his journey as a Vagos hang-around.

Frank quickly became regarded at the most dependable hang-around as he listens and follows orders.   He was given a task by Speedy to find weed seeds.  He was successful in finding seeds and robbing a weed farm.  He also found the public meth lab in Harmony.

Frank’s loyalty was tested when his friend, a prospect by the name of JB confessed to him that he had snitched to the police about criminal activity.  While he did not snitch about the Vagos, snitching is the worst thing you can do in the criminal world.   Frank chose to call high command (Benji) and let them know what happened rather than put JB on a plane to Peru.   As a loyalty test, Frank was told to shoot JB and dump him in the ocean.  While this was a sad moment

Following that and proving himself in other ways, Frank was promoted to Prospect.  This rank is not yet in the gang but is a step closer.  This is regarded almost like boot camp for gangsters.   He is thought of as the best prospect and it seems certain that he will be promoted, but he still has things to learn. When Reggie was putting together his crew for cooking meth, Frank was his first choice along with Raymundo a Soldato.