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Frank Galloway is a character role-played by Th3FinalGamer.


Frank grew up in the north of England and raised by a single mother Frank's father left him and his older brother Tommy at a young age, Not having a father figure made the Galloway brothers the men they are to day, Frank always looked up to his brother Tommy and learned everything he knows about boosting motors from him. Frank spent his early adulthood life messing around with motors cars, bikes, boats if it has a motor Frank stole it and raced it, Having a eye for fast toys and the urge to get out from his brother's shadow has gotten him into trouble a few times but also helped Frank land his first job for a man named Dimitri a crazy coke headed maniac who also had eyes for things that weren't his.

Dimitri had simple jobs at first for Frank , get this car , get that bike, it got a bit worse when he started wanting things "hot" smuggled across borders. Frank's last job for Dimitri got a bit crazy and with so much heat on Frank he had to leave England, Frank used his contacts from the underground world to help him get out of England.


Frank smuggled his way into America and with that meeting his new found brother Wade Williamson, Frank & Wade weren't blood brothers but that never stopped them having each other backs no matter what. Frank helped a guy named Richard, later he found out his new friend was the Lost Mc President, Richard took a liking to Frank he asked Frank to be a Lost MC President for a new charter.

Frank with Wade as his VP took this new brotherhood and started recruiting members along the way. Unfortunately Richard was killed in a gang war , Frank was made Lost MC president over both charters and choosing to make it one whole club again.

Frank felt betrayed by members he also felt like members had dealings with other gangs that plotted to kill him, Frank decided to leave the Lost Mc and start a new MC called Sons Of Legacy Bringing only loyal members with him. Sons Of Legacy would never do business with the Lost Mc ever again, Frank moved to Los Santos in early 2020 trying to make it as a movie director but feels like there is hole inside of him without a brotherhood...