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Intro Into The Bio of Francis

Francis Is a Former Carcer World Member who turned on them due to not wanting to relive a past of meaningless killings that he put behind him from when he use to live in Georgia State. Now, a Wastelander, He spends his days working as a Mechanic, Business Co-Owner, Weed Salesmen, UwU Employee, Racer, and Car Booster as well as other things but Due to Recent Events in the city Francis has been trying to find out how to Boost again while Also trying to find out what to do in order to Put Wastelanders in the Spotlight.

Francis is a Shooter But No One Knows Only a Select Few Know about him being a Actual Shooter, With Francis also Trying to Become a Reliable Driver and wanting to also know how to hack.

Francis Works at Harmony Repairs Garage as a Mechanic, Co-Owns Bodega and Gifts with Edward Hyde & Bree McNab Works for Rooster's Ranch as well as UwU Café. Francis When Called Upon by Harmony Will Help with Taking Vehicles to H&O to get Crushed Per Request of Jordan Walker, Francis tries to show himself as Reliable so that people can trust him enough with tasks to keep his mind Preoccupied. Francis mostly Wears All Black sometimes Wearing all black Dress Clothes Black Bandana Black, Black Goggles, Occasionally will Remove the Button Up from under his Black Trench coat and put on a Black Hoodie under it the look was inspired to him by Chas Diaz, (Seeing Chas in the Outfit made Francis want to change his up but Francis only Wears it one in a blue moon now). Francis Drives a 8F Drafter and a Emperor Vectre.

Francis is Goth but No One really Knows about it but Lola Sunshine and Ezreal Kay-Hoss, However 3 others have figured out that Francis is Goth those 3 are Layla Lockhart, Baby O'Conner,and Leo. Francis hates Cops with a passion due to his past experiences in life with Cops he only has respect for a select few Cops in the City but won't hesitate to pull the trigger to kill them if he has to.

Francis Angel Luis is a character role-played by f3nrirsgaming.

Francis Quotes
"Do you think this is a game?"
"The Fuck?"
"Thats Fucked"
"Woooow Imagine...."
"Oh By The Way.."
"Do you know the Definition of insanity, its when someone does the same thing over and over and over again expecting the same result.... now do you know the definition of Insanity"


At the early age of 18, Angel left the orphanage of which he resided and headed to his new home. He made his way to Los Angeles  where he got a job as a mechanic. One night after a long shift, clocking out and heading to his car he was held at gunpoint. He quickly gained respect from his kidnappers and was let free after their job was done. Angel then grew an interest in these strangers. When he stumbled across them again, he noticed they were with The Lost MC. Angel quickly learned their names. Angel proved his worth and was let into the MC. Angel looked to them as his mentors. But that quickly fell apart as one early morning he was met with terrible news… Both of his mentors were exiled from the city. All the work he put into the MC felt wasted, thrown out the door. Something changed him. Something inside of him flipped the switch. He became more violent. Angel started cutting out people's livers and throwing them off a dam or bridge, leaving their body to float in the water. Meanwhile he would mail off the liver to a family member as a message.

Back with the MC, he was now a vice president. He noticed this patched member was acting funny. The two pull up into a gas station. While Angel was pumping gas, he heard the member say “Look at this!” then proceeded to shoot a pump. The member quickly fled but as for Angel, he didn’t have time to react fast enough. His lower face melted, dripped off his face leaving just bare bone. He tried countless times to get skin grafts or other treatments but nothing worked. He wore a balaclava with a skull face plate around his lower face to protect the half shown skull. Two years go by. Angel catches wind that his mentors have relocated and started a new family, The Dons. Angel knew the MC was falling apart so he packs his things and leaves.

While in the moving process Angel changes his name to Francis, leaving his old self behind to start anew. Once he arrives in San Diego, his mentors greet him into the family. Francis felt like he was home. The Dons were a force to be reckoned with. They moved smart, spoke with silver tongues, everything they did was flawless. While within The Dons Francis had married a fellow member which he later divorced  due to her obsession over him. It started leaking into the family. Francis did what he had to do. He took her to the dam, but spared her. He let it be clear that it was over and this was her exit ticket out of the family. The family started growing with new faces. This is where problems started occurring.

The family started falling apart. His mentors couldn’t handle it. They hid it well. Once again Francis was met with drastic changes. He arrives at their meeting spot as the entire organization was met with grief and mourning. Francis instantly read the room and asked everyone what happened to his mentors. They all shrugged not knowing how they died. At this point the family fell apart. Francis didn’t know where to turn… Until he met a new friend. This gang accepted Francis with open arms but the only way he would be a part of them was a ritual. A blood ritual. Not knowing where else to go Francis follows through. After the ritual, he felt different. He felt more rage and anger, but he was now a Demon….

Again, he changed his name to Fern. But it wasn’t Francis’ doing… It was the demon now inside of him who goes by Fern. With Francis not in control, Fern took over. The demon lived his life through Francis. Francis didn’t know how to control this creature, so he waited. He watched this creature use him as a vessel while it went on its killing sprees. The demon must’ve been watching him for some time, even sending out livers of his victims to family members just like Francis did back in Los Angeles. The Demons became the most notorious gang to walk the streets of San Diego since the falling of The Dons. No other human was able to compete with these creatures who walked in human skin. Each demon had a unique characteristic but all shared the same blood red eyes. But even their reign had to end. S.W.A.T had swarmed into their compound during a meeting and found their sacraments and rituals which lead to each Demon to rehome. Under new appearances, they appeared once again.  Within this time, Fern met another girl. He wasn’t attracted to any female around him until he met her. Something drew him to her. She was mysterious, silver hair, eyes bluer than the sky. Pale white skin covered in all black clothing which was decorated by pentagrams. Never being with a mortal, he pursued her like his next prey. He was more curious about her than anything. He felt something was off about her and he could never place a finger on what it was. He was able to relate to things she spoke about. What was she? She didn’t have the same energy as other humans. Her scent wasn’t like other humans. WHAT WAS SHE?

Regardless, he got to know her. Her name was River. The demon with so much anger and destruction fell in love? Fern became very territorial of her. He hated leaving her side when his companions needed him. If anyone spoke to her disrespectfully or remotely flirtatious was instantly slaughtered. There was one incident where he overheard someone call her “baby girl” and he lost all control. The demon grew enraged. No thought process was taken before the sound of a gun was fired and the man fell limp. Bystanders called 911 instantly. Fern took his mate and fled as fast as possible.

The worst happened yet again. River had left the city and was no wheres to be found. The demon didn’t know how to handle heartbreak, and this freed Francis. Francis was back in control. As time went on Francis had discovered that his mentor's sons were reforming The Dons. The sons remembered their fathers friend and welcomed him back. All was well for Francis as he felt purpose again. While Fern was at bay, Francis was learning how to control him. Day by day he learned  his demon, he was starting to befriend him. One of the officers in the city was getting married. The entire city was invited. While driving around the city with fellow family members, Francis noticed a girl walking down the street and asked his friend to pull over, recognizing the girl. As he hops out of the car, Fern is awakened as he realized it was River. River was back in the city for the officer's wedding. He couldn’t let the others know he was present as Francis was now watching from the demons perspective yet again.

Fern had to come up with a plan. He went to one of the only people in the family to fake Francis' death. He wanted to live a lie of Francis’ little brother. After he and the member arranged everything, it all fell into play. He set up the argument between him and the member which led to him being shot. That night he changed his appearance in some demonic way to appear as a brother, shifting facial features ever so slightly. He took Francis’ old name and went by Angel. He had a plan to use the last time he was present as an act to find his brother's “killer”.  The wedding was the next day and he attended. He searched the entire venue looking for her. He finally found her as a bridesmaid, no wonder he couldn’t find her. He was amazed at how she looked all dolled up, but something choked the demon up. He had to remember his appearance was different. At the after party he sat back and watched her dance. Fern looked away for a minute and she was gone. The demon started to panic and left the club in search of her. In the process his car breaks down.

Finally, he smelled her scent. Someone from the after party was leaving and noticed him, so they offered him a ride. Fern gave the stranger directions as he sniffed the air casually, giving off the vibe that he was suffering allergies. He found her. She was at the garage talking to a group of people about the wedding. He couldn’t approach her yet. Once the group left her alone, he watched her light up a cigarette and moved over to her. Immediately he was greeted with, “Nice to see you again, Fern” How did she know? He knew he could trust her and simply gave her a cheeky smirk at how cunning she was. He filled her in on his plan. The girl just snorted and shook her head at how drastic he was being. River agreed to follow along with his plan. They were inseparable once again. River even went the distance to introduce herself to The Dons newer member and a chef capo. She retrieved as much information as she could. But the FIB knew something wasn’t right with River could move between rival gangs without being in danger and arrested her for investigation. Fern, once again left heartbroken as there was nothing he could do without compromising his demon form. He wrote her a letter saying he was leaving. Francis came to the surface once more, finding himself in a new city. Lost and dazed he carried on. Francis realized, he too, loved the mysterious girl. He learned over the course of her and Ferns relationship that she was able to tame the demon with ease. With her being so far away, he worries about how well he will be able to maintain Fern….

Francis's Unexpected Death and Revival in San Diego, California

Francis was Part of a Organization back In San Diego known for Drug Trafficking and Murder as well as a few other Major Charges, Francis being a Chef Capo was in 2nd in Command of a Elite group of Criminals Known as the Dons. Francis being a very loyal person would do what he was asked to do by the heads and make moves for the Org but eventually it became short lived when someone else took all the credit for things that Francis tried to accomplish later that Person was placed on a High horse and he got tired of it also with that person Running Francis's Name through the dirt Francis had enough. Francis Planned to fake his death to escape the Organization. He asked for the Help of a Friend Zander McLaren, To Shoot him in front of everyone in a heated argument because he wanted out the bullet was only suppose to graze the side of Francis's head but Zander by accident shot Francis in the head. Francis was Pronounced dead and was issued a Funeral but as a 2 days passed Francis Later Woke up in the Morgue with No Memory but soon His Body was taken over by The Demon Named Fern and started planning Francis's Fake Funeral, Fern being The Demon within Francis Took Control to save Francis from dying, Once the Funeral was Over Fern then Left San Diego and Visited Other Cities Making a Name for himself Under Francis's Name and His Own Then That One day Fern was on his Way to Los Santos and went dormant, and When Francis Re-awoken with only memories of his name and where he lived he was train bound to Los Santos......

Moving to Los Santos....

Francis, Not knowing where he was at first after getting on the train was confused on where he was waking up as if he was in some type of dream not knowing what to do he asked where he was and the Train Conductor stated Los Santos...... Francis being so far away from home not knowing anyone stayed to himself, His Very First day he was asked to be a hostage by Elizabeth Byrne but she ended up vanishing before anything happened, One day after that, Francis became severely hungry and came across a booth known as Bodega and Gifts serving Puerto Rican Authentic Cuisine. There he Met Bree McNab, One of the Owners and Manager on duty at the Booth, being severely hungry and haven't tasted the food of his birth in so long, later on Francis ran into Bree more often and eventually introduced Francis to Edward Hyde in meeting Ed he released that they did not seem normal. When asked a certain question what would Francis want to do since he is new to the cit, Francis stated I wanted to get my feet wet but eventually I will want to start finding out ways to make easy money. Bree and Ed were cautious of Francis, but soon later found out that Francis was no ordinary person but someone who believe in Chaos Destruction and Malice. Later that Week Francis was Hired as a Employee of the Bodega and Later met the DJ Percy Perkins and soon realized that Los Santos had so much talent within the city. Bree and Ed spoke with Percy about Francis and that Francis is No Ordrinary Human but someone special, but they needed to feel him out first. Francis later realized that Percy is a drug addict and loves Zoomie Powder (Cocaine).

Francis working for the booth met Kieran Felix White , Ursula Leichenberg, Roman Shacks, and Rick Locke as well as Elizabeth Byrne, Francis was enjoying the time at the booth but wanted more he was tired and craving more, he spoke with Bree and asked her if there were other ways of making money and she informed him of fishing and hunting, it still didn't satisfy his cravings. Francis wanted to do illegal activity but did not say it until later. Bree then one day asked Francis what he use to do before hand but Francis had no Memory of who he was before hand or what happened to him all Francis knows is that he Woke up From a Morgue 6-7 months ago and had been struggling with Amnesia. Things that would do later triggered some of Francis's Memories to the Point it Released the Shackles of the Inner Demon inside Fern. Francis told Bree of what he remembered every day when he remembered and Bree was shocked and decided to bring him in as War in the Organization Known as The Armada, Francis Now Being the 4th Leading Member of the Armada known as War, Had plans to bring guns to the Organization due to a issue with their contact Brett Maxwell.

Weeks Pass and theres a Target to kill a Jakka Romano, Francis, Bree, and Kieran get blacked out and hop in a Sandking in search for Jakka to later find him Hunting near The Lost MC Territory. Fern (The Inner Demon) Comes out and Soon has a Arguement with Jakka Knowing its him, When Jakka Turns his back Fern stabs him and tells Bree and Kieran to ocean dump him, Bree thinking its Francis gets pissed off and calls EMS which later, Bree Finds out it was Jakka that Fern had stabbed on Twatter, Bree then notices Francis is acting different to her surprise Fern reveals who he is and Bree is infuriated with him for killing Jakka in such a sloppy Manor. Later that Night Ed finds out and Later entrusts Francis and tells Francis about Smileys and Legion. Francis and Ed Make a Blood Pack that he would Never tell anyone the secrets he has told him, that they will die with him. As Days Past Francis Regains all of his Memory. Over the Course of time Francis Met Sana Satoru a singer whose Voice is that of a Angel as well as Molly Rollin who has become a good friend of Francis and calls him Frannie as well as a Artist Known as Orpheus Dawson. Francis also Meets a Person Named Captain Falcon also known as Billy Walker and soon Francis Becomes good Friends with the Wastelanders of Grapeseed. Francis and Falcon will Later On Hang out together going Hunting and just doing other things to make money.

One Day Francis and Bree are out Fishing when Bree is Shot by Pirates and sent on a stretcher, Francis Becomes Angry and Francis goes to investiage and find answers and later finds out one of the Business's are involved somehow he later speaks with Ash Ketchup and learns that the Fish are used as protein for food to help people feel good Francis using this information investigates more but the trail slowly led to Lang Buddha but then after the train begain to become cold and Francis could not find anymore Information. More days Past and Bree and Francis were asked to Guard and Help Captain Falcon also known as Billy Walker protect Tonic and Tinctures as they were Robbing a Friend of his known as Xero, Later on Francis found out the Group was Known as Diamond Dogs, Bree was Severely Wounded In the ICU and Francis and Fern Were Both Infuriated and Wanted blood, Stopping at nothing to find them Francis Went to search for information but this group soon disappeared after a while and went Dark and Francis was only Left with 4 Names Salvatore, Sai Carter, Levi Smith, and Irredolle Capelle.

Francis Later on Finds out River Ferns Ex is within the City as he Bumps into her at Pillbox with Sana and Later Leaves with Ed. River Later meets Ed and Percy and Hangs out with Percy alot. Fern Becomes Furious that she tracked him down and would not speak to her, but later ends up in a heated arguement with her. Bree Becomes close with River and Also with Bree having a Huge Crush on Sana it only made perfect sense. Fern becoming completely enraged did not want to speak to Francis which left Francis confused and Concerned. Days Pass and Francis is Hired by Amani Shamoun at the Harmony Repairs Garage as a Apprentice and Has since been working on Cars, and Later has started to go chopping in order to get materials for the Shop. Something however inside of Francis Festered a Craving for Blood and Chaos, Somehow that was Ferns doing. Francis wanting more fire power found out he had a gun contact the entire time, Molly Rollin soon started selling Guns to Francis and Francis was Pleased. River Met Molly and Almost fallen in love with her so Fern thinks. River also has a Gun Contact Later on Francis Finds out its none other then Xavier Sin.

Francis later on Meets Rouk Rouk the Entity within Percy Perkins body and soon meets the Sadistic Entitiy, Fern later comes out Informing Rouk Rouk that He and Francis are dying and will stop at nothing to prevent it. Bree later on that Day Wakes up and notices that its not Percy but it Being Rouk Rouk, River also being with the 3 They go do DoDo Runs but a heated arguement Breaks out between Francis and River that Leads to Fern coming out and argueing with her and Leads to Fern and River getting into a Shootout with Fern taking River out and close to Ocean Dumping her Bree prevents it from happening and holds Fern at Gun point Fern laughs and Lets River go and tells Bree that she has Grown to Fond of River and Walks away. Francis Later Regains Consciousness and Sees River on the ground and the 3 rush River to the Hosptial, Bree then later ditches Francis and leaves him stranded at pillbox which leaves Francis disrought and feeling like a burden he walks to Alt Apartments alone and upset and goes to bed

The next day Francis goes to see Ursula Leichenberg and Seek Therapy and she gives him and Fern some Advice within the Therapy Session on how Fern and Francis can better their Relationship since they share the same Body. Fern becomes upset wanting to know what his and Francis's Purpose was and the Reason for their own Existence, Ursula soon makes them understand that they are after the same thing Acceptance, Knowledge, Power, and Answers to all there unanswered questions. and told Them to start writing to each other in a journal because of this Francis and Fern decided they would accept each other and write to each other in a journal.

Francis and Fern Finally Become One....

Francis day by day began to understand that he was trying to deny the one thing that he thought was going on, That he was the Demon, Day by Day Night By Night, As the Demon Slowly began to merge until that one day where he met Tess Quinn, a Notorious Criminal Who brought out Francis's inner demon which Plunged him to the Abyss causing Francis to almost loose himself if it wasn't for Purrtricia Nyan and Her Daughter Lulu, Before that Francis had began to become very Frustrated with The Armada and constantly Felt alone, Which almost drove him insane. Francis also coming to a Realization that he is Half Human and half Demon.

When Finally He was able to see Bree McNab and Edward Hyde again they had to have a meeting with Kenneth Jesperson but the meeting wasn't what it was cracked up to be as it pissed off Ed and Bree to the Point they were basically Done with Carcer World. Francis Being Loyal will follow them but at the same time Francis was mad at the fact that everytime he felt like he was alone and was doing everything on his own. Percy Perkins was gone for weeks but soon Resurfaced and was happy to see Francis again as they planned to try to get Bodega and Gifts up and running, Everytime They met with Bree and Ed it was always other things and not the Agenda for the Bodega or Armada as they felt.

Francis realizing his Not a Serial Killer wanted out after Meeting with Lulu for the very first time, as she helped him realize he was plunged into darkness, the only one who ever pulled him out of that State was River Valentine. Francis Soon began to go through a Spiral of Emotions after the Breakup with Tess and Soon found himself realizing He was done with The Armada and wanted out even if it Meant him dying. With Francis now Working as a Employee of UwU, he is doing everything he can to Protect the UwU employees from Carcer in secrecy while Hinting to Percy to leave Lucas Spade alone. Francis words to the UwU Staff were "I will Risk my life to make sure you guys are safe." A never ending Guilty Consequence and wanting to Seek Redemption.

Percy Perkins Meets with Francis Speaking about The Armada and says he feels like he does not know where its going but wants to start his own thing but still wants to be associated with Carcer World, Francis tells Percy he wants out because Armada has made things uneasy for him but stated he wont ever leave Percy's side and if he has to he will take the punishment if Kenneth Jesperson decides to Carve a Smiley face onto him. Percy Suggests that Francis still be a associate of Carcer World so he could distant himself so his not seen as part of Smileys, Percy also wants to not be called a Smiley either. Francis and Percy finally Understand that there is a storm coming, More then ever espcially after finding out that Ursula Leichenberg has turned her back on Kenneth Jesperson and Carcer World. The Last Thing Francis Informs Percy is that Bree and Ed want to leave the Umbrella Permanently Which might lead to their Deaths and might end up in a bloodbath. Percy Wants to Warn Ken on what they plan to do. Only time will tell on what happens next but we need to be prepared for whats to come is the very last thing Francis Said to Percy before they both went to bed.

Francis's Defection from Carcer World

Francis Not Feeling Right Over the Course of Months Being in Carcer World Wanting out he did not want to be labeled a serial killer, He was a Terrorist, Francis not feeling right that Lucas was always targetted by Carcer and wanted to Protect him even if it met Costing him his Life. Francis had a Close Friend he Would Speak to as Council who he trusted Captain Falcon Whose Real Name is Billy Walker. Francis told him he was done with Carcer and Wanted to move on with his life and DO his own thing especially after a meeting he had with Kenneth Jesperson and some other Carcer members when he threatened to kill everyone if Something happened to Brett Maxwell after a Job turned Sloppy by Kieran Felix White.

Francis was tired of being labeled a Serial Killer so decided to help Cara Lynn From the UwU Café Gather Info on Carcer World. This Later Turned Francis into a Target of Carcer as he told them he wanted out and the List that Was already Comprised of Members of Carcer Before he helped with it got into the Hands of PD. Francis's Only Request was to Remove Percy Perkins Bree McNab, and Edward Hyde from the List as he wanted to Save them however Percy did not Defect with him as he Idolized Kenneth and Francis later could not Trust Percy as he rushed away after he had one last meeting with Percy on top of Percys Apartment Building. Carcer World Then Hunted Francis Snatching him from Cerebus Tower and Made a Example out of Him Slashing his right eye, Carving a Frowny Face on his back, Carving the Remainder of his Face Completely off, Stabbing him in the Neck and Shooting him while already near Death, while Francis was Tortured he gave up Cara's name which now made her a complete target.

The 3 People Responsible were none other then Kenneth Jesperson, May Flowers, and Sarah Ableton. Finally Done with Francis they threw him in the Car and Tied him to a fence at the Power Plant with a #CARCERWORLD Sign Next to his Tied up body. Francis was found by a nearby Local who Phoned for EMS, Volunteering for EMS Lucas Spade the Person Francis was trying to Protect Found Francis near death and quickly Rushed Francis to Pillbox, Somehow Francis Survived his Torture and remembered the ones who did it. Once Francis was able to get onto his feet he left Pillbox and Went to Harmony with his Co-worker Kareem, Kareem being pissed that Francis was Targetted and put to near death said he would tell Jordan Walker.

Francis Arrives at Harmony but then Leaves in his Car and heads to UwU Cafe where Ash Ketchup is the First to run up to Francis and is happy to see him alive, Lucas had told her everything and Francis explains to her what happened, Ash tells him shes glad his alive. Francis then speaks to Cara and Apologizes to her because he was tortured and her name was dropped, Cara then ran off to make a Phone call Francis then did not feel right being a UwU and left. Francis started to feel Depressed that he put Cara in danger, after everything that Happened to Francis something inside he was changing, it only became more obvious When Mickey S and Jean Paul came to Rob UwU and Later Got Shot Down by Francis from the Back Room. However not Following Protocol Francis took there guns and stashed them before the cops came and Lied to the Cops which almost got him suspended. In Francis's words "I'm not a Snitch I don't even know who they are" is What he told Rexarius Bracchimus, However Francis said if his suspended he understands but was not Suspended but warned if it happened again he will be suspended for sure. Since then Francis has been on a Downward Spiral of Emotions Now Associated with The Wastelanders and One of Their Trusted Allies Francis Started to Devise of a Plan to Take out Carcer, Thats untill Jasper Saxon Kidnaps Ash Which leads Seaside into going after Carcer World, Francis then Hands the List to Javier Diaz in a attempt to Aid Seaside in destroying Carcer World and gives them all the info they need including people who have Info on them. Francis now knows if Carcer World Targets him again, His not going out without a Fight "They come after me again they are meeting a fucking bullet. They Do not know what type of Demon they Unleashed..." Now Francis Finally Full Defected From Carcer World He can not Trust Anyone but Himself, He Cant even Trust The Armada, As He Slowly Defects From The Armada as well......

Francis Leaves Armada

After the Torture Francis was not the same as he Started Slipping into Darkness more and More as time passed before long he eventually could not trust anyone not even himself with Ed and Bree never around he spent most of his days at Harmony and At UwU or hanging with the Wastelanders, Trying to fill that void that was missing but still could not fill it. Francis was constantly Thinking of what happened to him before eventually he slipped into the Abyss from where he was in his past, and Started Pushing those who care about him away While The Wastelanders trying to also Figure out what was going on with Francis and trying to figure out what it is he wanted to do seeing as he was on the fence with Armada they saw him as someone they could rely on when the time was needed, while also reminding him that the offer to join was still on the table. Francis still to torn acknowledged the offer but did not give an answer. Francis did not know what he wanted to do at that point as he was currently lost and lacked purpose. Ed found out he was Suspended due to Francis not being himself and told Francis he needs to take care of himself because his becoming a Liability which led him to seep deeper into darkness before long Francis started speaking in Latin due to his Half Demon Side and Scared a lot of people and even pissed off Purrtricia Nyan when he ignored her while zoned out, It look Layla Lockhart, Johnny Adams and Chico Guzman to finally sit and talk to Francis getting pass that barrier Francis had Chico telling Francis to open up to others more as he noticed Francis was not easily Trusting, Layla Telling Francis he will find his true purpose soon and always making sure his alright, and Johnny Always being the Friend that Francis needs to have his back and there when needed most. Chico gave Francis advice about not only opening up but also telling him to figure out what his wanting to do but he needed to figure out what he was gonna do with being part of The Armada. Francis made a final Decision and Decided He Will be Leaving Armada as he needs to think about himself and what he wants and messaged Ed asking him to replace him.